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Chapter 234: Mysterious Stone Pillar

The winds and clouds suddenly changed as the bone waves surged!

As if triggered by something, the endless white bones stirred and took on the form of various remnant ferocious beasts.

Terrifying existences rose one after another from the sea of bones!

A murderous aura filled the air as blood rushed into the sky!

Su Zimo could not identify the origin of those remnant ferocious beasts based on their skeletal structure alone. However, there were many humanoid skeletal structures among them that had terrifying combat strength as well.

The remaining hundred odd cultivators from Heaven Asura Sect and Purple Cloud Sect, including the Nascent Souls and Golden Cores, were slaughtered by the countless white boned ferocious beasts!

Fresh blood splattered and broken limbs were strewn everywhere as tragic cries rang out incessantly.

At the sight of that, Su Zimo felt his scalp go numb while his limbs went cold.

Was this the power of a primordial ruin?

If these living beings possessed such terrifying combat strength after their deaths, what sort of cultivation realm did they possess while they were alive?

Who was it that could have buried them here, forming such a boundless sea of bones?

What was in the depths of this sea of bones?

In an instant, countless questions flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

At that moment, he truly felt how insignificant he was.

Even though he was already a Foundation Establishment Cultivator and could achieve Sword Kinesis Flight, he could not shrug off the shackles of being a mere mortal.

Su Zimo walked towards the depths of the sea of bones.

It was as if he was headed for an extremely unfamiliar era.

He was entering a civilization that was buried in the sands of time which no one knew about.

The tragic cries behind him faded gradually.

None of the cultivators from the two sects were spared from being buried in the sea of bones!

The mighty white boned ferocious beasts scattered and fell to the ground once more.

The sea of bones regained its silence.

It was so silent that it was frightening!

It was as if the killing and slaughter earlier on was nothing but Su Zimo’s imagination.

A slight gust of breeze brew and Su Zimo felt a chill run down his spine.

Unknowingly, he had already broken out in cold sweat.

He glanced at Night Spirit beside his feet.

He could vaguely guess that Night Spirit had something to do with why the powerful existences in the sea of bones did not attack him!

As for Night Spirit, it was very alert, sniffing around while leading the way with Su Zimo at the back.

In that endless sea of white bones, there was only that man and beast. They were surrounded with extreme desolateness with no signs of life at all.

The fog in front of them grew heavier gradually and the visibility was very low.

In that thick fog, there was a mixture of moistness and stench of blood.

After a long time, Su Zimo found a grayish-white stone pillar standing in the fog in front of him. Extremely thick, it rose from the ground and extended into the skies!

In the face of that stone pillar, Su Zimo appeared extremely small.

Reaching out, he touched the stone pillar.

It was beyond his expectations.

This gigantic stone pillar was a relic of the primordial era, weathered by the elements and washed by the sands of time. Despite that, its surface was smooth as jade without any bit of coarseness.

Typically, even supreme-grade spirit weapons would lose their spirituality if they were exposed outside for hundreds of thousands of years, let alone stone pillars.

Furthermore, it was at least tens of millions of years from the primordial era till now!

“This stone pillar is a treasure. If only I could carry it away.”

Su Zimo circled a couple of rounds around the stone pillar and thought to himself.

Naturally, that was merely a casual thought.

Given Su Zimo’s strength, he could not even stuff the stone pillar into his storage bag.

Even if he could, there was no way he would do so.

The sea of bones was already so terrifying, who knew what was the purpose of a mighty stone pillar erected here?

What if he were to alert the terrifying existences in the sea of bones once more should he move the stone pillar?

Circling around the stone pillar once more, Su Zimo did not find any signs from its surface.


Su Zimo’s eyes flashed with doubt.

He originally thought that there would be some information carved on the stone pillar; perhaps drawings or indications of the primordial era.

However, the surface of the stone pillar was smooth without anything at all.

A strong gust of wind blew past the sea of bones, causing the fog to dissipate slightly.

Looking around, Su Zimo’s gaze froze and he exclaimed softly.

A thousand feet away from this stone pillar, there was another stone pillar erected in the same row!

Su Zimo walked over and took a look.

This stone pillar was almost identical to the first one.

It had a smooth as jade surface without any signs on it.

As he continued walking along that direction, a similarly thick stone pillar would appear almost once every thousand feet.

“What’s going on?”

Su Zimo pondered for a moment but he had no clue. Under Night Spirit’s urging, he continued walking forward.

Before long, Su Zimo stopped in his tracks once more.

He had already arrived at the end of the sea of bones!

The end of the sea of bones was a tall mountain that towered into the clouds. The top of it was lush, filled with vibrant life and rich vegetation.

There was even green water swirling around the foot of the mountain, as though it was a paradise.

From the dead and heavy atmosphere of the sea of bones to a flourishing mountain peak, Su Zimo could not recover from the sudden change for a moment.

Suddenly, a possibility struck him.

The sea of bones behind him was truly just the boundary of the sea of bones!

The mountain before him was the true center of the primordial ruin!

Or perhaps, even this mountain was not the center of the primordial ruin. Perhaps… the true secret of the ruin awaited those who crossed this mountain?

Be it the primordial forest or the sea of bones behind him, those were merely barriers protecting the center of the primordial ruin.

“Heeya! Heeya!”

Night Spirit cried and urged Su Zimo to continue ahead.

When he arrived at the foot of the mountain, Su Zimo’s heart stirred, as if he sensed something.

He glanced sideways at a forest at the side.

Not far away, a figure appeared from an old tree. Dressed in gray robes, he had a slightly rotund figure with a beardless face, holding a folding fan in his hands.

“It’s you?”

“It’s you?”

Both men exchanged glances and were stunned for a moment before exclaiming.

Su Zimo had not expected that he could come across that gray robed cultivator again at this place!

Back in the primordial forest, Su Zimo had already realized that the gray robed cultivator was far from simple and had some tricks up his sleeves.

However, after entering the sea of bones, Su Zimo thought that the person would perish within.

He never expected that the person would arrive at the mountain before him!

While Su Zimo was shocked, the gray robed cultivator was even more shocked.

Given his eyesight, he could naturally tell that Su Zimo was only a Foundation Establishment Cultivator – there was no possibility of him hiding his cultivation realm.

Right from the get-go, the gray robed cultivator knew that the tens of thousands of cultivators that coveted to step foot into the primordial ruin would all die!

Apart from him, no one else could survive.

He had not expected that this seemingly normal green-robed cultivator would actually be able to cross the sea of bones!

He could understand how the green-robed cultivator was able to pass through the primordial forest.

After all, this person was smart and had followed behind him in the forest.

However, he had already dumped this person right at the very end!


Walking slowly towards Su Zimo, the gray robed cultivator let out a malicious smile.



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