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Chapter 235: Demon Suppressing Rope

Narrowing his gaze, Su Zimo let out a wary look.

Even though the gray robed cultivator before him was only at early-stage Foundation Establishment, Su Zimo did not dare to be careless.

The person reeked of a strange and unfathomable aura from head to toe.

Furthermore, the fact that this man was able to cross the primordial forest and sea of bones with ease was reason enough for Su Zimo to be wary!

Arriving around ten meters in front of Su Zimo, the gray robed cultivator stopped in his tracks all of a sudden. Raising his brows, he asked with a fake smile, “Fellow Daoist, you’re really following tightly. I didn’t manage to shake you off at all?”

Su Zimo looked at the person calmly and remained silent.

A hint of mockery flashed in the gray robed cultivator’s eyes and his expression darkened. His smile was suddenly wiped away as he asked in a cold tone, “Tell me, what’s your background? Why are you following me!”

Having said that, the gray robed cultivator stared fixedly at Su Zimo’s face, hoping to find a clue in his expression and gaze.

“I’m not following you.”

Su Zimo shook his head expressionlessly.

That was the truth.

Failing to gain anything, the gray robed cultivator frowned and thought internally, “Could it really be a coincidence?”


The gray robed cultivator changed his mind. “Even if it’s a coincidence, I can’t let him continue forth. If my plans were to be spoiled because of this person, the losses would be immense.”

“How did you manage to cross the sea of bones?” The gray robed cultivator asked all of a sudden.


When he heard that, the corner of the gray robed cultivator’s mouth twitched; he wanted to say something but stopped.

Sweeping his gaze across Su Zimo, the gray robed cultivator looked at Night Spirit who was beside Su Zimo’s feet.

Upon seeing Night Spirit, the gray robed cultivator could not help but roll his eyes.

He mocked, “Fellow Daoist, your preferences are truly extraordinary! Most people would look for the cubs of ancient remnant beasts or pure-blooded ferocious beasts to be their fighting beasts. But look at you, rearing the cub of a black dog…”

“None of your business.”

Su Zimo sneered and retorted.

The gray robed cultivator did not get angry either, merely waving the folding fan in his hand and saying with a smile, “Fellow Daoist, let me give you a piece of advice. Since you’re able to cross the sea of bones, I advise you to turn back and stop continuing forward.”

“This is not a place for you to be!”

The gray robed cultivator pointed at the mountain by the side and said with a serious expression, emphasizing every single word.

Su Zimo did not say anything.

He wanted to head back as well.

To be precise, Su Zimo had never intended to step into this place right from the get-go.

He was only here because he had nowhere else to go.

If he were to head back now, he would only be met with his pursuers.

Furthermore, he managed to arrive here by relying on Night Spirit’s guidance and persistence – it was not that easy for Su Zimo to retreat.

“You’re not retreating?”

The gray robed cultivator frowned and muttered, “That’s troublesome. I can’t let you follow me and spoil my plans.”

“You can head your way and I’ll head mine. We won’t have to interfere with one another,” Su Zimo was also wary towards the gray robed cultivator and did not want to have a clash with the latter.

After a brief silence, the gray robed cultivator shook his head. “No, that’s too risky. Since you refuse to leave, you can’t blame me.”


Upon hearing that, Su Zimo’s expression changed. Without thinking, he immediately attacked first.

The two of them were extremely close.

If nothing unexpected happened, Su Zimo was 70% confident that he would be able to take down the gray robed cultivator!


With the Plow Heaven Stride, a clear footprint appeared on the ground, causing the surrounding soil to fly everywhere.

In almost an instant, Su Zimo appeared in front of the gray robed cultivator and channeled his bloodline, causing the sound of tsunamis and rumbling thunder to echo from his body in a terrifying manner!


Faced with Su Zimo’s attack, the gray robed cultivator did not panic at all when he heard the sounds coming from Su Zimo’s body. Instead, he exclaimed softly and his eyes filled with curiosity.

“Such mighty power of bloodline?”

“How did you manage to cultivate it?”

Without saying a word, Su Zimo swung his arm and punched the top of the gray robed cultivator’s head. It was like a huge seal that suddenly fell.

“Not bad, not bad.”

Against Su Zimo’s attack, the gray robed cultivator did not avoid nor dodge and was even in the mood to nod and praise him.

Suddenly, the gray robed cultivator stretched out his folding fan and tapped Su Zimo on the wrist lightly.

That tap was done extremely swiftly. Landing with absolute precision, even the timing was perfect as well!


Su Zimo’s wrist went numb and the power of that punch dissipated entirely.

Right after, a piercing pain surged from Su Zimo’s wrist, as if it was snapped!

The gray robed cultivator chuckled. Out of nowhere, he produced a rope and tossed it in Su Zimo’s direction gently while muttering, “Restrict!”

That rope coiled around Su Zimo’s body immediately, tying his arms and legs to both sides of his body while circling round after round.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo was completely restricted by that unassuming rope and could not move at all!

A black shadow fluttered out.

“Night Spirit, don’t move!”

Su Zimo called back Night Spirit immediately.

In reality, the moment the gray robed cultivator attacked, Su Zimo had already realized that this person was definitely not at early-stage Foundation Establishment.

It could be a Golden Core or even a Nascent Soul.

At the very least, the cultivation realm of the gray robed cultivator was far superior to his.

Against such a powerful cultivator, it would be useless even if Night Spirit were to charge at him. Instead, it might even be killed by the gray robed cultivator!

Stopping in its tracks, Night Spirit glared at the gray robed cultivator coldly. It raised its head and a deep growl came from the depths of its throat, filled with killing intent.


The gray robed cultivator walked before Night Spirit and squatted, saying with a smile, “You’ve sure got some guts, black dog cub. How dare you attack me?”

The proximity between the man and beast was extremely close!

Night Spirit could reach him just by raising its paw.

However, Night Spirit did not make a move still after a while, merely looking at him with a cold gaze.

Smiling, the gray robed cultivator tapped Night Spirit on the head with his folding fan. “Not bad. You’re quite clever. How lucky of you.”

Su Zimo exhaled deeply.

Naturally, he could tell that the gray robed cultivator was deliberately luring Night Spirit to attack earlier on!

If Night Spirit had truly attacked, not only would it fail to injure the gray robed cultivator, the latter would even take the opportunity to kill it!

The gray robed cultivator stood up and looked at Su Zimo with a helpless expression. He spread out his hands and said, “Since you’re unwilling to leave, I can only hold you here.”

“By the way, this is the Demon Suppressing Rope. Oh, I don’t think you’ve heard of it.”

The gray robed cultivator continued, “Even pure-blooded ferocious beasts would be tied up tightly by the Demon Suppressing Rope. Although your body is strong, it’s not comparable to pure-blooded ferocious beasts. So, don’t bother lest you bring about suffering for yourself.”

Su Zimo did not reply.

The gray robed cultivator turned over and took a few steps. Seemingly worried, he said, “Stay here obediently. I’ll be back in a little while and help you undo the Demon Suppressing Rope.”

With that said, the gray robed cultivator tunneled into the forest with swift steps. Heading towards the peak, he disappeared before long.



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