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Chapter 264: Killing Golden Cores

No matter what, the difference in strength between both sides was obvious.

Night Spirit was still in its childhood phase and could only be considered as a Foundation Establishment spirit demon.

Even though Liang Qiu was an old man past his prime, he was still a Golden Core after all!

Furthermore, the flying sword was only his first attack.

The moment he struck with the sword, Liang Qiu conjured a spirit seal with his left hand, forming a huge fire spear. It emitted an extremely scorching heat that burned the surrounding air, producing crackling sounds!

“B*stard, die!”

Liang Qiu let out a roar and revealed a sinister smile.

The distance between the two was extremely close. In addition, Night Spirit had just avoided Liang Qiu’s flying sword and its body was still hovering in midair, dealing with the resultant force. Therefore, it was incapable of dodging the new attack at all.

Once it was hit by the spirit art of a Golden Core, even with its pitch-black scales as protection, Night Spirit would probably suffer a serious injury!

That was the essence of melee combat – extremely dangerous, victory was often determined in a single instance!

With the stark change of circumstances, Night Spirit’s attack that missed caused it to lose the initiative and end up falling into a huge crisis!

On the other end, Meng Han began attacking Su Zimo as well.

Pshew! Pshew!

The sound of sharp blades tearing through the air was piercing and chilling.

Streaking through the night skies, the two sword beams arrived before Su Zimo almost in the blink of an eye!

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Meng Han did not underestimate Su Zimo just because the latter was a Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

He was using his full might even as a lion that was fighting against a rabbit!

The two flying swords arrived one after another, trapping Su Zimo in the middle and cutting off his retreat route.

After the formations were dispelled, Su Zimo and Night Spirit were completely revealed before the two Golden Cores without any chance of getting through things with luck.

If they wanted to survive, they had to rely on their abilities!

When Meng Han struck, Su Zimo did not view the attack with his eyes.

That was because he knew that Golden Cores were too fast – by the time he saw the flying swords approach, it would be too late for him to dodge.

Su Zimo was relying on spirit perception entirely!

The cicada senses autumn coming before the wind even starts to blow.

The moment Meng Han’s two flying swords struck out, Su Zimo lowered his body and sprawled on the ground instantly. Using his limbs, he charged forward in an extremely fast speed like an agile python!

Meng Han frowned when the flying swords missed.

Clearly, he had not expected that Su Zimo would have such a move.

Su Zimo stuck close to the ground and traveled with a calm expression, emitting a profound light in his eyes as if he was targeting a prey!

Almost at the same time.

On the other side of the battlefield, a huge fire spear was about to leave Liang Qiu’s fingertips. However, Night Spirit’s eyes were pitch-black and cold without the slightest bit of panic at all.

A strange ripple suddenly appeared in the void between the beast and the man.


It was as if something had cut through the night sky and stabbed in reverse!

That was Night Spirit’s tail.


The sound of a sharp weapon piercing flesh could be heard as the razor spike on Night Spirit’s tail penetrated Liang Qiu’s extended arm!


Liang Qiu could not help but yelp upon receiving such a serious injury; his arm trembled and the spirit energy that was gathered on his fingertips nearly dissipated.

Although the fire spear was shot with all its might, its strength was considerably weaker.


As Liang Qiu had expected, Night Spirit did not have the energy to dodge the incoming fire spear and was struck right in the chest.

However, due to the weakened strength of the fire spear, Night Spirit merely rolled on the ground once before getting up. It bore a ferocious gaze and a bloodthirsty aura emanated from its body.

Liang Qiu had not expected for the situation to change the moment they exchanged blows. Night Spirit’s gambit at death’s door had not only managed to avert its crisis, but injured him instead!

That was a talent for combat!

By making use of its immense combat talent, Night Spirit forcefully reversed its terrible situation and even gained an advantage against a Golden Core.

Before Liang Qiu could take a breath, another suffocating killing intent hit him.

A black shadow suddenly stood from the ground and approached.


With a loud shout, Su Zimo swung his arm and drew a huge arc in the air. Using his fist like a seal, it descended from the sky and erupted the air instantly with a deafening boom!

Time seemed to have stopped.

In that instant, Liang Qiu’s pupils constricted as his heart stopped beating.

In just a few breaths’ time, the shocks that Liang Qiu received were truly too much.

Night Spirit was only one of them.

The green-robed cultivator named Mo Ling was even more so!

Liang Qiu had truly not expected that instead of choosing to flee in the face of a combined assault from two Golden Cores, the mere Foundation Establishment Cultivator chose to retaliate against a Golden Core!

What sort of courage was that?

Furthermore, Su Zimo’s timing for his attack was perfect.

Liang Qiu’s protection talisman was shattered, his left arm was injured, he had yet to retrieve his flying sword and his spirit energy had not recuperated after releasing his spirit art – this was when he was at his weakest!

Against Su Zimo’s incoming fist, Liang Qiu did not have any way of defending and could only raise his right arm instinctively to block. At the same time, he retreated continuously.


Liang Qiu’s arm collided against Su Zimo’s fist and produced a massive sound of defeat.


Right after, the wincing sound of bones cracking could be heard!

Liang Qiu could see that his forearm was completely snapped, twisted into an extremely strange state!

Opening his mouth, he was about to yell when an even more terrifying aura of death lunged at him, swallowing his voice whole!

That gigantic seal that snapped his arm did not stop at all and continued smashing towards his head without its strength diminishing much.

If he was struck, Liang Qiu’s head would explode on the spot!


One of Meng Han’s flying swords was embroiled in battle with Night Spirit. At the same time, his other flying sword sped and pierced towards the back of Su Zimo’s head.

If Su Zimo chose to dodge, Liang Qiu would definitely be able to seize the opportunity to escape this predicament given the latter’s cultivation realm.

If Su Zimo chose to ignore it, while he could definitely kill Liang Qiu, his head would be pierced and he would die immediately!

In a flash, Su Zimo did not hesitate as his eyes flickered and he retracted his right hand that had transformed into a gigantic seal expressionlessly.

Liang Qiu let out a long breath of air. Drenched in sweat, he retreated abruptly as if he had just brushed through the gates of hell.

Without turning back, Su Zimo spread his right hand behind his head as though he wanted to defend against the beam of the flying sword with his bare hands!

When they saw that, Meng Han and Liang Qiu were both stunned.

No matter how strong Mo Ling’s body was, there was no way he could defend against a superior-grade flying sword of a Golden Core – what was that action of his for?

Had Mo Ling gone stupid?


The flying sword pierced Su Zimo’s right palm and blood flowed out. However, the sound of metal clashing could be heard!

The flying sword did not manage to penetrate Su Zimo’s right palm completely!


Meng Han’s expression changed starkly.

How was that possible?

Even though he managed to block the attack, the massive power of the flying sword caused Su Zimo to grunt still as the flesh on his arm exploded into a bloody mist.

Using that force, Su Zimo took a step forward with the momentum and appeared before Liang Qiu instantaneously!

Liang Qiu had just relaxed and had yet to take a breath when his heart sank once more.

“Not good!”

Against Su Zimo’s gaze, Liang Qiu was petrified.

How was that the gaze of a human?

That gaze clearly wanted to devour humans instead!

Su Zimo stretched his left arm. His bones and tendons rang at the same time while his arm expanded like a massive snake before coiling around Liang Qiu’s head!

Liang Qiu’s head spun around his neck and was almost twisted off. By the time it stopped moving, his face was already unrecognizable!

Liang Qiu died on the spot.

A Golden Core had died!



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