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Chapter 267: Won’t Fail

“Mr. Mo, these two people have already perished without leaving anything behind as evidence. I’m afraid that regarding tonight’s matter…” The bearded man did not continue but his words were clear.

In fact, as long as anyone thought about this matter slightly, it would not be difficult to guess the faction behind Liang Qiu and Meng Han.

However, this matter would most likely go unresolved without evidence.

“It’s alright.”

Su Zimo smiled calmly without taking it to heart.

Tonight, two Golden Cores were lost in vain – True Fire Weapon Workshop was the one that lost out, not Su Zimo.

The bearded man was about to bid farewell and leave when he inadvertently caught sight of the flying sword in Nian Qi’s hands and the corner of his eyes twitched.

It was a supreme-grade flying sword!

That little maidservant was wielding a supreme-grade flying sword!

Prior to this, the bearded man was a little skeptical when he heard that Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop could customize supreme-grade spirit weapons.

Even though he referred to this person as Mr. Mo, he was not entirely convinced.

After all, being able to customize supreme-grade spirit weapons sounded way too absurd to be true.

When he saw Su Zimo personally, the bearded man was even more convinced of his thoughts.

Su Zimo was way too young and he was only at a mere Foundation Establishment realm as well.

Typically, the truly top Weapon Refinement Masters were all Golden Cores!

Without enough years of weapon refinement, it would be difficult for one to develop a personal understanding of spirit gathering and naturally, one would not be able to become a top Weapon Refinement Master.

Even if this Mo Ling person had started to refine weapons in his mother’s womb, he would only have a couple decades worth of experience. How could he compare with the hundreds of years of experience that Golden Cores have put into weapon refinement?

The bearded man believed that Su Zimo must definitely have capabilities to be able to make a name for himself in the capital.

However, being able to customize supreme-grade spirit weapons was merely a gimmick to promote his weapon workshop.

But now that the bearded man saw the supreme-grade flying sword in Nian Qi’s hands, his heart started to waver.

“Could this Mo Ling truly be able to refine supreme-grade spirit weapons?”

“But he’s way too young. He only looks to be in his twenties. How is it possible?”

“But, even his maidservant has a supreme-grade spirit weapon of her own! An early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator using a supreme-grade spirit weapon? What sort of a privilege is that? That’s insane!”

Standing on the spot motionlessly, the bearded man stared at Nian Qi who was not far away with a trace of bitterness in his eyes.

A gaze as such made by a burly man was more than enough to scare a little girl.

“Sir, are you alright?” Nian Qi whispered.


The bearded man froze for a moment and realized that he had gone out of sorts. Blushing with shame, he coughed gently and asked, “Mr. Mo, I heard that you’re able to customize supreme-grade spirit weapons here?”

“That’s right,” Su Zimo nodded.

The bearded man had not expected for Su Zimo to answer so readily!

Could this person truly be able to customize supreme-grade spirit weapons?

“Well, erm… if I want to customize a supreme-grade spirit weapon, what do I need to prepare?” The bearded man asked after some silence.

“Sir, you won’t be able to do it this month.”

At that moment, Nian Qi was the first to speak.

She was the best in this aspect. For the past two years, she was in charge of receiving business at Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

Nian Qi continued, “Our young master only refines one supreme-grade spirit weapon a month. The opportunity for this month has already been auctioned away on the first day of the month.”

“Sir, if you wish to customize supreme-grade spirit weapons, you have to wait for the first of the following month. Bring 30 sets of materials and sufficient spirit stones for the auction.”

“Don’t worry, sir. We’re extremely fair at Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop and we don’t discriminate between gender and age. The highest bidder will definitely get it.”

The bearded man’s mouth cramped up as he rubbed his hands together. He looked awkward, as if he wanted to say something.

If he was truly bidding openly with other Golden Cores, there was no way he would get the opportunity…

Putting aside whether or not he had sufficient spirit stones, he did not even have enough materials for 30 sets and would not be qualified to bid for the auction at all.

Su Zimo watched from the side for a while before suddenly saying, “Sir, I can refine a supreme-grade spirit weapon for you as repayment for your lifesaving grace today.”

“For real?”

The bearded man was at a loss for what to ask for. Su Zimo”s words rang in his mind like heavenly music as he cupped his fists hurriedly. “Thank you very much, Mr. Mo.”

Actually, as the commander of the Azure Falcon guards, it was completely part of his duties to rush over and kill Meng Han.

Su Zimo’s action was in part because he had a decent impression towards this bearded man. At the same time, it was a favor for the other party.

There were three guard squads in the capital of Great Zhou and the Azure Falcon guards was one of them.

While the bearded man seemed boisterous, he was the commander of the Azure Falcon guards – this was a powerful figure with immense authority in the capital!

Being able to befriend someone like this would not be a bad thing.

The bearded man continued, “Mr. Mo, I don’t have enough materials with me. I only have enough for seven sets. I’ll come look for you again after I gather enough later on.”

Su Zimo replied calmly, “That’s enough.”


The bearded man asked instinctively in a daze, not understanding what Su Zimo meant.

Su Zimo smiled. “Give me that seven sets of materials, that’s enough. Tell me about the specifications of the spirit weapon you want to refine.”

The bearded man fell silent as thoughts filled his mind.

Seven sets of materials were enough?

Wasn’t he supposed to prepare 30 sets?

Given another Weapon Refinement Master, seven sets of materials might not even be enough to refine a superior-grade spirit weapon, but this person could refine supreme-grade spirit weapons with it?

Su Zimo’s casualness in replying had instead caused the bearded man to feel suspicious.

After hesitating for a while, the bearded man took a deep breath and decided to place his trust in Su Zimo.

He took out seven storage bags from his storage bag with seven sets of materials within them and passed everything to Su Zimo.

Su Zimo smiled and nodded.

The bearded man repeated his specifications again and asked, “May I know when I can come to collect the supreme-grade spirit weapon, Mr. Mo?”


Su Zimo said as he turned towards his secret chamber for weapon refinement with the seven storage bags.

“Morning? Which morning?”

The bearded man asked again hurriedly, stunned.

“I’m going to refine it now and it’ll be done by morning.”

After saying that, Su Zimo vanished into his secret chamber for weapon refinement, leaving a dumbstricken bearded man with a lost expression.

He took a long time to snap to his senses. Turning around, he looked at Nian Qi in disbelief and asked, “The morning that Mr. Mo mentioned is this morning?”

“That’s right.”

Nian Qi nodded. “You can wait here for six hours. It should be around that long.”

“Six hours is enough for him to refine a supreme-grade spirit weapon?”

“There’s no need for him to enter inedia for three days while bathing in incense to adjust his state and pray to the heavens?”

“Isn’t that too perfunctory?”

The bearded man rambled a bunch of questions in a single breath, rendering Nian Qi speechless and stunned.

Seeing that the little girl was also confused, the bearded man said in a deep voice, “Everything else aside, what if Mr. Mo fails in spirit gathering…”

Nian Qi replied, “Our young master never fails.”

The bearded man: “…”

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