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Chapter 250: Gloom


Faced with the incoming scorching dragon flame, the old man remained composed and snorted coldly. With a flick of his wrist, his folding fan opened up and released an incomparably golden glow!

The old man’s folding fan seemed to have transformed into a blazing sun, emitting golden rays that were bedazzling.

In that instant, everyone watching the battle from the capital, be it cultivators or mortals, felt a sharp pain in their eyes. Their vision was drowned by the endless light and they lost their sight temporarily.

Those outside the capital that were closest to the battlefield shrieked in pain and turned their heads subconsciously. Shutting their eyes tightly, tears streamed down their faces.


The divine dragon seemed to recognize the folding fan in the old man’s hands as it let out a deep growl while looking on with a hint of caution.


The old man waved his folding fan and swiped forward.

The green dragon flame that gushed in was like a piece of silk and parted in the middle against the folding fan, dissipating to both sides!

Almost instantly, the old man arrived before the divine dragon.

The divine dragon raised its head and straightened its body, extending a pair of gigantic claws that swiped at the old man ferociously!

The old man was expressionless and he did not dodge nor avoid – he simply stretched out his arm and clenched his fist, punching towards the incoming heavenly-encompassing dragon claws.


With a deafening boom, many cultivators outside the capital could not take it and fainted on the spot.

The entire capital trembled under the might of that boom!

At the center of impact, cracks appeared in the void. Pitch black, they exuded a cold and sinister aura that was absolutely shocking!

Even the void was shattered!

The old man’s seemingly tiny body remained motionless in midair. Instead, the divine dragon was forced back a little.

After that punch, the old man’s folding fan swept forward. A piercing sound could be heard as it slashed past the divine dragon’s body like a metal against a mirror, causing one to wince.

Flashes of blood appeared.

A wisp of dragon’s blood splattered and dyed the skies red!

On the side of the dragon’s body, a huge gaping hole appeared where the dragon scales were shaved off, revealing the blood and flesh within.

The divine dragon let out a miserable cry and soared into the air, swooping above the heavens.

Holding the folding fan in one hand and his other hand placed behind his back, the old man looked at the divine dragon in the clouds calmly and did not chase after it.

It turned around and glared at the old man filled with killing intent and indignance.

However, it was clear that if it continued fighting with this old man, it could very well die here!


The divine dragon howled into the sky and soared through the clouds, speeding into the distance before disappearing into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

After the divine dragon fled, the old man closed his folding fan but did not leave immediately.

His gaze lingered on a nearby void.

Even though there was nothing there, the old man continued staring with a hint of warning in his eyes.

A long time later, he retracted his gaze and heaved a sigh of relief. Waving his sleeves, he vanished.

Within the capital, the many cultivators only realized what was going on a long time after the old man disappeared and a commotion broke out.

“Did you guys see that? That was an actual divine dragon!”

“So, an ancient life form like that really does exist in the world. I’ve lived this life with no regrets being able to see it today.”

“The aura of that divine dragon was truly way too terrifying. Even though we were so far away from it, I felt my heart palpitating like I could die at any moment!”

Many cultivators gathered excitedly and discussed.

Those cultivators, be it Foundation Establishment Cultivators or Golden Cores, may have never been able to see the appearance of a True Dragon in their entire lives.

In fact, for most of them, like Su Zimo, divine dragons were merely illusory legends that were thought up by people.

How could there be such a terrifying life form in Tianhuang Mainland?

Now that everyone saw it with their own eyes, they truly understood that the divine dragon outside the capital was far stronger than they had imagined; far more frightening than the legends had described!

“Just who was it that blocked off such a terrifying existence?”

The divine dragon was already so powerful, what sort of cultivation realm did the cultivator who blocked off the divine dragon have?

“I don’t know.”

“I couldn’t see clearly.”

Everyone shook their heads.

All of them had witnessed the massive battle clearly.

The sight of the divine dragon spiraling in midair was remembered by everyone.

However, no one had a clear recollection of the person who fought against the divine dragon.

A Golden Core said hesitantly, “That person was shrouded by a layer of fog and couldn’t be seen clearly at all. He looked like a middle-aged man.”

“Where did that divine dragon come from? Why is it here?”

“I’m not sure.”

“I’ve got a feeling that something bad is about to happen in the North Region of Tianhuang Mainland.”

Even though Su Zimo was calm on the surface when he heard the discussions, his heart was thumping wildly!

No one knew better than him about the origin of that divine dragon.

That was the same dragon that he had seen in the primordial ruin!

The purpose of its visit was self-evident.

It was to kill them!

Su Zimo long knew that the moment they ate the dragon egg, he would have an irreconcilable feud with this divine dragon and the entire dragon race.

That was why he said that Night Spirit had caused big trouble.

However, Su Zimo did not expect that the divine dragon would be able to find its way here despite them making use of the Minor Transference Talisman to escape from the primordial ruin!

If not for that mysterious expert today, he and Night Spirit would most likely be dead by now.

How did it manage to find them here?

The Minor Transference Talisman made use of spatial teleportation. While a divine dragon’s power might have been able to give it a rough gauge of the direction, how did it determine with such accuracy that he and Night Spirit were within the Great Zhou’s capital?

This time round, the divine dragon was pushed back by a mysterious expert.

However, it was impossible for mysterious experts to appear around Su Zimo all the time. Heaven knew where this person came from and what he looked like or his background.

If the divine dragon were to come knocking the next time round, who was going to save him and Night Spirit?

A layer of gloom enveloped Su Zimo’s heart.

At the very center of the capital stood a majestic and grand palace. It was extremely huge and was none other than the imperial palace.

Outside the main hall stood a dense group of black-armored soldiers. Each of them was a Foundation Establishment Cultivator and there were ten thousand of them, all kneeling on one knee in a neat formation with clear discipline.

At the entrance of the main hall stood a middle-aged man in a yellow robe. His face was sharp as a knife and his eyes shone with a fiery light, emanating a stern sense of authority with his expression.

The yellow-robed man’s bronze skin added an iron and murderous look to his face!

This man was the emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty. In charge of thousands of kilometers of territory, the man who ruled over all vassal states under his thumb!

The yellow-robed man asked, “What do you think?”

“Emperor, that person’s methods are unparalleled. He should be one of the top existences in Tianhuang Mainland, not someone from the Great Zhou Dynasty.”

A Golden Core behind the yellow-robed man said slowly.

“Perfected Lord Ming Ze, did you manage to catch the appearance of that expert?” The yellow-robed man glanced sideways and asked, nodding.

Being referred to as a Perfected Lord meant that this person was already in a Nascent Soul realm!

“I didn’t manage to catch it either.”

Perfected Lord Ming Ze shook his head. “Since he refuses to expose his identity, it’s best for us to not investigate it further lest we provoke him and get ourselves killed.”


The yellow-robed man nodded, gazing into the distance as he murmured, “The appearance of the dragon race. Does it mean that the world is truly about to descend into chaos?”




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