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Chapter 287: Killing

This time, both of them wanted to kill.

Furthermore, both of them were confident that they could kill the other party!

That was why Su Zimo lured Dai Xu out of the capital.

At the same time, Dai Xu chased fearlessly despite knowing Su Zimo’s intentions.

They were one another’s prey and whoever was hunted would depend on who had stronger means!

Dai Xu channeled his spirit energy and a beam of light shone on his body. A spirit meridian flickered and emitted a dazzling light.

“You’re only a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator but I’m a meridian cultivator! What do you have to fight me with?”

Dai Xu laughed coldly as he channeled his spirit energy, causing the flying sword in his hands to buzz and three spirit patterns to shine.

A superior-grade spirit weapon!


A sword beam tore through the void and sped towards Su Zimo.

At the same time, Dai Xu waved his sleeves and conjured a hand seal, pointing a finger forward as he shouted.


A deafening roar sounded out of nowhere.

A spirit demon that was condensed from spirit energy appeared in the void. Looking menacing, it hollered into the skies with a torrential killing intent before lunging towards Su Zimo.

The flying sword and spirit art attacked simultaneously!

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he pressed his middle finger and thumb together, forming a strange hand seal that he pushed slowly forward.

Fiend Suppression Seal!

He did not test the waters at all.

Su Zimo released the strongest spirit art he knew immediately!

The spirit energy in Su Zimo’s dantian surged furiously into the handprint that he had conjured.


A huge golden palm descended from the sky accompanied by a deafening bang, breaking through the firmaments and crushing air currents as it slammed down towards the direction of the spirit demon and flying sword in a terrifying manner!

Dai Xu’s expression changed.

He could clearly tell that the golden palm seemed like it was formed by spirit energy. However, it seemed corporeal, as if the palm of a god was descending from the heavens, bent on purging all evil in the world!


In midair, the howling spirit demon collided with the golden palm and cracks immediately appeared on the surface of its body.

In the blink of an eye, it dissipated in the air!

Dai Xu’s expression changed.

Normally, the spirit art conjured by his spirit energy as a one meridian Foundation Establishment Cultivator should be able to defeat a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator with ease.

However, the situation was exactly opposite right now!

There was only one possibility – the other party’s spirit art was way stronger than his own!

In midair, Dai Xu’s flying sword pressed against the center of the golden palm and could not advance.

The sword was trembling and its spirit energy was unstable, showing signs of breaking apart – it was on the verge of giving out at any moment now.

Dai Xu sneered and channeled his spirit energy once more.


A beam of light shone through Dai Xu’s gold armor.

Two spirit meridians!

Spirit Peering Art could not be used to tell how many meridians a perfected Foundation Establishment Cultivator had unlocked – the only way of knowing is if the cultivator revealed it personally.

But now, Dai Xu had already revealed two spirit meridians!

Spirit energy surged within the two meridians in a sturdy manner.

Dai Xu manipulated the flying sword which shone brightly as its strength continued climbing. Straight and sharp, the sword actually stopped the golden palm!

No matter how strong the Fiend Suppression Seal was, it had its limits and it was difficult to make up for the difference in cultivation realms.

“Su Zimo, if that’s all you’ve got, today will be your death anniversary a year from now!”

The fact that Dai Xu was able to divert his attention to speak in the face of such an immense battle proved that he was not using his full strength!

Su Zimo had a calm expression and did not reply.

While Dai Xu was not using his full strength, Su Zimo had backup plans too.


Right then, Dai Xu’s body shone with another beam of light once more as he shouted softly.

A third spirit meridian!

The power of the three meridians erupted at the same time as the flying sword in midair shone brighter.

Both parties fell into a stalemate and with a bang, the flying sword pierced the golden palm. It continued its trajectory towards Su Zimo’s head without any loss in momentum!

The moment Dai Xu revealed the third meridian, Su Zimo had already realized that it was going to be difficult to kill Dai Xu using immortal cultivation methods given his current cultivation realm.

Cracks appeared on the golden palm after it was pierced and it was on the verge of collapsing.


The sword beam was piercingly cold and extremely fast.

However, Su Zimo was even faster!

The moment the flying sword pierced the golden palm, Su Zimo moved and left a series of afterimages from where he was.


Like a fierce horse, Su Zimo arrived before Dai Xu in the blink of an eye.

After Divine Steed Fleeting, he made a sudden move and took a huge stride forth, using the stance of Plow Heaven Stride.


That single step caused the ground to quake as Su Zimo’s aura increased tremendously!

His eyes lit up with a frenzied killing intent. Suddenly, he reached out with both hands and grabbed Dai Xu’s arms, bending his knees while smashing forth!

Divine Steed Dismemberment!

With Divine Steed Fleeting, he was able to shorten the distance between them and close in. Right after, Plow Heaven Stride aided him in bursting forth with a torrential aura and he finished off with Divine Steed Dismemberment in a fluid motion without any sluggishness!

As long as Dai Xu’s arms were locked by Su Zimo, he would definitely die!

The burst of Divine Steed Fleeting as well as Plow Heaven Stride coupled with the power of Divine Steed Dismemberment was enough to rip Dai Xu apart!

In the face of Su Zimo’s attacks that were like a tempestuous storm, Dai Xu’s eyes were filled with an initial flash of panic before calming down.


He roared and yet another spirit light shone on his body!


The fourth spirit meridian had appeared!

The fifth!

The sixth!

Instantly, six spirit meridians appeared on Dai Xu’s body.

His aura expanded rapidly and his spirit energy was rich as he entered a berserk state.

Six meridian Foundation Establishment!

There were not many Foundation Establishment Cultivators who could unlock six of the eight meridian channels.

Furthermore, the more meridians one had unlocked, the tougher it would be to unlock more – the difficulty level of unlocking the meridians wasn’t the same.

Unless one entered the ancient battlefield and obtained a huge opportunity within, it was already almost the limit for one to unlock six meridians in Tianhuang Mainland!

Initially, Dai Xu did not use all his strength.

That was because in his opinion, Su Zimo was only at late-stage Foundation Establishment – this was someone who was far inferior to his cultivation realm and there was no need for that.

The outcome of the battle was already decided.

But now, after Su Zimo unleashed that formidable chain of attacks, Dai Xu realized that the battle was not as simple as he thought it was.

The spirit energy of six spirit meridians exploded instantly!

“You’re courting death!”

There was a fierce look on Dai Xu’s eyes as he clasped his hands in front of him and formed a huge ball of spirit energy, blocking Su Zimo’s way.

This ball of spirit energy was condensed from almost all of Dai Xu’s strength and was not to be underestimated.

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes.

If Dai Xu was only at three or even four meridians, Su Zimo was confident that he could kill the former with just the burst of his physical strength!

However, Dai Xu’s strength at six meridian Foundation Establishment was not something that Su Zimo could take head on with his physical strength.

Right then, the combined momentum of Divine Steed Fleeting and Plow Heaven Stride was too strong and it was too late for Su Zimo to make a change in move.

He channeled his bloodline.

Bang! Boom! Boom!


A horrifying sound came from Su Zimo’s body. It was like thunder rumbling and it surged like a tsunami in a terrifying manner!






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