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Chapter 263: Perilous Situation

In Liang Qiu and Meng Han’s eyes, Su Zimo was standing not far away, seemingly within reach.

But in reality, there were dozens of Grade 2 formations standing between them.

A year ago, on the night when Night Spirit killed the Shadow Rat, Su Zimo had already realized that someone in the capital wanted his life!

In fact, there might even be Golden Cores sent to assassinate him in the future!

The gap between Foundation Establishment and Golden Core realm was way too great.

Even if Su Zimo was both an immortal and demon cultivator, he would not be able to face a Golden Core head on with the full release of his power of blood qi.

Once a Golden Core arrives, Su Zimo would definitely die!

However, this was the capital of Great Zhou after all.

What Su Zimo wanted to do was not to confront the Golden Cores head on, but to stall for time!

As long as he could last for the short period of time and wait for the capital guards to arrive, the assassination attempt by the Golden Cores would be for naught!

For this day, Su Zimo set up many Grade 2 formations outside, linked and interconnected. Even if the people caught were Golden Cores, they would not be able to dispel the formations in a short period of time.

There were dozens of illusion, trapping and killing formations combined together. While they were all Grade 2 formations, those were the peaks of Grade 2 formations!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Liang Qiu and Meng Han continued to release their spirit arts. Light shone in the night skies as the sounds of array formations shattering rang out.

In the blink of an eye, another two breaths had passed.

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Four breaths had passed since the two of them were exposed.

However, the two of them were still trapped in the formations, unable to charge out.


Sensing the urgency of time, Meng Han’s expression changed slightly as he coldly asked, “Just how many formations did this person set up?”

Both of them had destroyed at least ten formations within two breaths of time but they were still not out of the area!

If this continued, they would die within the formations without even seeing Su Zimo himself.

Liang Qiu took out a talisman from his storage bag and injected spirit energy into it with a vicious glint in his eyes.


The talisman floated in midair as three dazzling spirit patterns sparkled on it, exuding a domineeringly strong force that intensified!

A Grade 3 talisman!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

The aura emitted by that Grade 3 talisman was more terrifying than Liang Qiu and Meng Han’s combined attacks!

Even his body would be penetrated instantly if he was struck by the power of that talisman directly.

The talisman was crushed.


With a deafening boom, the ground in Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop shook vigorously.

The stone slabs cracked, the earth rumbled and the house shook like it could collapse at any moment as dust clouds puffed all over.

The core of the shattered talisman let out a bedazzling light akin to the sun descending as a destructive force rippled in all directions!

Initially, there were around thirty odd Grade 2 formations left surrounding Liang Qiu and Meng Han.

Since they did not know anything about formations, they had to rely on brute force to break through the formations and ten breaths was sufficient for them to deal with everything.

However, even if they could dispel the formations, they mission would be a failure.

Time was of the essence.

Therefore, Liang Qiu had no choice but to take out that Grade 3 talisman.

That was his most powerful offensive technique and he had traded for it with almost all his life savings – that was also his final trump card.

After the talisman was shattered, the terrifying strength demolished all the thirty odd Grade 2 formations in an instant.

There were still five breaths of time left.

The moment the formations were shattered, Night Spirit moved.

A black shadow darted by, indistinguishable to the naked eye under the guise of the night and arriving almost instantaneously in front of Liang Qiu.

Ten sharp claws silently reached out from the gaps of the palm. Long, sharp and slightly curved, they were like ten huge hooks that shone with a cold glint!

It would be almost impossible for one to break free if they were struck with claws like that!

Night Spirit’s pair of front claws grabbed Liang Qiu’s shoulders while its rear claws struck Liang Qiu’s ribs. At the same time, it opened its mouth and bit at Liang Qiu’s neck viciously.

While it was a simple movement, it had almost rendered Liang Qiu’s entire body sealed!

Once his shoulders were locked, it was equivalent to his arms being crippled. The rear claws that pierced the ribs not only penetrated Liang Qiu’s organs, Night Spirit could even change stances to counter Liang Qiu’s legs at any moment.

It was not over yet.

Night Spirit’s spear-like tail shimmered with a dark light and was already stabbing towards Liang Qiu’s dantian in silence!

Every single Golden Core Perfected Being’s strongest method was to self-destruct their Golden Cores.

The self-destruction of a Golden Core would instantly release a terrifying power that could even kill cultivators of the same level!

Of course, once they chose that option, the self-destructing Golden Core would definitely perish with nothing remaining.

Therefore, no Golden Cores would choose to self-destruct until the very last moment.

In fact, many Golden Cores would choose not to self-destruct even until the moment they died.

Not everyone had the courage to self-destruct.

By piercing Liang Qiu’s dantian with its tail, Night Spirit was ensuring that Liang Qiu would not even have the chance to self-destruct!

He had no way of retreating!

Night Spirit’s attack was perfect and flawless – every single detail pushed the limits of killing!

Such brilliant techniques were usually honed through countless bloodshed and battles where one experienced close shaves with death.

However, Night Spirit was an exception.

No one taught it those things.

It was as if everything was infused in his bones and were deeply rooted; an innate ability that was inherited from his bloodline.

Liang Qiu could tell of the lethality in Night Spirit’s killing attack and was alarmed as an uncontrollable trace of panic flashed past his eyes.

However, he was a Golden Core after all!

Furthermore, he was a Golden Core that had lived for almost 500 years! He had seen and experienced far too many battles in his lifetime!

With a speed inferior to Night Spirit’s, if Liang Qiu chose to dodge instinctively at this moment, he was bound to die!

He repressed the panic in his heart and touched his storage bag with a calm expression. Instantly, a protection talisman appeared in his hand that he crushed.


A barrier appeared on Liang Qiu’s body that illuminated extremely brightly and burst forth with a shocking amount of energy.

Almost all of Night Spirit’s killing moves were deflected by the protection talisman.

At the same time, Night Spirit’s body was repelled by the power of the protection talisman.

Liang Qiu broke out in cold sweat.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The light barrier cracked and dimmed.

Even though he was unharmed, Night Spirit’s attack had cost him a Grade 3 protection talisman just like that!

However, the Grade 3 talisman extended Liang Qiu’s life, allowing him to catch his breath.

“B*stard, how dare you!”

Liang Qiu was furious as he activated his Golden Core, causing pure spirit energy to channel from it. Conjuring a seal with his left hand, he waved his right hand and pierced at Night Spirit’s head with an immense sword qi.

The moment Night Spirit missed its attack, it had already realized that things were not looking good.


A cold light flashed. Because the distance between them was too close, coupled with the fact that Liang Qiu had expended all his might in a moment of anger, the flying sword appeared almost instantly!

Night Spirit turned its head with all its might, avoiding lethal damage as a stream of blood shone.

A wound deep enough to reveal bones appeared on Night Spirit’s cheek as blood dripped everywhere.

In fact, given Liang Qiu’s strength as a Golden Core, even if Night Spirit had avoided damage to its vital points, the sword qi from the flying sword should have been enough to slice Night Spirit’s head into half!

However, the pitch-black scales on Night Spirit’s cheek blocked most of the damage from the sword qi, allowing it to survive.

In just a single exchange of blows, things were already in a perilous situation!

If either the man or the beast had dealt with things wrongly with any bit of hesitation, one party would have died on the spot!




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