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Chapter 292: Auction

“There’s so many people?”

Ji Yaoxue was a little shocked when she saw the dense crowd before her.

Even though she had long heard of the reputation of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop, she never expected that an auction at the start of the month would attract so many cultivators!

“Yaoxue, you have no idea. I heard that this auction could very likely be the last.”

The person who spoke was dressed in a pure, white shirt – she was the commander of the White Hawk guards, Bai Yuhan.

The two of them were on very good terms and could address each other as they pleased in private.

“The last?” Ji Yaoxue was puzzled.

Bai Yuhan explained, “Yes, I heard that Mr. Mo’s going to leave the capital after the sect competition. These Golden Cores are probably worried that they might not have such an opportunity again after Mr. Mo leaves.”

Pausing for a moment, Bai Yuhan swept her gaze across the crowd not too far away. “Look over there. There’s Golden Cores from Iridescent Clouds Palace, Southern Mountains Sect and even your Azure Frost Sect. I reckon that this auction will be extremely intense!”

Ji Yaoxue nodded somewhat distractedly, looking a little troubled.

Noticing Ji Yaoxue’s strange behavior, Bai Yuhan asked softly, “What’s wrong? Is something bothering you?”

Ji Yaoxue lowered her head in silence.

“You had a fight with Your Majesty and it’s because of that Su Zimo?” Bai Yuhan probed further.


Ji Yaoxue replied and did not hide anything.

She had spoken to Bai Yuhan about this matter a couple of years ago.

Bai Yuhan continued, “Your Majesty probably had a motive for letting you collect this supreme-grade flying sword. He wishes for you to get to know Mr. Mo, right?”

Ji Yaoxue nodded. She hesitated for a moment before asking, “Sister Bai, what do you think of this?”


Bai Yuhan chuckled. “Even though I’ve never met that Su Zimo, I’ve met Mr. Mo. I dare to say that Su Zimo is definitely inferior to Mr. Mo.”

In the Rain Admiration Pavilion, that green-robed cultivator was neither servile nor overbearing. He remained calm against the pressure of two immense forces, True Fire Sect and the Scarlet Vulture guards. The way that he overturned the entire situation with a few words left a deep impression in Bai Yuhan.

Ji Yaoxue frowned.

Bai Yuhan said, “Yaoxue, you may not believe me when I say that. However, you will definitely feel that this Mr. Mo is different from everyone else the moment you meet him.”

Ji Yaoxue replied indifferently, “We’ll see.”

Perfected Being Cang Lang had his hands behind his back and his gaze was cold. Puffing his chest out, he led his two disciples, Shen Mengqi and Si Yutang, into the crowd with a sharp aura.

Many people turned around instinctively when they sensed it.

Iridescent Clouds Palace was one of the five major sects. In addition, Perfected Being Cang Lang was famous and ruthless to begin with.

While the crowd pushed against one another, many cultivators were wary and still chose to make a path.

Before long, Perfected Being Cang Lang and the other two arrived at the front of the crowd.

Other than Perfected Being Cang Lang and his two disciples, there was Perfected Being Yun Shan and his legacy disciple from Southern Mountains Sect as well as Perfected Being Yi Ning from Azure Frost Sect in the first row.

“I’m determined to get my hands on the supreme-grade spirit weapon this time round. Don’t fight with me for it, fellow Daoists,” Perfected Being Cang Lang glanced sideways. Even though his tone was calm, it had an unquestionable authority.


Perfected Being Yun Shan laughed. “Cang Lang, your words are meaningless. You’re determined to get it? So am I!”

Right after, Perfected Being Yun Shan turned to ask, “What do you think, Fellow Daoist Yi Ning?”

“Nothing much. Since it’s an auction, we’ll just have a fair competition. There’s nothing much to think about.”

Perfected Being Yi Ning had prepared a long time for this supreme-grade spirit weapon auction as well and naturally would not leave just because of a single statement from Perfected Being Cang Lang.

Perfected Being Cang Lang scoffed coldly and said nothing more.


Right then, a small gap opened from the main door of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop suddenly.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

Countless gazes landed on Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop’s door in excitement and anticipation.

A girl came out of the door. Her hair was yellowed and disheveled. However, she was so beautiful that people would subconsciously ignore that flaw.

“Fellow Daoist Nian Qi, you’re finally out.”

“Fellow Daoist Nian Qi, you’ve gotten more beautiful,” A Golden Core said shamelessly.

“Fellow Daoist Nian Qi, it’s me. Cough, cough… I’m here again.”

All the cultivators who had stayed in the capital for over a year knew that Mr. Mo would not appear at every auction and Nian Qi would always be the one hosting.

Even though she was dressed like a maidservant and was only at Foundation Establishment, none of the Golden Cores present dared to look down on her.

Nian Qi did not say anything and pushed down against the air with both hands.

That initially noisy scene quietened down.

There were tens of thousands of cultivators present with Golden Cores among them. However, a simple hand gesture from a maidservant was enough to have everyone quieten down!

Shen Mengqi’s eyes revealed a trace of envy.

What sort of an extraordinary character was this person’s master if she could possess such power even as a maidservant.

“I see many new and foreign fellow Daoists present today so I’ll repeat the rules of the auction once more in simple terms. All bidders will obtain a number from me and they will need to prepare 30 sets of materials. The starting price will be at 500,000 superior-grade spirit stones and each bid must be no less than 10,000. The highest bidder will win.”

With it, Nian Qi took out a large number of jade tokens from her storage bag. They had numbers marked on them and were scattered into the air.

Perfected Being Cang Lang waved his sleeves and snatched the first token.

Perfected Being Yun Shan obtained the second token and Perfected Being Yi Ning obtained the third.

The other numbered tokens were taken away by the many Golden Cores behind them.

While there were many people present, of the tens of thousands of people, most of them were disciples of the Golden Cores.

The true bidders were the thousands of Golden Cores present.

“Let the auction begin!”

The moment Nian Qi’s voice faded, someone in the crowd started bidding.

An exquisite carriage was parked in a small alley not far away from the crowd.

There were two women sitting inside the carriage. One of them was voluptuous with a curvy figure, exuding a mature and alluring aura.

The other woman wore a pink dress with a veil over her face. While her appearance could not be seen, each time she blinked her eyes, there was a ripple of light that bewitched one’s soul!

“Auntie Gu, what’s the background of this Mo Ling? He’s stealing business away from Sky Treasure Auction House with his auction,” The girl in pink frowned slightly with a tinge of anger and curiosity in her voice.

“I’m not sure,” The mature woman referred to as Auntie Gu shook her head.

“I heard father mention that he’s a young man in his early twenties. He seems to admire this man a lot and has high regards for him,” The girl in pink replied.

“Why? Our great mistress of the Pure Maiden Sect is personally interested in him?”

Auntie Gu looked at the girl in pink with an ambiguous smile and asked jokingly.


The girl in pink pursed her lips in slight disdain and raised her chin, saying confidently, “If I were to show myself, all I need to do is beckon my finger at him and that so-called Mo Ling is going to bow beneath my feet obediently!”




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