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Chapter 286: Hunting Mutually

By the time they left Azure Frost Elixir Workshop, it was already evening and there were less people on the streets.

The siblings naturally had a lot to say after not seeing each other for years.

“Senior Sister Yang even said that only Mr. Mo or someone from the royal family could return safe and sound. Hehe, seems like my brother can do it too.”

“She isn’t wrong about that.”


“That’s because I’m Mr. Mo.”

“I don’t believe you!”

Su Zimo smiled and did not explain, leading Xiaoning towards Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Before long, the two of them arrived at the entrance of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Under Su Xiaoning’s bewildered gaze, Su Zimo knocked on the door of Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Before long, an extremely stunning girl with withered, yellow hair stuck her head out – it was Nian Qi.


Nian Qi greeted crisply in delight after seeing Su Zimo.


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Su Zimo nodded and pushed Xiaoning over. “This is my younger sister. You guys can chat first. I have some other matters to attend to and will return a little later.”

“Alright, don’t worry, sir.”

Nian Qi nodded obediently.

Su Xiaoning looked at the words ‘Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop’ with an agape mouth and widened eyes, unable to link Su Zimo with Mr. Mo who was famous throughout the capital.

It was only after Su Zimo left and Su Xiaoning was brought to the courtyard by Nian Qi in a daze before she gradually regained her senses.

“Is my brother really Mr. Mo?”

Su Xiaoning looked at Nian Qi and asked cautiously.

“That’s right.”

Nian Qi pointed at the big, black dog sprawling on the side and smiled. “It’s called Night Spirit and is sir’s spirit beast. Mo Spirit’s name is combined from sir and Night Spirit’s names.”

Night Spirit opened its eyes and glanced at Su Xiaoning indifferently before going back to sleep without moving.

Nian Qi chuckled. “Night Spirit is like this. Other than sir, it’s not close to anyone. Don’t be misled by how it always looks so lazy. When it’s angry, it’s really scary.”

The two of them were about the same age and they soon became close.

After following the green-robed cultivator out of the capital, Dai Xu took off his armor and changed into a common set of robes, hiding himself in the crowd and hung from the back.

He was unable to verify if this person he was following was the same man he had seen that small town a few years ago.

After all, the man in that small town was only a mortal that could not cultivate. However, this green-robed man was already at late-stage Foundation Establishment!

Furthermore, it shouldn’t make sense for that man to appear in the capital or even the palace.

How was that possible?

Everything would not really make sense if they were the same person.

However, for some reason, even though it was only a single glance, Dai Xu had an extremely strong feeling about it in his heart.

They were the same person!

While that man seemed like a frail scholar on the surface, his spine was extremely straight as though there was nothing or no one in this world that could crush him!

Dai Xu followed the green-robed cultivator and saw the latter enter Azure Frost Elixir Workshop.

Not long later, he came out with a female cultivator.

When he saw the face of that female cultivator, Dai Xu no longer had any doubts.

This green-robed cultivator was the same scholar from that unremarkable small town of that vassal state – Su Zimo!

The woman beside him was his younger sister, Su Xiaoning. She was taken away by the third princess back then and brought onto the path of cultivation after joining Azure Frost Sect.

Dai Xu continued to follow Su Zimo.

When he caught sight of Su Xiaoning sent into Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop, Dai Xu’s eyes flickered in thoughts.

“Su Zimo, Mo Ling…”

Right after, Su Zimo left and headed out of the city.

Dai Xu’s expression flickered as he looked at Su Zimo’s back. After pondering for a while, the killing intent in his eyes disappeared and he continued following silently.

The two of them left the city one after another.

After leaving the capital, Su Zimo summoned his flying sword and sped off to the distance on it.

Dai Xu hurriedly followed.

Not long after, Su Zimo entered a dense forest.

He removed his flying sword and in a flash, sprinted through the forest at an extremely fast speed – it was completely unpredictable.

They were in a forest after all and the view wasn’t as open compared to outside with many places to hide and blind spots all around.

Dai Xu’s Sword Kinesis Flight had to slow down.

A while later, Su Zimo disappeared from Dai Xu’s sights entirely!

Arriving at the vicinity of where Su Zimo was last seen, Dai Xu surveyed the surroundings with a grim expression.

At this moment, the night grew darker and the beasts of the forest had already left their caves with the appearance of the moon.

The light in the forest was dim and the roar of spirit beasts could be heard from time to time. Branches and leaves rustled, filling the air with an eerie hint of blood stench.

Feeling uneasy, Dai Xu took out his golden armor. Just as he put it on properly, he felt something and turned around suddenly.

Not far behind him was a green-robed cultivator with his hands behind his back. The cool moonlight shone through the dense branches and leaves, illuminating his face in patches.

The green-robed cultivator’s expression was calm and there was a slight mockery in his eyes.

“Su Zimo!”

Dai Xu narrowed his eyes and said word by word.

Su Zimo smiled faintly. “It’s been a long time, Commander Dai.”

“You’ve changed quite a bit after a few years. I’m truly impressed.”

Dai Xu’s lips curled as he remarked coldly, “You were just a mere mortal back then but you’re already at late-stage Foundation Establishment now. Not bad, not bad.”

Su Zimo replied with a fake smile, “It’s all thanks to you not killing me back then, Commander Dai.”


Dai Xu snorted coldly upon hearing that.

If Su Zimo had not been tactful enough to keep his distance from Ji Yaoxue back then, this man would have been dead a couple of years ago!

While Dai Xu had hidden himself well back then, Su Zimo had sensed Dai Xu’s killing intent with his spirit perception!

“Commander Dai, why have you followed me all the way here?” Su Zimo asked straightforwardly.

“Su Zimo, if you were smart enough, you should have stayed away from the capital and kept your distance from the third princess!”

Dai Xu said slowly with a murderous expression, “Now that you’ve appeared in the capital, I can only say that you’re courting death!”

Dai Xu took out a flying sword from his storage bag as he said that.

Su Zimo smiled. “You’re not telling the truth, Commander Dai.”

Dai Xu remained silent.

Su Zimo continued, “That’s not the only reason why you want to kill me. It’s because you’ve also guessed my identity as Mo Ling and you want to steal my treasures by killing me, right?”


Dai Xu laughed out loud. “You’re very smart, but you will still die today!”

Su Zimo raised his brows slightly and asked, “I’ve already noticed that you were following me after I left the palace. However, do you know why I chose to leave the city?”

“You want to hunt me!”

Dai Xu laughed. “You’re confident enough to lure me to this desolated forest to hunt me down! However, I harbored the same intentions!”

Su Zimo nodded. “Not bad.”

With a cold voice, Dai Xu remarked, “There’s nothing much to say then. The outcome will depend on our skills. Let me see how much you’ve grown over these past few years!”

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