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Chapter 206: Returning With the Monkey

The benefit of Organs Refinement was that one was not only limited to the power of blood, they could also release the power of blood qi!

The qi in blood qi referred to demonic qi.

Now that Su Zimo was a human, if he were to release the power of blood qi, he would be shrouded by demonic and he would definitely be taken down at the first instance.

Off course, the power of blood alone was more than enough to take down most Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

As long as Su Zimo closed in on his opponents, even if they were at perfected Foundation Establishment with many meridians unlocked, the odds would definitely be stacked against them.

Su Zimo had left the sect for quite some time. Thankfully, his cultivation speed had not fallen off and he had received immense benefits along the way.

He planned on returning to the sect and digesting everything he had learned completely.

On the one hand, he had to raise his cultivation as quickly as possible to prepare for the sect competition three years later.

On the other hand, he had to master the tempering techniques swiftly as well to create middle-grade or even superior-grade flying swords.

That way, he would be able to start cultivating the Candlelight Sword Formation.

That was a formation that Su Zimo looked forward to learning.

Grade 2 of the Candlelight Sword Formation required a full 18 flying swords before it could be summoned.

Ignoring the power of the sword formation itself, even if 18 flying swords were to attack in an overwhelming manner, it would be more than enough for a Foundation Establishment Cultivator to handle.

But of course, there was one more thing – hatching that demon beast egg.

It came from the ruins and was highly likely to be immune to poison. Not just that, it even absorbed so much of his bloodline…

Su Zimo was curious as to what sort of spirit beast that demon beast egg would produce.

If it was an ancient remnant beast species, he would have earned big!

Remnant beasts referred to the offsprings of pure bloodline ferocious beasts and ordinary demon beasts. Even though their bloodlines were no longer pure, they were still extremely powerful.

The alpha wolf and the spirit tiger could only be considered as the most ordinary type of demon beasts and weren’t comparable to ferocious beasts.

As for little crane…

Su Zimo could vaguely sense that little crane’s bloodline was not so simple – there was a chance that it was a remnant beast.

The spirit monkey was originally a spirit beast with an ordinary bloodline. However, Die Yue seemed to have imparted a cultivation technique to it.

Now, the spirit monkey was no longer ordinary anymore.

Su Zimo pondered over whether he should impart the Void Thunder Manual to the spirit tiger.

Even though the spirit tiger looked intelligent, it was actually extremely stupid. If its strength did not grow, it would probably not survive in the future.

“If this demon beast egg could hatch a pure-blooded ferocious beast…”

Su Zimo’s heart raced at the thought of that.

The growth potential of pure-blooded ferocious beasts was huge!

Even as cubs that were naive and did not know how to cultivate, pure-blooded ferocious beasts were already comparable to Qi Condensation Warriors.

The moment they start cultivating, pure-blooded ferocious beasts can even slay Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

That was only just for cubs.

If they grow into their youth and adult phases, the power of those pure-blooded ferocious beasts was unimaginable!

Not only that, pure-blooded ferocious beasts carry with them the ancient memories of their race from a long time ago. Vicissitude and mysterious, nobody could steal the cultivation techniques and secret skills meant for them.

Of course, the growth of pure-blooded ferocious beasts was extremely slow as well.

Even without cultivating, most pure-blooded ferocious beasts have a lifespan of over 10,000 years.

If a cultivator were to hatch a pure-blooded ferocious beast, they might die before the ferocious beast even grows up.

At that thought, Su Zimo intuitively searched for the demon beast egg.

He looked around the place but did not see anything!


Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

The cave was not that big and he could see its entirety in sight. However, there was no trace of the demon beast egg.

“I clearly saw that damn monkey take it in.”

Su Zimo mumbled and looked at the spirit monkey again, exclaiming softly.

The spirit monkey’s posture looked strange.

Even if it was taking a dump, wasn’t it squatting for way too long?

Furthermore, the spirit monkey hovered without sitting as though there was something under its butt.

Su Zimo vaguely guessed something and could not help but roll his eyes.

“Damn monkey, aren’t you tired?”

When it heard Su Zimo’s question, the spirit monkey shook its head and looked towards the entrance of the cave, pretending as if nothing had happened.

Su Zimo could not help but laugh. “Stop pretending. Hurry and get up. Don’t tell me you want to hatch that demon beast egg with your monkey bum.”

After being seen through by Su Zimo, a rare blush appeared on the spirit monkey’s face as it stood up unwillingly.

Upon seeing that, Su Zimo was amazed.

The spirit monkey was usually extremely thick-skinned and unruly – this was the first time he was seeing it so coy.

“Ow! Ow!”

Pausing for a moment, the spirit monkey returned to its normal self and bared its teeth, gesturing and shouting at Su Zimo.

Even though he had not seen the spirit monkey for two years, Su Zimo understood what it meant immediately.

It was saying that Su Zimo knew nothing and should not interfere…

Su Zimo chided jokingly, “If I don’t know anything, you do? You weren’t the one who gave birth to that thing and you’ve got no blood relation to it, so what are you hatching it for!”

The spirit monkey was stunned by Su Zimo’s words.

“Ow, ow!”

Right on the heels of that, the spirit monkey gave Su Zimo a disdainful look and gave him a sidelong glance.

It was saying, “What do you know? We’re both demons and have similar auras. I can still incubate it!”

Su Zimo covered his nose in disdain. “Your auras are far from similar. You reek of feces. Even if you manage to hatch it, it’s going to die of your stench!”

Even though Su Zimo had only mentioned it in passing, the spirit monkey became nervous and ran off to the cold lake, washing its body over and over again thoroughly.

Su Zimo was dumbfounded.

Previously, they had fought multiple times over this issue.

However, the spirit monkey did not compromise even if it was beaten badly by Su Zimo.

It continued to wipe its feces everyday, enjoying itself while disgusting Su Zimo at the same time.

But now, it was taking a shower for the demon beast egg?

This was really… everything truly had its weakness.

After a long time, the spirit monkey finally came forth from the cold lake. It ran to Su Zimo and called softly.

“It’s gone.”

Su Zimo said, “You’ve nearly washed your skin off. What smell can there be left?”

“Ow, ow?”

The spirit monkey gestured and asked where the demon beast egg was.

Yawning, Su Zimo pointed to his embrace. “It’s my egg, stop thinking about it.”

The spirit monkey pouted and grunted a few times, waving its hand to indicate that it did not care for the egg.

However, its eyes were still staring furtively at the demon beast egg in Su Zimo’s embrace.

“Monkey, I’ve got something to ask you.”

After a short while, Su Zimo suddenly asked, “I’ll be returning to the sect soon. Will you come with me?”

Su Zimo felt a little scared recalling that the spirit monkey nearly got into danger.

Even though the spirit monkey was unruly and unsuited for life in the cultivation world, Su Zimo could at least look after it if it was with him.

“Ow! Ow!”

The spirit monkey cried.

Su Zimo chuckled. “I know that you want to be king of a mountain. But, what’s the point of being king of this Cang Lang Mountain Range? You’ve got to head out and look for other mountains to be a king at.”


The spirit monkey thought for a while and pointed at the demon beast egg in Su Zimo’s embrace, crying a few times.

Su Zimo could not help but laugh. “Alright, if you follow me back, I’ll let you hatch this demon beast egg.”

At the same time, Su Zimo thought to himself. “I’m only letting you hatch, not giving it to you… furthermore, this fella has already sucked so much of my blood. There’s no way it’ll run off with anyone else.”




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