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Chapter 200: Terrifying Strength

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Anaconda Eclipse!

 It was a secret skill of The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

 Su Zimo’s chest heaved up and down at a speed visible to the naked eye in a terrifying manner. A scene seemed to have flashed across the eyes of many wolves.

 An anaconda coiled around his body, rearing its head and devouring the moon. Its belly was full and it had two horns, seeming as though it wanted to soar into the skies and transform into a dragon!

 A look of mockery flashed in the alpha’s eyes.

 No matter what the human in front of him did, it was useless.

 The difference between them was too great.

 Anyone with a core would crush a Foundation Establishment Cultivator without any single doubt!

 Ever since the primordial era, countless monstrous geniuses have appeared over the years. However, there were only a handful who could kill living beings with a core when they were at Foundation Establishment realm.

 All of those were terrifying beings that surpassed their contemporaries and left a name for themselves through the ages!

 The alpha did not believe that the puny human before it possessed that capability.


 With a single leap, the alpha brought with it a murderous gust.

 It was too fast!

 It had completely surpassed Su Zimo’s perception ability.

 Su Zimo closed his eyes subconsciously, using his keen spirit perception to determine where the danger was and predict the approximate location of the alpha.

 The middle finger and thumb of his left hand touched to form a hand seal as an image of fiend suppression appeared in his mind. Pressing forward, he shouted at the same time, “Kill!”

 The Anaconda Eclipse and Thunderclap Kill coupled with the Fiend Suppression Seal exploded at the same instant!

 In the process of fighting against the wolves, Su Zimo had never used those three trump cards nor did he waste any of his spirit energy – it was all for this moment!

 The purpose of throwing these trump cards out was to confuse and stop the alpha momentarily.

 Even if it was just for a moment!

 Su Zimo’s real killing move was on his right hand.


 Clenching his right hand like a dagger, Su Zimo thrust forth!

 Four trump cards at the same time!

 The first ones to strike were the Anaconda Eclipse and Thunderclap Kill.

 A deafening roar instantly produced a power of thunder that threatened to shatter the stars and the world!

 The surrounding wolves revealed a hint of pain as they retreated subconsciously.

 However, the alpha who was facing the Thunderclap Kill head on did not pause at all!

 Suddenly, a crimson air stream burst forth from the alpha’s chest and shrouded around its body. Accompanied by the sound of bloodline channeling, the alpha’s aura intensified by another layer!

 The might of one with a formed core descended suddenly, filling the air with a demonic qi that could capture one’s soul!

 The alpha reached out with both claws and swiped forward, smashing the golden hand seal that was descending from midair with ease.

 It did not stop its momentum and continued to gnaw towards Su Zimo’s neck with a feral expression.

 Right then, Su Zimo’s right hand cut in.

 The same time the alpha bit Su Zimo on the neck, his right hand stabbed the alpha!

 Even though it looked like a simple counterattack, for some reason, the alpha sensed a dangerous aura.

 If it was any other spirit demon, it might not have chosen to dodge and would definitely have bitten Su Zimo’s throat first.

 However, the alpha was wary and cunning. It would definitely not take the risk.

 Against Su Zimo’s incoming right hand, the alpha suddenly stopped in its tracks. It swiped its claws forward against Su Zimo’s chest, creating a distance between them as it leaped back.


 Su Zimo felt as if he was struck by lightning as his body flew back uncontrollably, his face pale.

 The attack missed!

 The alpha was too fast and wary. Not only did it manage to dodge Su Zimo’s right hand, it even took the opportunity to injure him severely.

 That swipe was intended to rip Su Zimo’s stomach open, but it was blocked by the Mystic Gold Silk Armor.

 Being a broken connate spirit weapon after all, even though the Mystic Gold Silk Armor was able to fend off the sharpness of the alpha’s claws, it could not withstand the power that attack contained.

 That light swipe that did not require the alpha’s full strength had already managed to break several bones in Su Zimo’s chest!

 Even his internal organs were shaken violently and showed signs of tearing.

 Su Zimo coughed out blood and looked at the alpha who was closing in on him, sighing internally.

 “There’s no more chance left.”

 He failed to succeed even when the alpha was caught off guard.

 Now that Su Zimo was seriously injured and had already lost his fighting strength, there was no way he could kill the alpha.

 “If I manage to master the Organs Refinement section, my overall strength will increase greatly. Be it in terms of power or reaction time, everything will be swifter and I might have been able to kill it with my previous method. However… what a pity.”

 It wasn’t because the plan could not work, it was because the difference in strength between them was too great. The strength of a spirit demon with a core was far beyond Su Zimo’s expectations.

 On the other end, the spirit monkey was covered in wounds. Falling to the ground, it tossed its rod aside and panted, clearly exhausted.

 The alpha walked slowly towards the man and monkey, as if it was the king of the world. It looked at Su Zimo’s right hand with scrutiny, doubt and curiosity.

 Just what was it that could cause it to feel fear?

 Was it an illusion?

 The alpha decided to check out what was that human’s right hand after biting him to death.

 “Oo, Oo!”

 The surrounding wolves howled excitedly, awaiting the final kill.

 Striding over, the alpha leaned its head in front of Su Zimo. Its nose and mouth let out a nauseating stench as sticky drool dripped onto Su Zimo’s body.

 With no strength left to resist, Su Zimo merely glared at the alpha coldly.

 Its face was filled with disdain as it opened its mouth and bared its fangs. Right as it was about to chomp down, its expression changed drastically, turning the ferocity in its eyes into shock.

 Su Zimo was momentarily stunned as well.

 Before he could react, he felt an overwhelmingly domineering force ripple out from the cave behind him before suddenly bursting forth!

 For that brief moment, Su Zimo had an illusion.

 The entire world seemed to stop.

 The world was filled with a murderous aura and the atmosphere was stifling.

 There was complete silence and one could hear even a pin drop!

 It was as if all living beings were choked by an invisible force, unable to make a sound.

 That energy fluctuation was extremely foreign and Su Zimo had not come across anything like this. While it didn’t seem like a spirit art, it was extremely terrifying.


 There was a crisp sound.

 Right in front of everyone, the alpha’s head which was a mere inches away from Su Zimo suddenly exploded as though some force had collided on it!

 A bloody mist filled the air and splattered all over Su Zimo!

 Su Zimo’s entire body stiffened as he looked at everything in disbelief, almost unable to smell that gooey blood that covered his body with a nauseating smell.

 Even the spirit monkey was scared out of its wits and froze on the spot.

 The alpha was a powerful Golden Core that crushed Su Zimo completely. Yet, it died without any chance to resist against that powerful energy fluctuation!

 How tough was the head of a Golden Core alpha?

 Even if Su Zimo used the Cold Moon Saber and cleaved with all his might, he would not be able to leave a scratch on it.

 But now, a head so tough had exploded right in front of Su Zimo.

 If he had not seen it himself, Su Zimo would not have been able to imagine it.

 This scene dealt a huge blow to him!

 Su Zimo only snapped out of his stupor and let out a long breath when the headless corpse of the alpha fell onto his body.

 After a momentary silence, the thousands of wolves remaining whimpered and hung their tails low, fleeing into the distance without turning back.

 In the blink of an eye, they were completely gone, leaving nothing but a pile of wolf corpses and bloodstains.


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