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Chapter 249: Chase

Seeing the strange look on the old man’s face, Lin Xuanji could not help but ask, “What happened, old man?”

“You said that the three of you ate that dragon’s egg?” The old man was expressionless as he asked instead.

Stunned for a moment, Lin Xuanji shook his head hurriedly. “I only ate a little bit of egg juice. It was almost entirely eaten by that man and beast. Both of them ate so much that their mouths spewed with light and they could barely hold it in!”

“Eat a little?”

The old man sneered, “Even if you only ate a single drop of it, you can dream about getting away scot-free! Do you think that it’s so easy to eat a dragon’s egg? That you can just wipe your ass and leave after eating it?”

“Old man, what do you mean? Don’t scare me.”

“A dragon has come knocking.”


“Stay here and don’t leave the city!”

Right after saying that, the old man transformed into a beam of light and disappeared from where he was.

Outside the city, a woman clad in green armor headed for the city gate. She was tall and exuded a cold aura, bearing a frosty expression with killing intent hidden in her eyes.

Her armor was extremely unique, as if green fish scales were pieced together seamlessly.

The closer to the city gate, the more people there were.

Even as she approached, the woman did not show any signs of slowing down as she squeezed through the crowd straight towards the city gate.

“Why are you squeezing? Do you want to die?”

A Foundation Establishment Cultivator ahead spun around suddenly and glared at the green armored woman. He placed his hand on his storage bag in a threatening manner.

Other than some special areas, fighting within the capital was forbidden.

However, since this was outside the capital after all, the guards would not care even if a fight truly broke out here.

Against the threat of the Foundation Establishment Cultivator, the green armored woman was expressionless as she continued walking forth. In fact, she did not even pause in her footsteps at all.

The Foundation Establishment Cultivator frowned. Using the Spirit Peering Art, he sized the green armored woman up and realized that there were no traces of spirit qi at all.

Most importantly, the green armored woman did not carry a storage bag with her – this implied that she was a mere mortal!

“You’re asking for death!”

Confident, the Foundation Establishment Cultivator cursed and withdrew a flying sword from his storage bag, injecting spirit energy into it.


Two spirit patterns shone on the sword.

A middle-grade flying sword!


The Foundation Establishment Cultivator hollered as the flying sword stabbed towards the glabella of the green armored woman.

The crowd had long dispersed, afraid that they would be implicated.

Ignoring the incoming flying sword, the green armored woman continued forward.

The Foundation Establishment Cultivator opposite sneered internally as a vicious look flashed in his eyes.


When the flying sword stabbed the green armored woman’s glabella, it was repelled and the sound of metal clashing was produced!

The expression of the Foundation Establishment Cultivator changed.

The crowd was also dumbfounded.

A middle-grade flying sword could not even scratch that person’s body?

What was that person’s cultivation realm exactly?

By now, the green armored woman already came close. Suddenly, she stretched her arm and extended a slender finger, tapping gently on the head of the Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

Even though he could see the green armored woman’s finger coming for him, the Foundation Establishment Cultivator felt like he could not move or dodge no matter what.


There was a crisp sound.

The green armored woman retracted her hand and a hole appeared on the Foundation Establishment Cultivator’s head as blood gushed out.

With his gaze dimming, the person fell to the ground with a thud and died on the spot!

When they saw that, the crowd fell into an uproar.

The guards standing at the city gate merely intended to watch the fun. But now, they were extremely tense as though they were facing a formidable enemy.

While the guards did not have high cultivation realms, they had come across all sorts of people standing guard all year round.

They could sense an extremely dangerous aura coming from that green armored woman!

“Visitor, stop and report your name. What sect and country are you from?” A guard yelled.

The green armored woman was expressionless and continued walking ahead.

It was as though nothing and nobody in this world could stop her from proceeding.


The expressions of the guards changed as they withdrew their flying swords from their storage bags, prepared to fight.

“Fellow Daoist, you’ve crossed the line.”

Suddenly, a voice rang out.

The guards felt their vision blur as an old man in long robs suddenly appeared in front of them.

Strange enough, after the old man appeared, the green armored woman stopped in her tracks and a hint of cautiousness flashed through her eyes.

The old man said calmly, “Go back.”

“You want to stop me?” The green armored woman spoke and narrowed her eyes, emitting an ancient and vicissitude aura like a mighty god that could not be defied.

Under the presence of that aura, everyone, be it mortals or cultivators, felt like they had to kneel on the ground and kowtow in reverence!


The green armored woman suddenly opened her mouth, letting out a shrieking roar that could pierce gold and crack rocks from the depths of her throat!

Dragon’s roar!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The people closest to the green armored woman instantly exploded into a bloody mist.

Clang! Clang!

The flying swords in the hands of the guards fell to the ground as they clutched their heads with both hands. Looking pained, their ears were starting to seep with blood!

“Bastard, how dare you behave so brazenly before me!”

The old man bellowed – his voice was clear and loud, like a great bell. It contained a mighty power that instantly broke that earth-shattering dragon’s roar.

If not for the old man’s shout, the hundreds of people outside the city would all have to die!

Everyone snapped back to their senses as they panted heavily. They felt as if they had just barely escaped death and had a lingering fear.

Unknowingly, a folding fan appeared in the hand of the old man.

With a swift movement, the old man closed in on the green armored woman and raised his folding fan, slamming it down on her head.


The green armored woman stamped on the ground, causing mud to flew as she sped backwards, avoiding the old man’s folding fan.

Remaining in midair, the green armored woman’s figure began to expand!

Right in front of everyone, a ferocious and intimidating divine dragon soared into the skies. Floating above everyone, it coiled in the skies and possessed a destructive aura.

“That’s a d-d-dragon?!”

“Heavens! Dragons really do exist!”

The many cultivators were terrified as they collapsed to the ground, speaking with trembling voices and pale faces.

Even the guards of the capital felt powerless at the moment. Against the might of the divine dragon, they could not bring themselves to resist at all!

The scales that seemed like steel had melted on them, those sharp claws and that indestructible body… every single part of the divine dragon’s body exuded danger and power!

The old man’s expression remained the same as he soared into the sky. Even though he was facing off against a divine dragon, he radiated an aura that even surpassed it!

On the surface, the old man’s body was so small that it could not even compare to a single piece of the dragon’s scale. However, he possessed an apocalyptic power that was gushing out furiously!

“If you refuse to back down, don’t blame me for being merciless and slaying you today!”

Staring coldly at the divine dragon opposite him, the old man warned.


The divine dragon opened its gigantic mouth and spewed a stream of green dragon flame, incinerating the surrounding air instantly as it charged towards the old man.




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