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Chapter 241: Taking the Blame

The roar did not last long before it disappeared.

However, an even more terrifying pressure enveloped the surroundings of the godly mountain!


There was a deafening sound.

It was as though a huge life form had descended at the top of the mountain, causing it to tremble with the risk of collapsing at any moment!

Any thoughts of escaping by now would simply be a fool’s dream.

Su Zimo looked at the gray robed cultivator. He believed that even if the latter was a Golden Core, he would not be able to escape!

Unhurriedly, the gray robed cultivator pulled out a dark rag from his storage bag.

His entire figure flickered as he walked to a corner and covered himself with the rag.

Right in front of Su Zimo’s eyes, the gray robed cultivator’s figure disappeared entirely along with his aura, as though he was one with the wall – there was no trace left at all!

If he had not seen it personally, Su Zimo would not have believed it.

It was as if the gray robed cultivator had disappeared into thin air!

However, Su Zimo knew that the gray robed cultivator was still there hiding in the corner.

While the rag may have looked inconspicuous, it could hide its tracks and even conceal its aura such that one couldn’t be discovered!

That was what the gray robed cultivator relied on.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo was the only one left in the cave. He was all alone with eggshells that were licked cleanly scattered all over the floor.

Anyone who saw this would instantly guess the truth.

Su Zimo did not have much time to think – the powerful life form on top of the godly mountain could descend at any moment!

With a swift motion, Su Zimo headed to the corner where the gray robed cultivator was hiding and stood by the side expressionlessly.

The well hidden gray robed cultivator was initially waiting to see Su Zimo make a fool out of himself but when he saw this, he was shocked.

Even though the treasure he had could hide his body and conceal his aura, it was unable to withstand the impact of any attacks.

If the life form outside were to see everything within the cave, it would definitely lose its mind and be enraged.

By then, if the life form were to launch an apocalyptic attack in Su Zimo’s direction, he would definitely be implicated as well!

Instantly, the gray robed cultivator understood Su Zimo’s intentions.

“Fuc… what a schemer!”

The gray robed cultivator cursed internally.

Even if he attacked Su Zimo, it was already too late and he would expose himself.

The gray robed cultivator wanted nothing more than to send Su Zimo flying with a kick. However, he had no choice but to spread the rag and pull Su Zimo under it as well.

Instantly, the figures and aura of both men disappeared.

Right after he did that, the godly mountain was met with a tremendous force that sent the peak of the mountain flying, exposing the cave entirely.

When the Blood Crow Palace’s Lord sensed the arrival of the terrifying aura, he realized that it was already too late to leave – doing so would only cause misunderstandings.

Fortunately, he had not entered the cave and would not have offended the life forms here.

Furthermore, according to the blood curse’s guidance, Su Zimo was hidden in this cave.

Once the life form of this primordial ruin arrived, that lad would have nowhere to run from the cave and would die for sure!

If everything went well, he would reveal his identity and the other party shouldn’t make things difficult for him.

He could then leave this place safely despite the dangerous journey it was.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

As the Palace Lord expected, a series of powerful roars could be heard right after the arrival of the terrifying aura. The deafening howls shot into the clouds and cracked all the rocks around.

A few seconds after, the primordial life form descended on the godly mountain!

Although he was mentally prepared, the pupils of the Palace Lord could not help but constrict while his heart palpitated upon seeing the primordial life form with his very eyes.

The primordial life form had yet to reveal its full appearance.

However, merely half of its body that circled the godly mountain was more than enough to envelop it almost completely!

The massive body circled around the godly mountain, hundreds of meters long and covered with green scales that shone with a cold gleam.

Clang! Clang!

Beneath that body, a pair of gigantic claws popped out. Their joints protruded and they were extremely sharp, almost piercing through the entire godly mountain when they dug into it!

The primordial life form’s horns were towering as he looked down with eyes that emitted a cold light filled with killing intent.

There was a beard on the chin of the primordial life form. When it opened its huge mouth, terrifyingly sharp teeth were revealed as thick saliva drooled from the side of the mouth of that ferocious face.


This was a true dragon!

The Palace Lord had read about the form of a dragon in the ancient records of the clan. But now that he was seeing it in real life, he was still extremely shocked.

The descriptions in the ancient records were less than one percent of what it actually was!

At best, the ancient records could only describe the appearance. However, the unique aura and dominance of a dragon was something that could not be penned down.

If Su Zimo could see this divine dragon right now, he would definitely recall something.

Before entering the primordial ruin, the gray robed cultivator had once said, “I’ve seen a True Dragon before. Even though it was just a scale and half a claw, it was shocking enough! That single scale was bigger than our entire bodies and that claw was longer and sharper than our flying swords!”

No one took those words for real.

However, looking at it now, the divine dragon’s appearance was even superior to what the gray robed cultivator had described!

Without using much strength, the divine dragon sent half of the godly mountain flying, exposing everything within the cave instantly.

The Palace Lord took a single look and blood drained from his face immediately.


The depths of the cave was in a huge mess with a gigantic dragon egg that was smashed into pieces. The liquid within disappeared and even the eggshells were licked cleanly.

But, there was nobody at all!

To be precise, there was only a single person – him.

A dragon egg was eaten by someone.

Other than the divine dragon who had just arrived, the only person left in the scene was him.

There was no way of explaining himself!

The Palace Lord was a little stunned – this was completely different from what he had imagined.

When the divine dragon caught sight of the eggshells on the floor, an endless fury and wrath surged in its eyes, almost spewing out with fire.

Instantly, the Palace Lord felt a chilling killing intent gushing towards him!

“N-no, it’s not me!”

The Palace Lord was completely flustered.

As someone at Void Reversion realm with the title of Dao Being, there was almost no one in the Great Zhou Dynasty who could be a match for him. Even so, against an adult dragon, the odds were completely stacked against him!

The gray robed cultivator hidden in a corner was a little stunned as well.

How was there someone else as well?

“That person is quite skillful. He must be a professional at taking the blame. To think that he would rush over at a time like this with such an accurate timing…” The gray robed cultivator lamented internally.

The two of them hid in the corner motionlessly, not even daring to lift the rag to check out the situation outside.

However, when he heard the commotion outside, Su Zimo could roughly guess what was going on.

The person who spoke earlier was probably the pursuer hunting him down!

Su Zimo truly wanted to lift the rag up and check out that person’s appearance; he was also curious about what the primordial life form that had appeared was.

But, he remained rational and endured it.

At a time as such, any slight movement could expose the both of them!




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