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Chapter 216: Situation

“Elder Chen, you…”

A sect elder at the side looked at Elder Chen who had just struck at Wen Xuan with widened eyes. He asked in confusion before realizing what was going on.

However, the moment he said that, his expression changed and finally understood what had happened.

Someone had betrayed the sect!

That person was Elder Chen before him who was hidden in their midst!

A gust of cold air rushed up from his back as that elder retreated instinctively. Placing his palm on his storage bag, he withdrew a protection talisman.

However, Elder Chen was even faster!

The moment his attack failed to kill Wen Xuan, Elder Chen swapped away his flying sword immediately and conjured a seal with his left hand, producing a resplendent glow.


A spirit art and flying sword descended at the same time.

The sect elder’s reaction was slightly slower and his throat was sliced by the sword before he could crush the protection talisman.

There were flashes of blood.

A Golden Core fell from midair, life dissipating from his body as his eyes were filled with indignance and frustration.


Wen Xuan hollered as his sleeves swayed in rage.

A tremendous amount of spirit energy was almost materialized, surging over like a tidal wave with a terrifying momentum!

Within that gigantic wave, there was even a sharp light that was hard to detect hidden within.


Elder Chen let out a strange laugh. With that successful strike, he turned to escape without hesitation and crushed a protection talisman immediately.

At the same time, Elder Chen conjured spirit with his hands, causing the spirit energy of a late-stage Golden Core to condense together instantly. Waving his hands, a glow burst forth and mist rose.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The glowing mist clashed with the surging wave, creating a deafening bang.

Wen Xuan’s spirit energy wave was clearly superior to Elder Chen’s glow.


There was a crisp sound as though something was broken.

Elder Chen’s expression changed drastically as he exclaimed – a bloody wound had already appeared on his arm.

Unknowingly, the protective barrier around him was penetrated by a superior-grade flying sword that was shimmering with spirit light!

That superior-grade flying sword was hidden in that spirit energy wave. Mysterious and formless, no one noticed when it appeared.


Opposite, a black robed middle-aged man harrumphed coldly. He took a half step forward and tapped his finger lightly, causing a flying sword to speed out.

Hovering in midair, four brilliant rays of light burst forth from the sword.

Four spirit patterns, a supreme-grade flying sword!

Colliding against Wen Xuan’s superior-grade flying sword, the supreme-grade flying sword shone with spirit light – it was hard to tell who was superior.

Elder Chen seized the chance to escape.

The entire process seemed very slow upon narration but in fact, it occurred in the split of a moment.

Wen Xuan narrowed his gaze and beckoned gently, sending his superior-grade flying sword back to him.

The black robed Golden Core’s cultivation was similar to his – they were both at perfected Golden Core.

Furthermore, Wen Xuan felt a sense of pressure from that person.

Of the ten odd Golden Cores on the other end, the two black robed cultivators standing beside the blood robed cultivator were the strongest.

Both of their eyes were filled with a faint green light that looked extremely sinister.

One of them was the Golden Core who had just attacked.

The other person emitted a thick demonic qi. From that aura, he should be a spirit demon at Golden Core realm!

Once demons cultivate their Inner Cores, their skin, flesh, tendons, bones, marrow, organs, facial features and five senses will undergo another transformation.

This transformation would rejuvenate the demons and allow them to take on human form, speaking in human tongue.

Those two were the blood slaves of Blood Crow Palace’s lord sent to protect the young master, Yu Fei and Peng Fei.

Barely escaping, Elder Chen arrived beside the blood robed cultivator. He looked at Wen Xuan with a malicious, cold gaze and snarled, “As expected of Spirit Peak’s master. You’re already at Level 3 of Ethereal Sword. Impressive, impressive.”

Ethereal Sword was one of Ethereal Peak’s three major secret skills and there were three levels to it.

Level 1, Shadows.

As the flying sword sped forth, it would leave a series of afterimages in the air. Impossible to distinguish between reality and illusion, it was effective in confusing the enemy.

Back when Feng Haoyu fought with Su Zimo, he had mastered Level 1, Shadows.

Level 2, Void.

Due to the extreme speed of the flying sword, it would be almost merged into the void, turning almost imperceptible and one would be hard-pressed to notice it with their naked eyes.

Level 3, Ethereal.

At this point, it wasn’t just the flying sword’s speed that would have reached its peak, turning void and impossible to detect. By now, the cultivator would have reached a level of sword manipulation mastery such that they could control it as their minds willed with extreme proficiency.

Extremely fast with a void sword that was unpredictable, the attack would be ethereal.

Level 3 was the most difficult to cultivate.

In Ethereal Peak, only Golden Cores who had mastered Level 3 of Ethereal Sword were qualified to be Spirit Peak’s master.

Furthermore, almost every generation of Spirit Peak’s masters were the strongest of the Golden Cores in Ethereal Peak!

Even though he was guarded by the protection talisman, Elder Chen was injured by Wen Xuan’s sword as well.

If Peng Fei had not blocked the second strike, Elder Chen would have died on the spot!

Changing the topic, Elder Chen sneered, “However, all of you will have to die here today! No one will be able to leave!”

“You can try!”

Wen Xuan was not afraid, standing in the air in front of the many Ethereal Peak disciples.

Right then, Wen Xuan, Elder Yu and another sect elder were the only Golden Cores on the side of Ethereal Peak.

On the opposing end, including Elder Chen, there were 11 Golden Cores!

Suddenly, another situation occurred!

Feng Haoyu, who was in the crowd, suddenly attacked!

Three spirit patterns coruscated on his sword – it was a superior-grade flying sword!

It streaked through the crowd, causing blood to spill.

One of the three great legacy disciples, Luo Yi, who was standing not far away from Feng Haoyu did not react in time. Astonishment filled his eyes as his head was lopped up.

Until the moment of his death, he still hadn’t realized what had happened.

That attack was a reaping of lives!

Disciple after another collapsed in a pool of blood, unable to rest in peace.

The many Ethereal Peak disciples were not prepared in the slightest bit.

Even though Su Zimo had warned loudly earlier on, Elder Chen’s betrayal still caused a sect elder to die.

When Wen Xuan took action, the intense clash between two Golden Cores drew everyone’s attention to it.

Su Zimo felt his scalp tingle as he watched on with gritted teeth. A murderous killing intent rose in his heart and his eyes were filled with boundless coldness, causing an extremely terrifying aura to exude from his body!

In reality, Su Zimo had already vaguely guessed that Elder Chen and Feng Haoyu were the spies.

However, that was just his speculation.

Furthermore, Su Zimo did not know whether there were other traitors beside those two.

That was why Su Zimo reminded everyone to disperse because there were spies in the sect.

He never expected that his reminder would still fail to save his fellow sect mates who had died.

Those that died were the ones standing closest to Feng Haoyu.

In other words, they were the followers of Feng Haoyu’s group.

Right now, Feng Haoyu was slashing them down mercilessly without hesitation – his eyes were filled with nothing but coldness and cruelty.

That initially handsome face of Feng Haoyu was now extremely hideous and menacing!

Among them, the one who suffered the greatest blow was Spirit Peak’s master, Wen Xuan.

Feng Haoyu was someone that he had deemed as his personal disciple and imparted his entire life’s learnings to.

Even that superior-grade flying sword in Feng Haoyu’s hands was a gift from Wen Xuan.

Most Foundation Establishment Cultivators would only have nothing more than a middle-grade flying sword.

Even as Spirit Peak’s master, Wen Xuan was only using a superior-grade flying sword as well.

The fact that he gave Feng Haoyu a superior-grade flying sword was proof of how highly he regarded and loved the latter.

And yet…

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