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Chapter 255: Abnormal

While Su Zimo took out the Mystic Gold Silk Armor with a single hand in a relaxed manner such that it seemed light, that inner vest weighed a full 5 tons!

Back then, Su Zimo could only lift the Mystic Gold Silk Armor after he was at lesser mastery of the Marrow Cleansing section.

But now, a little girl around 15 years old was able to do it?

The way Su Zimo looked at Nian Qi changed gradually.

This was no longer mere strength.

Based on the way Nian Qi exerted her strength, if she were to learn some fighting techniques, she could even kill early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

Su Zimo’s first thought was that Nian Qi must have cultivated some sort of powerful body tempering technique.

But right after, he denied that guess.

All the body tempering techniques of the human race were built on the foundation of one possessing a spirit root and cultivating spirit qi.

However, there was no trace of spirit qi in Nian Qi’s body at all.

“Strange. Could there truly be people born with such godly strength?”

Su Zimo was puzzled.

After some thought, Su Zimo took out a thin book from his storage bag and passed it over to Nian Qi. “This is a Qi Condensation Manual. Try to cultivate with it. If you have anything you’re unsure of, feel free to ask me at any time.”

Even though Nian Qi did not have a spirit root, Su Zimo wanted her to give it a shot still.

Nian Qi nodded.

Rising, Su Zimo hung the wooden board with the words ‘Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop’ above the beam of his entrance.

“Sir, if you need anything, just instruct me.”

Nian Qi was very sensible and did not want to stay for free like a leech – she wanted to contribute as well.

Noticing Nian Qi’s intentions, Su Zimo pondered for a moment. “Greet any customers that come and let me know about their demands.”

“What about the price?” Nian Qi asked.

“For now, we’re only taking orders for customized spirit weapons. The price is 3,000 middle-grade spirit stones and one set of materials.”


Nian Qi’s eyes widened.

After staying in the capital for so long, she was very familiar with Yongxing City.

The price that Su Zimo set was the lowest for middle-grade spirit weapons.

Most importantly, he only required one set of materials.

Normally, one would have to prepare three sets of materials for middle-grade spirit weapons; some weapon workshops even asked for four!

Just as the disciples of True Fire Sect mentioned, no Qi Refinement Warrior could guarantee a 100% success rate of spirit gathering. That was why True Fire Weapon Workshop required three sets of materials from the customers themselves just in case.

For superior-grade spirit weapons, the failure rate was even higher so customers would have to prepare ten sets.

However, Su Zimo did not have to worry about those things.

That was because the most difficult step of weapon refinement, spirit gathering, was nothing to him at all.

With his spirit perception, Su Zimo could achieve a 100% success rate in spirit gathering!

Right now, the only obstacle Su Zimo had was in terms of weapon tempering.

How to purge away more impurities such that the spirit weapons could be sturdier and withstand more spirit patterns – that was what Su Zimo needed to practice.

“Sir, even though I don’t know about weapon refinement, I’ve heard that it’s impossible to achieve a 100% success rate. If you only collect one set of materials and you fail, we’ll have to purchase the materials on our own thereafter. That’s a waste of time and effort and a loss for us.”

Nian Qi persuaded Su Zimo warily.

“It’s fine, just do as I say,” Su Zimo smiled.

In the following month, everything about Su Zimo began to get on track.

From morning till noon, Su Zimo cultivated Ethereal Foundation Establishment to raise his cultivation realm.

After that battle at Dongling Valley and a long journey to escape, Su Zimo’s cultivation realm had started to shift and within half a year, he would be able to reach late-stage Foundation Establishment!

In the afternoon, his entire focus was on weapon refinement.

Recalling the projection image of Dao Lord Extreme Fire, he would look through the ancient tempering manual while refining weapons to try and apply his learning.

Su Zimo was already able to refine inferior-grade spirit weapons to begin with. After a month, he made swift breakthroughs at the step of tempering and he was able to refine middle-grade spirit weapons!

However, he still required more practice to remove further impurities if he wanted to forge superior-grade spirit weapons with three spirit patterns.

That was completely based on hard work and repeated practice – there were no shortcuts available.

At night, Su Zimo cultivated The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, trying his best to absorb the essence energy of the dragon egg into his body completely.

It was the same for Night Spirit.

Even though it seemed like it was lying on Su Zimo’s feet motionlessly, it was actually trying its best to absorb the essence energy of the dragon egg.

Night Spirit’s body was growing rapidly at a pace clearly faster than before!

A month later, Su Zimo could no longer contain it in his embrace.

The surface of Night Spirit’s body became rougher and black, tough protective armor began to grow on its body like the scales of the divine dragon!

An extremely sharp spike grew out of the tip of Night Spirit’s tail that was not weaker than its claws!

Night Spirit seemed to turn even more extraordinary, emitting a ferocious glint in its eyes from time to time such that even Su Zimo would feel a chill from it.

During this period of time, Nian Qi was the one who experienced the greatest changes!

After cultivating the Qi Condensation Manual, she could truly sense spirit qi!

In less than two hours, Nian Qi was already at Level 1 Qi Condensation!

That speed was even comparable to Su Zimo in the past.

Innate godly strength and the ability to sense spirit qi without a spirit root… everything about Nian Qi was mysterious and inexplicable.

For the month since the weapon workshop opened, no cultivators visited at all and Nian Qi was extremely worried.

However, Su Zimo was nonchalant about it, continuing with his weapon refinement, immortality and demonic cultivation on a daily basis.

This day, there was a knock on the entrance of the residence for the first time.

Su Zimo opened his eyes and heaved a sigh of relief.

While he appeared calm on the surface for the past month, he was a little anxious internally.

There weren’t many spirit stones left in his storage bag. If there were still no customers, he would not be able to sustain his expenditure of spirit stones for his daily cultivation.

Nian Qi had already dashed out excitedly. Opening the door, she smiled. “Welcome to Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop. Fellow Daoist, please enter.”

To begin with, Nian Qi was already extremely beautiful. Now that she was smiling sweetly, it was even more captivating.

The person at the door was dumbfounded for a moment.

Blinking her eyes, Nian Qi probed, “Fellow Daoist, are you here to customize a spirit weapon?”


The person at the door regained his senses gradually. He lowered his head and frowned, opening his palm to divine while muttering, “Could I have gone to the wrong place? Why is it a girl?”

Right then, Su Zimo came out of his room. When he saw the person at the entrance, he could not help but feel disappointed.

The visitor was dressed in gray robes and was slightly rotund. With a pale, beardless fan and a folding fan in his hands, the visitor was not a customer for customizing spirit weapons – it was Lin Xuanji.

“Nian Qi, come on back.”

Su Zimo said.

Upon hearing Su Zimo’s voice, Lin Xuanji’s eyes lit up as he strode into the house while greeting warmly, “Brother Zimo, it’s been a long time!”

Su Zimo felt a chill run down his spine.

Prior to this, Lin Xuanji wanted to tear him apart – since when did he become so friendly?!

There must be something going on when things occur out of the ordinary!




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