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Chapter 278: Ruptured!

That figure appeared in her mind and that voice reverberated in the depths of her memories, giving Su Xiaoning a sense of warmth.

Right after, Su Xiaoning caught sight of someone.

A man in green walked over slowly.

His figure was not tall, bulky nor stalwart.

However, it overlapped gradually with the figure in Su Xiaoning’s memories.

When she caught sight of that person, Su Xiaoning’s lips opened slightly. Her body trembled and her eyes were filled with disbelief.

How was that possible?

How was that possible?

It was a hallucination, right…?

Su Xiaoning could not believe it.

She raised her sleeves and wiped away the tears in her eyes, looking at the approaching person with widened eyes.

Even though they hadn’t met in years, the green-robed man’s gaze was still warm as before.

Su Xiaoning clutched her cherry lips with her petite hands and her body shuddered slightly. Once again, her eyes were covered in a misty fog.

Coming before Su Xiaoning, the green-robed man smiled and extended his slender fingers to try and wipe away the tears on her face, saying in a tender voice, “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

At this moment, Su Xiaoning was finally certain that everything before her was not a hallucination.

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Su Zimo had truly appeared!

He did not descend from the skies nor did he arrive with rainbow colors and an imposing grandeur. While it was just him, Su Xiaoning felt a sense of warmth that she had not experienced in a long time.

She could no longer control herself and was at a loss for words while tears gushed down her face.

At that moment, all the grievances in her heart seemed to have been vented out.

“Who are you? This is none of your business, don’t cause trouble for yourself!”

He Xing frowned and berated Su Zimo with a cold gaze.

Su Zimo turned askance and eyed He Xing indifferently.

While his gaze was calm as water, for some unknown reason, He Xing’s heart throbbed with a sense of fear!

Pointing at the Elixir Furnace in Xiaoning’s palm, Su Zimo smiled. “Keep it. You didn’t lose, so why are you giving that to someone else?”


Su Xiaoning nodded heavily and put the Elixir Furnace back in her storage bag with a flip of her palm.

She did not want to give in.

However, no one had ever helped her right from the beginning or even spoke up for her.

Even her sect mates from Azure Frost Elixir Workshop were forcing her to hand over the Elixir Furnace.

At that moment, Su Xiaoning felt cold and helpless. Her path forward was dark and she had no other choice but to give in.

But now that Su Zimo was standing beside her, she possessed immense courage.

She had not been in the wrong and there was no need for her to compromise!

He Xing’s expression darkened and he said in a gruff tone, “Su Xiaoning, what’s the meaning of this! Are you going back on your words after losing?”

Su Xiaoning replied, “He Xing, I will say it again, I did not lose! Everyone present witnessed what happened earlier on and you know it best as well. My conscience is clear!”

Su Xiaoning’s words were firm and powerful, causing Su Zimo to nod with a look of approval flashing in his eyes.

Xiaoning’s personality had grown much stronger after cultivating in Azure Frost Sect for the past few years.

“So, you’re telling me that you don’t want to be let off?” He Xing clenched his fists tightly with a fierce gaze.

Su Zimo turned around and strolled in front of He Xing, asking expressionlessly, “This is the Great Zhou Dynasty. What do you want to do under the nose of the emperor?”


He Xing burst out in laughter and pointed at Su Zimo with mocking eyes. “You’re truly way too naive.”

“Oh?” Su Zimo raised his brow.

He Xing grinned hideously. “Indeed, I wouldn’t dare to kill anyone here. But do you believe that I’ll slap you a few times right here and even when your dignity is trampled on, the Scarlet Vulture guards aren’t even going to care?”

When they heard that, the crowd shook their heads and sighed.

This was a complete act of bullying.

Since Su Zimo’s life would not be endangered even if he was slapped a couple of times by He Xing, the Scarlet Vulture guards would turn a blind eye to it and ignore everything completely.

However, if Su Zimo were to retaliate, the Scarlet Vulture guards would definitely step in.

By then, Su Zimo would definitely be the one in the wrong.

Upon hearing He Xing’s words, Su Zimo’s expression was calm as usual. “You don’t dare to kill, but I do. Do you believe that I’ll kill you on the spot if you dare lay a finger on me?!”

The moment he said that, the crowd fell into an uproar!

That was tit for tat!

What did the green-robed man mean by that?

He was declaring that he dared to kill under the nose of the emperor in the Great Zhou Dynasty?

This person was either a lunatic or someone that was spouting nonsense!

“Fufu… trying to scare me?”

After a brief silence, He Xing suddenly laughed.

He could tell that Su Zimo was the same as him and was only at late-stage Foundation Establishment.

Notwithstanding whether or not Su Zimo dared to attack, even if he truly did not care about his life and tried to attack, He Xing knew he could definitely back off right away!

By then, the Scarlet Vulture guards would step in and suppress that person!

At that thought, He Xing extended his palm and slapped towards Su Zimo’s cheek with a cold scoff.

At the same time, Su Zimo made his move.

It was the exact same motion and stance.

However, Su Zimo’s speed was much faster than He Xing’s!

He Xing merely extended a palm, but for Su Zimo, the end of his palm seemed as if it was a millstone moving with a sharp killing intent that arrived instantly!

He Xing’s face was met with a gust of evil wind!

He could not dodge it at all.

The aura of death enveloped him, almost suffocating him!

He Xing had miscalculated something.

At this distance, he would not be able to escape at all if Su Zimo made a move!


Su Zimo’s palm landed heavily on He Xing’s cheek with a dull thud.


Under countless gazes, He Xing’s gigantic head was ruptured by Su Zimo’s palm!

His brain juice splattered everywhere as blood flowed out.

He Xing’s headless corpse was still standing on the spot, convulsing uncontrollably.

The crowd instantly went silent.

Everyone watched the unbelievable scene with disbelief in their eyes.

While Su Zimo had already laid down his warning, nobody expected him to really make a move.

Furthermore, he was so decisive and merciless!

The feeling was as though the green-robed cultivator was looking for a random excuse just to kill He Xing!

As one of the most promising Elixir Refinement Masters amongst the younger generation of True Fire Sect, He Xing was still in high spirits and looked down on everything moments earlier. In the blink of an eye, he was turned into a headless corpse against a single slap from this unknown green-robed cultivator.

Everything had happened too quickly!

Everyone looked at Su Zimo as though they were looking at a dead man.

If this was a fight and the Scarlet Vulture guards stepped in, the most that would happen was that the party in the wrong would be kicked out of the capital.

But if someone died, the murderer would have to pay with his life!

That was also the reason why even He Xing had to acknowledge that he could not kill within the capital despite having the Scarlet Vulture guards as backing.


A shriek broke out from the crowd.

Not far away, two Scarlet Vulture guards witnessed everything that happened and their eyes flashed with disbelief. Taken aback for a brief moment, they shouted before rushing over furiously on their Scarlet Vultures while wielding their dagger-axes!

Everyone from True Fire Elixir Workshop looked murderous as fire spewed from their eyes.

Pang Ming said coldly, “It’s over for you, lad! No one can save you today!”

The spirit lion beside him lowered its body and roared at Su Zimo angrily as well.

Su Zimo’s gaze was cold as he said indifferently, “Worry about yourself first.”




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