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Chapter 293: And the Winner Is?

Auntie Gu smiled without saying anything. Suddenly, a strange energy fluctuation emanated from her glabella and scanned through the courtyard of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

That was the spirit consciousness that only Nascent Souls possess!

It was even more powerful than the five senses of cultivators. Unblocked by any obstructions, it could permeate to every single corner like an air current.

After a while, Auntie Gu’s expression turned extremely strange as her eyes widened in shock. She muttered to herself in disbelief, “It’s him?”

“Who?” The girl in pink leaned over and asked curiously, blinking her sparkling eyes.

Auntie Gu smiled. “Yan’er, this is someone… that you can’t do anything to even if you beckon your finger.”

“I don’t believe you!”

The girl in pink pouted and said, “If I meet some old monster, perhaps my powers might not be enough to charm him. But a young man in his early twenties that’s hot-blooded? Hmph, hmph! There’s no way he can escape my grasp.”

“What I’m worried about now is that you’ll chase after him like a silly lass if he beckons his finger at you…” Auntie Gu shook her head and smiled gently. However, a simple motion and smile of hers possessed a flirtatious allure.

“Auntie Gu, I’m even more unconvinced when you put it that way!” The girl in pink wheedled and pounced into Auntie Gu’s arms while fondling wildly with both hands.

If any men were to witness this scene, they would definitely lose control instantly.

Auntie Gu smiled tenderly and waved her snow-white arms a few times, pushing the girl in pink back. “You don’t believe me? You ran off previously with someone without even leaving me a message to tell me that you were safe, making me worried for nothing.”

“Oh my, that’s already a couple of years ago. Furthermore, that Su Zimo was rather interesting. It was quite fun teasing him for no reason,” The girl in pink giggled.

“Is that so?”

Auntie Gu laughed. “In that case, this Mo Ling is quite interesting too.”


Stunned for a moment, the girl in pink could not react in time.

However, she could tell that Auntie Gu was implying something and she could not help but tilt her head slightly in deep thought.

After a moment, the girl in pink clutched her mouth and nearly exclaimed. She asked with widened eyes, “Su Zimo, Mo Ling… they can’t be the same person, right?”

“It’s him.”

Auntie Gu retracted her smile and looked in the direction of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop through the curtains. “To think that I have still underestimated him.”

Of the two women, one of them was the chief steward of Sky Treasure Auction House, Gu Xi. The other was the pure maiden of Pure Maiden Sect, Demoness Ji – the daughter of the emperor, the Great Zhou Dynasty’s youngest princess.

“It’s really him?”

Demoness Ji clapped and laughed. “Auntie Gu, didn’t I say that he was interesting? I really want to know how he did it! Was it only because of that ancient tempering manual?”

“You want to go in and meet him?” Gu Xi could not help but ask after seeing how eager Demoness Ji was.

“That’s right.”

Demoness Ji was about to step out of the carriage when she sat back down after sweeping her gaze.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Xi asked.

Demoness Ji shook her head. “Sister’s over there. I had better not go.”

Chuckling, Gu Xi turned back to look in the direction of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop in deep thought.

“Number 975, 1 million!”

“Number 68, 1.01 million!”

“Number 32, 1.02 million…”

In just a short while, the price of the supreme-grade spirit weapon had already surpassed a million superior-grade spirit stones under the immense bidding of the Golden Cores!

Before most of the Golden Cores present could bid, the price had already exceeded their capabilities and they could merely watch the crowd dejectedly.

After crossing the million superior-grade spirit stones mark, the speed of the bids slowed down.

The Golden Cores became extremely prudent with every bid, increasing it by 10,000 each time.

Normally, the price of a supreme-grade spirit weapon would be around a million superior-grade spirit stones at most.

However, supreme-grade spirit items were treasures that had limited supply and were rare to see in the market.

Typically, cultivators who could obtain supreme-grade spirit weapons would use them personally and would not bear to sell it.

Furthermore, this bid was for a customized supreme-grade spirit weapon and was a once in a blue moon opportunity that was even rarer!

In the first row, the Golden Cores from the major sects of Iridescent Clouds Palace, Southern Mountains Sect and Azure Frost Sect had yet to make their bids.

Seeing that the price had already reached 1.11 million, Perfected Being Cang Lang said all of a sudden, “Let’s not waste any more time. Number 1, 1.5 million!”

The moment he said that, the crowd fell into an uproar.

The sudden raise of 400,000 superior-grade spirit stones was more than enough to discourage more than half of the cultivators who wanted to continue bidding.

1.5 million superior-grade spirit stones was not something that every Golden Core could produce.

Spirit stones were consumables after all. For cultivators, the most important thing was still to raise their cultivation realms.

If one wanted to raise their cultivation realm, they would have to expend spirit stones to cultivate.

Not to mention the Golden Cores of itinerant cultivators and some minor sects, even Perfected Being Yun Shan and Perfected Being Yi Ning felt their mouths cramp up slightly. Their expressions changed when they heard of the bid of Perfected Being Cang Lang.

After Perfected Being Cang Lang’s bid, a couple of breaths passed without anyone continuing to raise the bid.

“Number 3, 1.51 million spirit stones.”

Right then, Perfected Being Yi Ning spoke and raised the bid by 10,000.

Perfected Being Cang Lang sneered and turned to Perfected Being Yun Shan, asking, “Fellow Daoist Yun Shan, aren’t you bidding? If you wait any longer, you’re not going to have the chance soon.”

Perfected Being Yun Shan gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, “Number 2, 1.52 million!”

The moment he said that, Perfected Being Cang Lang spoke again with a calm expression, “Number 1, 1.8 million!”

That single statement raised the price by nearly 300,000!

Perfected Being Yun Shan’s expression darkened as he glared at Perfected Being Cang Lang viciously.

Perfected Being Yi Ning took a deep breath of air and said slowly, “Number 3, 1.81 million!”

2 million superior-grade spirit stones – that was her limit.

If it exceeds 2 million superior-grade spirit stones, she would have to back down no matter what.

The Golden Cores at the back were already silent as they watched the scene quietly.

The price of the supreme-grade spirit weapon was now so high that it was basically a tussle between Perfected Being Cang Lang and Perfected Being Yi Ning – even Perfected Being Yun Shan no longer dared to speak.

Perfected Being Cang Lang seemed to sense the pressure on Perfected Being Yi Ning. Raising his brows slightly, he spoke, “Number 1, 1.85 million!”

Perfected Being Yi Ning’s heart surged when she caught sight of Perfected Being Cang Lang’s provocative gaze as she declared loudly, “Number 3, 2 million!”

That was her limit. If Perfected Being Cang Lang raised the bid again, she would back off!

This time, Perfected Being Cang Lang finally laughed as he commented leisurely, “Fellow Daoist Yi Ning, that’s your limit, right? Number 1, 2.01 million.”

Perfected Being Yi Ning’s eyes dimmed as she shook her head.

Her final gambit of raising the price to 2 million was to exert immense pressure on Perfected Being Cang Lang, hoping that he could withdraw from the bid. But, it was to no avail.

Five breaths passed and no one raised the bid further.

Perfected Being Cang Lang scanned his surroundings with a sharp gaze. In fact, there was even a vague hint of threat in them.

There was a clear meaning in his gaze – whoever dared to cause trouble now would be making an enemy of him!




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