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Chapter 256: Bitten to Death

After Lin Xuanji entered the courtyard, a black shadow flashed behind him.

A menacing-looking demon beast stood at the entrance of the residence. With bloodshot eyes, its entire body was covered in long, black fur and its limbs were strong. Tall and mighty, it exuded a savage and ferocious aura!

A Foundation Establishment spirit demon, an ancient remnant beast, Bane Spirit Hound!

The Bane Spirit Hound was extremely vicious and anyone targeted by it would mostly be hunted to a life and death situation.

Even in the ancient era, there were few demon beasts and cultivators who were willing to provoke it.

The sudden sight of such a demon beast had Nian Qi exclaiming as she stumbled back instinctively.


Her reaction attracted the attention of the Bane Spirit Hound.

It stuck its head out and glared at Nian Qi with its bloodshot eyes, opening its mouth slightly as it snarled deeply.

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

Night Spirit, who was initially lying by Su Zimo’s feet, opened its eyes and took a cold glance at the Bane Spirit Hound before closing its eyes to rest.

Lin Xuanji turned his head and hollered.

The Bane Spirit Hound calmed down gradually.

With a light cough, Lin Xuanji said, “This is a spirit demon I just found. Not bad, huh?”

Su Zimo smiled but did not say anything.

“This girl is not bad either. Your name is Nian Qi, right?” Lin Xuanji pointed at Nian Qi who was behind Su Zimo and continued.

Su Zimo remained silent, looking at Lin Xuanji with a faint smile.

Lin Xuanji clearly wanted something but was beating around the bush.

A while later, Lin Xuanji finally couldn’t take it anymore and revealed his intentions, looking at Night Spirit and saying under a pretense of surprise, “My, Night Spirit has grown so much! I almost couldn’t recognize it!”

Su Zimo smiled. “Brother Lin, if you have anything, you can get right to the point.”

“It’s nothing much as well. Look at how much Night Spirit has grown. I’m just here to find a playmate for him,” Lin Xuanji beckoned to the Bane Spirit Hound behind him. “See, my spirit demon has quite an extraordinary demeanor. It’s a female as well, what a good fit for Night Spirit!”

When Nian Qi heard that, she blushed and spat softly.

Su Zimo finally understood what Lin Xuanji was up to.

He was trying to get Night Spirit by making use of lust this time round…

Lin Xuanji brought the Bane Spirit Hound in front of him and pointed in Night Spirit’s direction. “Go, get along with it.”

When Su Zimo saw this, he did not stop them.

Night Spirit’s body was much smaller than the Bane Spirit Hound.

The Bane Spirit Hound walked before Night Spirit and looked down, surveying Night Spirit from above. It let out a deep growl, warning Night Spirit to not behave rashly!

Following that, the Bane Spirit Hound lowered its head and sniffed Night Spirit’s body.

Right then, Night Spirit suddenly opened its eyes!

A cold light flashed.

Night Spirit stuck out a pair of sharp claws and dug it into the Bane Spirit Hound’s body. At the same time, it opened its mouth and bit the Bane Spirit Hound on the throat with lightning speed!

The courtyard suddenly fell silent.


The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

The Bane Spirit Hound’s throat was snapped by Night Spirit’s bite as fresh blood gushed out, dying the ground red.

The entire process happened too quickly.

It wasn’t just the Bane Spirit Hound – even Su Zimo and Lin Xuanji could not react in time.

The Bane Spirit Hound’s body twitched but it was powerless to react. Its eyes dimmed as its life drained away rapidly – it clearly had no chance of surviving.

This was a flawless hunt!

Night Spirit’s attack did not contain any extra movements. Clean and precise, even the timing to strike was immaculate to the dot!

That was an ancient remnant beast!

However, it was bitten to death just like that. Who could believe it unless they witnessed it personally?


Lin Xuanji jumped up.

In order to get his hands on Night Spirit, Lin Xuanji racked his brains and spent a lot of effort to get his hands on that Bane Spirit Hound.

Who would have thought that it would be bitten to death by Night Spirit the moment it entered…

At that moment, Lin Xuanji even had suicidal thoughts.

“You evil dog! I… I-I…!”

Lin Xuanji was so angry that he was shivering from head to toe, waving that folding fan as he pointed at Night Spirit’s nose and was about to curse.

Night Spirit raised its head and bit Lin Xuanji’s folding fan once more, pulling it towards the back.

Caught off guard, the folding fan nearly slipped out of Lin Xuanji’s hand.

“Hey! Y-You evil dog! Let go!”

Lin Xuanji was extremely furious.

Of all things, Night Spirit was always biting that folding fan, trying to tug it away.

Lin Xuanji could lose everything except that folding fan.

Right then, a voice sounded from the entrance of the residence.

“Excuse me, can we order customized middle-grade spirit weapons here?”

A Foundation Establishment Cultivator stood at the entrance, peeking in with his head and asking with a trace of doubt.

“Of course.”

Nian Qi reacted instantly and hurried forward. She smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist, please enter.”

Su Zimo patted Night Spirit.

It released its grip and turned to leave, no longer bothered with Lin Xuanji. Sprawling on the ground nearby, its closed its eyes lazily and cultivated.

Lin Xuanji heaved a sigh of relief.

“I couldn’t tell at all, but you even know how to refine weapons?”

Lin Xuanji glanced askance at Su Zimo.

Su Zimo smiled without replying.

Nian Qi asked, “How do we address you, fellow Daoist?”

“Tan Fei.”

“What sort of a middle-grade spirit weapon are you looking to order?” Nian Qi asked again.

Tan Fei looked a little uneasy and replied, “I don’t have much materials and I only have two sets. I wonder if…”

“It’s fine, we just need one set,” Nian Qi said with a smile.



Both Tan Fei and Lin Xuanji were stunned with agape mouths, unable to react for a moment.

“A set… a single set of materials?” Tan Fei looked at Nian Qi and asked once more, seemingly in disbelief.

Nian Qi hesitated as well, glancing over at Su Zimo.

When she saw Su Zimo nodding, she nodded her head with confidence. “That’s right, we only require one set of materials!”

“Hey, do you really know how to refine weapons?” Lin Xuanji leaned in and asked in a low voice.

Su Zimo chuckled. “Somewhat.”

“Somewhat your ass!”

Lin Xuanji pursed his lips. “From the ancient times till now, I’ve never heard of any Weapon Refinement Master who would dare to customize spirit weapons for others with just one set of materials!”

Su Zimo replied, “You’ll see it soon.”

Lin Xuanji: “…”

Tan Fei asked cautiously, “What about the price? If it’s too expensive, I can’t afford it.”

“It isn’t, it’s just 3,000 middle-grade spirit stones,” Nian Qi stated the price as Su Zimo had originally set.

“Just 3,000? No variations?” Tan Fei could not believe it.

Coughing gently, he continued, “I better state my specifications first. I want to customize a saber without a handle. The blade should be two feet long with a width two fingers wide. It should weigh around 100 kilograms…”

After saying a lot, Tan Fei took a deep breath and asked embarrassedly, “Does that still cost 3,000 middle-grade spirit stones only?”

To be fair, he had already gone to all the weapon workshops in the capital before coming here.

When they heard that he only had two sets of materials prepared, none of the weapon workshops were prepared to take his business.

Furthermore, according to his specifications, that middle-grade spirit weapon should cost at least 4,000 middle-grade spirit stones!

If not for that, Tan Fei would not have found this place otherwise.

“Just 3,000.”

Nian Qi was certain this time round, but Tan Fei was the one who was hesitant.

With just a single set of materials and at such a low price, he could not feel at ease for a deal that seemed so good.

Lin Xuanji grinned as he watched the fun, waiting for Su Zimo to make a fool of himself.




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