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Chapter 207: Plotting in Darkness

On this day, a man and monkey arrived in a rush outside of Ethereal Peak.

Passing through the fog formation, their descent on the main peak attracted much attention.

“Eh, Junior Brother Su is back!”

“That monkey beside him is another spirit beast of his?”

“Junior Brother Su seems to have a special connection with spirit beasts. Including this monkey, he has two now.”

“If one has too many spirit beasts, their power of the blood oath is spread out and will definitely weaken. This Su Zimo is going to get into trouble sooner or later!”

When the disciples caught sight of the man and monkey, their eyes had different looks as they discussed fervently.

When Su Zimo had just joined the inner sect, he caused quite a stir when he overwhelmed Sun Tao and friends using his thunder techniques.


The monkey felt extremely irritated being pointed at by so many strangers. It bared its teeth and roared menacingly at the many cultivators nearby, causing demonic qi to explode with a killing intent!

Its hair stood on ends and made its physique look even bigger and intimidating.

If not for the fact that Su Zimo was beside him, given its unruly nature, it would have charged forth and killed everyone.

Many cultivators were shocked.

The monkey’s body was covered with endless blood.

To survive in a place like the Cang Lang Mountain Range, it had to engage in battles almost every other day. It had experienced endless bloodshed and life and death situations.

The aura around the monkey was even more violent and bloodthirsty than the spirit tiger and little crane!

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly and raised his palm, patting the monkey on the shoulder gently, indicating for it to relax.

On the way earlier, Su Zimo had already reminded the monkey repeatedly that it had to tone down on its animal instincts at Ethereal Peak – it must not be violently aggressive all the time.

Grunting, two streams of air shot out from the monkey’s nostrils and the fur on its body gradually went down.

Before long, the man and monkey disappeared before everyone.

“Hmph, that beast sure is arrogant!”

“That’s because Junior Brother Su was around. If that wasn’t the case, I would have killed that beast right on the spot. How dare it shout at us?”

Many cultivators pretended to scold after the man and monkey was gone.

The door of the cave abode was wide open and both the spirit tiger and little crane were sprawled inside, resting.

Little crane was the first to sense something and looked over.

Upon seeing that it was Su Zimo, it cried out in joy.

The spirit tiger opened its eyes and looked over lazily. Instantly, it was energized at the sight of Su Zimo and leaped up.

Monkey did not have much of a reaction when it saw the tiger and crane, merely twitching its lips in disdain.

Following behind Su Zimo, monkey swaggered in.

“This is monkey who is originally from Cang Lang Mountain Range. We went through life and death together.”

Su Zimo pointed to the spirit tiger and little crane. “This is spirit tiger and that is little crane. The three of you can stay together from now on. Don’t fight.”


When it heard that, monkey sneered and stretched out its finger, waving it in front of the spirit tiger and little crane extremely provocatively.

Even though monkey said nothing, its meaning was clear – even if we fight, you guys are not my match!

The spirit tiger had just entered Foundation Establishment and was in a cocky youth phase.

Furthermore, the spirit tiger knew that it had been with Su Zimo the longest.

If it was bullied by a monkey that came later, how could it continue to live its days?

There was no way the spirit tiger could hold back seeing that hand gesture from monkey.


It crouched and readied as though it was about to pounce on its prey with a ferocious glint in its eyes – it was ready to strike at any moment.

“Caw, caw!”

On the other side, little crane could not take it lying down either, crying out a couple of times to monkey as it prepared to pounce as well.

After all, little crane had a closer relationship with the spirit tiger.

Hearing the shouts from within the cave, Su Zimo suddenly felt a headache…


Before long, monkey and the spirit tiger collided massively.

It was a pure explosion of strength without any gimmicks.

After a momentary pause, the spirit tiger was sent flying by monkey.

Slamming onto the wall at the back, the cave abode shook and countless dust settled down. The spirit tiger’s tendons and bones felt like they were breaking.

Even if monkey had an ordinary bloodline, the cultivation technique imparted to it by Die Yue would cause that to change.

As for the spirit tiger, it was indeed nothing more than any other ordinary beasts.

Ignoring the fact that there was a difference in their cultivation realms, even if they were at the same realm, the spirit tiger would be beaten up badly by monkey!

The difference in their bloodlines was way too great!

With a flip, monkey rode on the spirit tiger and started pummeling its head with clenched fists.

Gong! Gong! Gong!

After a few consecutive strikes, the spirit tiger was completely dazed and was dumbstricken.


Little crane pounced over from the side, sticking out a pair of sharp talons that glistened with a cold light towards monkey’s back.

Without even turning back, monkey slammed with a rod.

The wind howled!

Little crane was shocked and did not dare to take it head on, dodging to the side to try and deal with it.

Against little crane who could fly at any moment, monkey was helpless as well and could only ride on the spirit tiger while yelling at little crane.

“Ow! Ow!”

“Caw, caw!”

Little crane replied with a high pitched and agitated tone.

The spirit tiger beneath monkey would roar from time to time as well.

The concurrent cries of three different demon beasts rang out and Su Zimo could no longer hear clearly what they were talking about.

However, he could roughly guess that monkey wanted to be the king and leader of the trio.

However, the spirit tiger and little crane were indignant and would not allow it.

Monkey took the demon beast egg from Su Zimo’s hands and pointed at it, screaming for a while.

Before long, the three spirit beasts reached a common consensus.

They would take turns hatching that demon beast egg. Whoever the spirit beast that’s hatched chooses to follow will be their king!

For three spirit beasts, the 24 hours in a day could originally be divided into 8 hours each.

However, the spirit tiger was the most pitiful…

The 8 hours that it originally had was forcefully taken over by monkey and little crane, leaving it with only 4 hours.

In another cave abode of Ethereal Peak.

It was dark and quiet. Feng Haoyu assumed a lotus position, surrounded by many spirit stones.

He had already reached perfected Foundation Establishment and had unlocked a meridian!

All of a sudden!

A sinister wind blew.

Feng Haoyu opened his eyes. He was not in a hurry to look around and was instead deep in thought, as if he was waiting for something.

“Su Zimo is back.”

Before long, a hoarse and erratic voice sounded out right in Feng Haoyu’s cave abode.

Feng Haoyu frowned.

The person in the darkness continued, “If I’m not wrong, that tempering technique that the disheveled old man obtained in Sky Treasure Auction House should be for him.”

“It’s easy to kill Su Zimo.”

Feng Haoyu said in a low voice, “However, how can we wipe out the other three legacy disciples of Ethereal Peak while killing him at the same time? If we only lay our hands on a single one of them, it’s going to alert the rest. The only way to have Ethereal Peak suffer a great loss is by crippling four of them at the same time. That way, they won’t be able to achieve anything in the four ranking lists of the sect competition.”

“Don’t worry, the opportunity has arrived.”

The hoarse voice said, “Once this fight is over, you and I can both return to the sect with honor in our names.”




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