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Chapter 266: Bearded Man


A deafening noise echoed.

Two long spears appeared in Meng Han’s hands and slammed heavily into the ground, causing the stone slabs to crack while sand and gravel flew everywhere.

He missed!

Looking at the huge pit that he had just smashed out in front of him, Meng Han was slightly dazed.

He maintained his original position, bent over with fists clenching air as if he was grabbing two long spears motionlessly.

He had lost.

Meng Han’s gaze dimmed gradually.

He had two breaths of time left. While Meng Han still had strength to attempt a final blow, there was a deep sense of helplessness in his heart.

That was because he knew that he could not kill Su Zimo within those two breaths!


A glimmer of light shone in the eyes of Meng Han’s lowered head that disappeared quickly.

In the eyes of Su Zimo, Nian Qi and Night Spirit, Meng Han was like a old man who had lost his soul, standing where he was rooted at a loss.

It was a rare opportunity!

Night Spirit’s gaze was dark. Just as it was about to seize the opportunity to pounce and bite Meng Han to death, it was suddenly stopped by Su Zimo’s gaze!

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It understood the stern warning in Su Zimo’s eyes and did not behave recklessly.

Not far away, the sound of clothes fluttering could be heard clearly.

The person arriving was speeding over in lightning speed with a tremendous aura.

The capital’s guards were about to arrive as well. Furthermore, that person should be a Golden Core too!

With his body hunched, Meng Han raised his head. His gaze was cloudy and dull, as if he had aged immensely in a single instant and the aura of twilight emanating from him intensified.

“You’ve won.”

He looked at Su Zimo quietly with a hint of exasperation in his tone as he gave a self-deprecating smile.

Su Zimo tilted his head slightly and glanced askance at Meng Han silently. He did not say anything and merely gave a faint smile.

“Since my fate is already decided, kill me, Mo Ling.”

Meng Han sighed deeply and closed his eyes, as if he had completely given up on resisting.

Suddenly, Su Zimo laughed and asked, “You must be wishing really hard for me to rush up so that you can self-destruct your Golden Core conveniently, right?”

Upon hearing that, Meng Han opened his eyes suddenly. He had a ferocious gaze and menacing expression, revealing his final claws.

Self-destructing his Golden Core was his final trump card.

Meng Han knew that given Su Zimo’s alertness and nimbleness, even if he used all his strength, he would not be able to get close to Su Zimo within two breaths of time.

Therefore, he made a final gambit and put on a desperate stance, hoping to lure Su Zimo into the trap.

It was a pity that Su Zimo saw right through it.

It was a complete defeat!

Right from the beginning, he and Liang Qiu had never had the upper hand. They were being led by the nose by this Mo Ling guy, a Weapon Refinement Master and a mere Foundation Establishment Cultivator!

Meng Han gritted his teeth as his embarrassment turned into anger. With a deep growl, he lunged towards Su Zimo.

At the same time, the Golden Core in Meng Han’s dantian churned and expanded continuously, emitting a horrifying aura as it was about to reach its critical point soon!

Destructing their Golden Cores was a difficult choice to make for most Golden Cores.

However, Meng Han did not hesitate.

That was because his fate was already decided.

His lifespan was almost up. Even if he was not killed by the capital guards that were soon arriving, he would not survive for more than three years.

The moment Meng Han made his strange movements, Su Zimo had already retreated a distance away. He was speeding along, ensuring that he maintained a sufficient distance between him and Meng Han.

“How dare you, ruffian!”

Right then, a middle-aged man in green armor flew over, roaring loudly across the night skies.

He wielded a massive hammer with both hands while his face was dark and bearded. His voice was rough and sounded a little deafening.

“Get lost!”

The bearded man blocked Meng Han’s path, glaring with widened eyes as large as copper bells. After hollering, he actually flung his hammer over!


The hammer slammed heavily against Meng Han’s chest!


Meng Han’s chest caved in deeply as his face turned pale. Instantly, he was knocked flying like a broken kite.

His figure hovered in midair and suddenly, the energy fluctuations in his body stopped and released in an instant!


The Golden Core exploded, emitting a destructive force that rippled in all directions!

A Golden Core formed the essence of a cultivator’s cultivation base.

The self-destruction of a Golden Core was equivalent to one releasing their entire lifetime’s worth of cultivation back into the universe – how terrifying was the might of that?

Even though Su Zimo was far away and was not in danger, he could still sense the terrifying aura that was emitted the moment the Golden Core self-destructed.

Under that sort of power, the first person to be destroyed was none other than Meng Han himself.

Instantly, his body evaporated into a bloodied mist with no corpse left!

Right after, the gigantic hammer was repelled by the power in the same direction it came from, except it was now much faster and stronger!

The eyes of the bearded man lit up as he heaved in a deep breath. Picking up another gigantic hammer, he struck the incoming hammer squarely.


The two hammers collided!

A piercing sound erupted.

The bloodline of the bearded man surged as the muscles on his arms bulged up with veins that were like little snakes sticking to the surface of his skin. He had actually managed to receive the incoming hammer without staggering backwards with pure brute force!

Su Zimo nodded to himself.

This meant that the bearded man’s strength was far beyond Meng Han’s!

Furthermore, the methods of the bearded man clearly indicated that he was a Golden Core well-versed in body tempering techniques as well.

With a scoop, the bearded man received the hammer with his right hand and placed it into his storage bag.

Surveying his surroundings, he frowned at the sight of the messy courtyard.

Su Zimo walked over and cupped his fists. “Thank you for reaching in time and for saving me, sir.”

“It’s what I should do, it’s nothing much.”

The bearded man waved it off casually before cupping his fists back with a strong momentum. “I’m the commander of the Azure Falcon guards, Mu Dongqing. Greetings, Mr. Mo.”

Every action of the bearded man was sturdy and he wore his feelings on his sleeves – Su Zimo had a good impression of this man already.

Looking around, the bearded man’s gaze landed on Liang Qiu’s corpse.

Liang Qiu was already beaten beyond recognition by Su Zimo and his original appearance was completely unrecognizable by now.

Squatting down, the bearded man searched Liang Qiu’s body from head to toe but to no avail. He took down the latter’s storage bag and opened it before shaking his head.

The bearded man said, “That man earlier self-destructed without a corpse while this person has nothing on him. His storage bag is also filled with useless items and there’s nothing to prove his identity.”

Su Zimo smiled without replying.

This assassination attempt that made use of two Golden Cores nearing the end of their lifespans was clearly the result of meticulous planning.

Since the other party chose to conduct the assassination in the capital of Great Zhou, they must have made preparations to conceal their identities even if they failed.

However, the only place in the entire capital that bore enmity or even killing intent towards him and even had the capabilities to deploy two Golden Cores was there…

True Fire Weapon Workshop!




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