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Chapter 277: Overbearing

It was as the crowd had said, the Scarlet Vulture guards were clearly biased and chose to be oblivious towards everything that was happening.

Some of the cultivators from Azure Frost Elixir Workshop were furious and were about to step forth to argue when they were held back by the sharp gaze of the yellow-dressed woman and retreated helplessly.

The majority of disciples from Azure Frost Elixir Workshop were indignant but none of them dared to speak against the authority of the yellow-dressed woman.

Su Xiaoning turned back instinctively and saw the cold face of the yellow-dressed woman.

At this moment, the two factions that should have stood out chose to remain silent.

In the middle of the crowd, Su Xiaoning appeared lonely and helpless – she was at a loss.


Right then, He Xing shouted softly.

An elixir with a refreshing medicinal aroma burst out from his Elixir Furnace and spun in midair.

Everyone focused their attentions – three elixir patterns.

A superior-grade Spirit Regeneration Elixir.


He Xing waved and pinched the elixir on his fingertips and chuckled at Su Xiaoning who was not far away. “You’ve lost, Junior Sister Su.”

“Bravo, Senior Brother He!”

“I guess that Senior Brother He only used 70% of his skills this time round!”

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“70%? No way! 30% at most!”

The cultivators from True Fire Elixir Workshop praised shamelessly but cheers from the surrounding crowd were sparse and almost non-existent.

Everyone was not blind.

While superior-grade elixirs were rare, Su Xiaoning would have most likely created a perfect elixir with five elixir patterns if not for the unforeseen situation.

It was obvious who would have won.

Now that He Xing had the cheek to speak of such words, everyone cursed internally that he was shameless. However, they had their reservations and nobody would stand out blatantly.

“Junior Sister Su, since you’ve lost, we’ll follow our initial agreement. Hand that Elixir Furnace over,” He Xing smiled smugly.

“I didn’t lose.”

Su Xiaoning was fearless. She did not retreat and her voice was firm.

The smile on He Xing’s face froze momentarily before returning to normal in an instant. “Don’t worry, Junior Sister Su. Even though you’ve lost, I’ll still fork out double the price to purchase that Elixir Furnace. I won’t take advantage of you as long as you hand it over.”

“I didn’t lose,” Su Xiaoning repeated the three words.

Instantly, He Xing’s expression darkened.

“Su Xiaoning, don’t refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit! Azure Frost Elixir Workshop’s reputation is going to be affected because you went back on your words and have no credibility!”

He Xing’s words not only turned the facts upside down, it even laid down a huge burden for her.

Su Xiaoning raised her head with an unyielding expression, showing no signs of bowing down.


Right then, the yellow-dressed woman from Azure Frost Elixir Workshop stood out and said indifferently, “Hand that Elixir Furnace over to Fellow Daoist He.”

Frozen, Su Xiaoning’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

A stir broke out amongst the crowd as well.

Su Zimo watched everything quietly with a dark gaze.

There was another doubt in his heart – why was this yellow-dressed woman targeting Xiaoning?

He was waiting for an answer.

The yellow-dressed woman continued slowly, “Since you chose to make a bet with him, you should admit your defeat. How can a disciple of our Azure Frost Sect renege on our words?”

“But, I didn’t lose at all! If he hadn’t…”

Su Xiaoning was about to defend herself when the yellow-dressed woman cut her off. “I don’t want to hear of your excuses! I only care about the results and the result is that you’ve lost!”

The yellow-dressed woman’s voice was laced with a hint of sternness as the coldness in her eyes intensified.

Su Xiaoning’s figure swayed and the color from her face drained instantly.

Earlier on, even when He Xing was being overbearing, Su Xiaoning did not show the slightest bit of fear.

But now, when even her own sect mates chose to stand against her, Su Xiaoning’s final pillar of support had collapsed.

The yellow-dressed woman glared at Su Xiaoning coldly and said in a deep voice, “Azure Frost Sect has always been on good terms with True Fire Sect. It’d be best if our relationship isn’t affected because of you. Hand over the Elixir Furnace and apologize to Fellow Daoist He and we’ll let the matter end here.”


Su Xiaoning gave a wretched smile, her eyes filled with mockery. “May I ask Senior Sister Yang, what did I do wrong?”

“You dare to disobey my orders?”

The yellow-dressed woman’s expression darkened as she spoke sternly, “Don’t think that you can be so impudent just because Yaoxue is backing you! Let me tell you, putting aside the fact that she hasn’t returned yet, even after she returns, I, Yang Yu, will be the one calling the shots here in Azure Frost Elixir Workshop within the capital of Great Zhou!”

While outsiders would not be the wiser, Su Zimo caught a few pieces of information from that.

First, Ji Yaoxue had yet to return to the capital.

This was normal. There was more than a month left before the sect competition and most sects had yet to move.

Second, there must be a feud between Yang Yu and Ji Yaoxue. Furthermore, Yang Yu did not know of Ji Yaoxue’s true identity.

If Yang Yu knew of Ji Yaoxue’s true identity and dared to be so brazen, it would only mean that this woman was an idiot.

Back when the two of them first met, Ji Yaoxue hid her surname and identity.

That was indeed her style of doing things.

Third, Yang Yu was most likely targeting Xiaoning because of Ji Yaoxue.

In Yang Yu’s eyes, Xiaoning was on good terms with Ji Yaoxue and was an enemy, hence the reason why she kept making things difficult for Xiaoning.

Su Xiaoning pursed her red lips with tears that brimmed in her eyes but refused to fall.

Slowly, she took out an Elixir Furnace from her storage bag.

It was a small furnace and seemed a little old. Extremely worn out, it was covered in mottled bronze.

There was nothing special about that Elixir Furnace just by looking at it simply.

However, at that moment, fresh blood dripped onto the bronze furnace from Su Xiaoning’s previously injured arm.

The moment it made contact with Su Xiaoning’s blood, the Elixir Furnace illuminated with a dazzling glow that made everyone gasp in shock!

Right after, a faint medicinal fragrance wafted out from the Elixir Furnace.

This time, even a fool could tell that the Elixir Furnace was definitely a treasure!

He Xing’s eyes lit up as greed flashed past his eyes and he licked his lips.

Back then, he could vaguely tell that the Elixir Furnace resembled something that was described in an ancient book in True Fire Sect. That was why he pestered Su Xiaoning multiple times to try and buy it.

This was also because they were in the capital. If they were outside, He Xing would have killed her and stole the treasure!

Now, it was clear that the Elixir Furnace was indeed not ordinary and could highly likely be that item described in the ancient book!

The thought of it being described in the ancient book caused He Xing’s heart to burn with passion – he was even more determined to get his hands on the Elixir Furnace no matter what!

Yang Yu looked at the Elixir Furnace in Su Xiaoning’s hands and froze for a moment as astonishment flickered in her eyes.

She had obviously not expected that Elixir Furnace to be a treasure!

For a brief moment, a trace of regret flashed past Yang Yu’s eyes.

If she had not allowed Su Xiaoning to hand that Elixir Furnace over, given her authority in Azure Frost Elixir Workshop, she would most likely be able to claim that Elixir Furnace for herself!

Under countless greedy gazes, Su Xiaoning felt as if she would be torn apart at any moment. She was frightened and helpless while her limbs went cold.

For some reason, a figure suddenly flashed across Su Xiaoning’s mind.

That figure was dressed in green robes. While he was not tall, bulky nor stalwart, he could shelter her from wind and rain.

At that moment, Su Xiaoning seemed to have heard a gentle voice, “Xiaoning, don’t be afraid.”




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