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Chapter 298: You Are Mr. Mo?

Ji Yaoxue’s petite body shuddered slightly as she turned around.

Not far away, a delicate and scholarly cultivator strode over. He wore green robes that fluttered gently in the wind and he had clear eyes with a faint smile on his face.

Ji Yaoxue was stunned, stuck in a trance for a long time.

For some reason, she felt a lump in her throat as tears welled up in her eyes.

That figure had appeared in her mind countless times.

Yet, now that she actually saw it, everything felt surreal.

It was as though everything else was silent as the only thing reverberating in her ears was that sentence, “Miss Ji, how have you been?”

“You’re good! So, you knew Mr. Mo long ago but you’ve kept it so well-hidden from me!” Bai Yuhan leaned in and whispered to Ji Yaoxue.

When she heard that, Ji Yaoxue gradually returned to her senses. By then, the green-robed man was already close to her.

“Greetings, Mr. Mo.”

Bai Yuhan stood up immediately and cupped her fists.

The green-robed man merely nodded. He shifted his gaze and looked at Ji Yaoxue’s beautiful face again with a smile in his eyes.

Bai Yuhan looked at Ji Yaoxue, then back at the green-robed man.

She was confused.

If they knew each other, why were they not saying anything?

If they did not know each other, what did Mr. Mo mean by that question earlier?

“You are Mr. Mo?”

After a while, Ji Yaoxue finally spoke.

“I think so?” The green-robed man nodded.

“Should I call you Young Master Su, Mr. Mo or… Zimo?”

“As you wish.”

As soon as he said that, the two of them looked at one another and smiled as though telepathically, just like before.

“Have a seat.”

Su Zimo pointed to the stone stool beside him and sat down with Ji Yaoxue.

Bai Yuhan stood rooted to the ground, still in a daze.

“What Young Master Su? What Zimo?”

Bai Yuhan turned around and hurried to Ji Yaoxue’s side, asking in confusion, “Yaoxue, what did you mean by Young Master Su and Zimo earlier on? This… this is Mo Ling! Mr. Mo!”

Ji Yaoxue smiled without saying anything and turned to look at Su Zimo.

Glancing at Bai Yuhan, Su Zimo said frankly, “Let’s get to know each other again. I am Su Zimo.”

“Which Su Zimo?”

Bai Yuhan was a little confused and asked subconsciously.

“Su Zimo of Yan Country.”


Bai Yuhan exclaimed and her face was filled with disbelief. “You’re that useless Su Zimo who has no spirit root and is unable to cultivate?”

At the mention of the word ‘useless’, Ji Yaoxue frowned. She glanced sideways and said softly, “Sister Bai!”

Nian Qi was displeased and could not help but blurt, “Commander Bai, how can you say something like that? If my young master is useless, who isn’t useless in this world?”

“H-How is this possible?”

For a moment, Bai Yuhan was unable to accept the truth as her eyes darted between Su Zimo, Ji Yaoxue, Nian Qi and Su Xiaoning – none of them seemed like they were joking.

In Bai Yuhan’s memories, Su Zimo from Yan Country and Mr. Mo who was before her were from completely different worlds!

One was high up in the heavens. As the number one Weapon Refinement Master of the Great Zhou Dynasty, he was renowned and almost all Golden Cores wanted to befriend him.

The other was far down on the ground. Born from a small vassal state far away, he had no spirit root and was unable to cultivate – a most common mortal.

How did the two people become one?

Su Zimo smiled and replied indifferently, “That’s right, there are many impossible things in this world.”

Ji Yaoxue changed the topic and asked curiously, “Why are you called Mo Ling?”

Su Zimo pointed to the plaque above the door. “Mo Ling is merely the name of the weapon workshop. However, others instinctively thought that it was my name. Because I’m too lazy to explain anything, that was how it spread.”

“To think that you’ve changed so much after not seeing you for a couple of years. You are now Mr. Mo who is renowned throughout the capital and it’s difficult to even meet you,” Ji Yaoxue teased.

Su Zimo laughed as well. “You’ve already reported your title as the third princess of the Great Zhou Dynasty, how would I dare to not meet you?”


Ji Yaoxue covered her mouth and chuckled while rolling her eyes at Bai Yuhan. “It’s all Sister Bai’s fault.”

In Bai Yuhan’s eyes, Ji Yaoxue seemed to have changed into another person ever since she met Su Zimo – the gloominess in her eyes were gone and they were now beautiful like clear waters. She smiled enchantingly with every word and action of hers and was extremely beautiful.

Pondering for a moment, Ji Yaoxue continued, “Right, father has high regards for you as well.”

“Of Mo Ling, you mean,” Su Zimo’s tone was calm.

“It’s all the same. You’re both the same person,” Ji Yaoxue replied.

Su Zimo smiled but did not say anything.

He knew clearly well that if the Emperor of Great Zhou knew that he was Mo Ling, it would be hard to tell the kind of attitude the latter would have towards that fact.

The emperor’s heart was unfathomable.

If he was enraged, he would be able to find sufficient reason to kill Su Zimo!

“The supreme-grade spirit weapon that Your Majesty customized was a gift for you, right?” Su Zimo asked.


Ji Yaoxue nodded and extended her palms with a smile. “Hand it over. I want to see the quality of a flying sword customized by Mr. Mo and whether it catches my eye.”

Su Zimo grinned and took out a flying sword from his storage bag.

The sword was three feet long and about two feet wide. it was engraved with mysterious mystical patterns and was breathtaking – it could be described as a work of the gods!

Su Zimo injected spirit energy to it.


The sword lit up with four spirit patterns in a bedazzling manner!

A four-patterned supreme-grade spirit weapon!

Bai Yuhan’s eyes flashed with envy as she looked at the flying sword.

Even though she was the commander of the White Hawk guards, she did not possess a supreme-grade spirit weapon.

Ji Yaoxue received the flying sword with both hands and wiped her fingers across the sword. She could sense the coldness of the sword but a current of warmth seeped into her heart.


Brushing her finger against the tip of the sword, Ji Yaoxue flicked it gently and the sword trembled, reverberating with a clear ringing sound!

The sound of the sword alone was enough to tell that even amongst supreme-grade spirit weapons, this was definitely a top-notch flying sword and was infinitely close to being a perfect spirit weapon!

Su Zimo took out another long pale yellow dress from his storage bag and passed it to Ji Yaoxue. “This dress is for you too.”

Ji Yaoxue took it.

The pale yellow dress was extremely thin and light with a hint of coldness to it.

Ji Yaoxue’s heart stirred and she injected spirit energy into the dress.


Four rays of light burst from the dress, shining brightly!


Both Ji Yaoxue and Bai Yuhan exclaimed at almost the same time.

It was another supreme-grade spirit weapon!

And, it was an extremely rare defensive supreme-grade spirit weapon at that!

The cutting of the dress seemed as though it was custom-made for Ji Yaoxue entirely.

At that moment, Bai Yuhan was no longer filled with envy – it was jealousy!

This was way too extravagant!

Who would give away supreme-grade spirit weapons as gifts just like that?!

Ji Yaoxue lowered her head and pretended to check out the dress in her hands. However, her cheeks were slightly red and her heart was racing.

Su Zimo frowned slightly when he noticed Ji Yaoxue’s expression.

He had only given her the dress because he saw Ji Yaoxue as a good friend. Furthermore, she was his and the Su family’s benefactor.

Su Zimo did not wish to cause Ji Yaoxue’s misunderstanding.

After pondering for a moment, he said in a seemingly casual manner, “I just bought some thousand year old Sky Silk recently and made them into three dresses. Apart from you, Xiaoning and Nian Qi each have one too.”

When she heard that, Ji Yaoxue’s eyes dimmed.

However, she recovered very quickly and was smiling by the time she raised her head. “Thank you very much then.”




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