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Chapter 199: Fight Alongside

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Su Zimo looked at the alpha on the green rock and endured the pain from his organs. He racked his brains, thinking about all possible methods of escaping.

 There was a very small possibility!

 First off, the alpha was too strong.

 It crushed and devastated Su Zimo entirely – this was an existence he had no chance of resisting against.

 Secondly, the alpha was too fast.

 Without the help of his spirit perception, Su Zimo would have already died earlier on!

 The only shot at life that Su Zimo had was on his blood bone palm.

 Till now, Su Zimo did not know what that blood bone palm was.

 However, he knew that it was indestructible and possessed terrifying power. If it could strike the alpha, there was a high chance it could deal serious damage!


 The surrounding ten odd Foundation Establishment wolves bared their fangs and lowered their heads, howling with shimmering, murderous glints.

 “Oo, Oo!”

 The howl of wolves that lined the entire mountains was terrifying and shocked countless birds.

 Su Zimo took a deep breath and faked a relaxed smile. “Damn monkey, it’s back to two years ago when we fought alongside one another.”

 “Ow! Ow!”

 Even though it was in the midst of wolves and could lose its life at any moment, the spirit monkey did not show any fear. Instead, it was filled with excitement and joy.

 The joy came from being reunited with Su Zimo.

 Sensing the emotions of the spirit monkey, Su Zimo could not help but laugh. “Two years ago, we didn’t dare to fight these beasts head on. Today’s a rare opportunity. Let’s kill to our hearts’ content! Damn monkey, show me how much you’ve grown over the past two years!”


 The spirit monkey roared when it heard that.

 Its bloodline raced rapidly, causing its flesh to swell and its body to expand. Raising its rod, charged into the wolf pack first!

 That rod was filled with immense power and might. Even though the opposing wolf was also at Foundation Establishment realm, a trace of fear flickered through its eyes and it dodged to the side, not daring to fight it head on.


 The wolves at the back were not so lucky. After the spirit monkey swept across with its rod, many wolves had their brains splattered to the ground and died on the spot.


 Su Zimo channeled his blood and his body gushed with a terrifying sound of tsunami. Streaks of blue lightning appeared on his skin and crackled wildly with a blinding light.


 Swinging his arms backwards, a thunderbolt as thick as an arm exploded in the pack of wolves, radiating with electric sparks and green smoke billowed.

 Under that terrifying power of lightning, the spirit beast wolves were all electrocuted to death on the spot. Two Foundation Establishment wolves shivered pathetically as their furs curled from the electric shock.


 Two other Foundation Establishment wolves pounced over from the side, their sharp claws flashing with cold light as they revealed sharp fangs and gnawed towards Su Zimo’s neck.

 If Su Zimo was bitten, he would not be able to endure it even with his powerful body!

 “You must be courting death!”

 His eyes lit up brightly as he hollered, swinging his left arm to form a huge arc in the air. Using his fist like a stamp, he pummeled down suddenly!


 The large stamp slammed heavily on the wolf’s head and the sound of bones cracking could be heard.

 Without a single sound, the Foundation Establishment wolf fell from midair.

 On the surface, it looked intact without any injuries. However, the inside of its head was splattered by that tremendous force!

 At the same time, Su Zimo flipped his right hand and opened his palm, striking the chest of the other wolf with an attack that could split mountains.


 The wolf let out a sad cry and its body fell towards Su Zimo.


 Instantly, that Foundation Establishment wolf was sent flying with its bones completely broken. It was already dead before it fell to the ground.

 In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo had killed two Foundation Establishment wolves. His aura increased tremendously, letting out a chilling killing intent as the air emanated with a murderous aura.

 The spirit monkey swung its rod widely with such vigor that even water might not be able to penetrate it.

 Piak! Piak! Piak!

 The spirit monkey’s gaze was fierce. With its height, long limbs and tremendous strength, any wolves that were struck by its long rod would be severely injured if not dead.

 Behind the spirit monkey, Su Zimo’s expression was calm. Despite the circumstances, his eyes were cool and did not show signs of fear.

 Six inferior-grade flying swords were destroyed by a single slap of the Golden Core alpha.

 Su Zimo’s Cold Moon Saber and Sanguine Crystal Bow were dropped inside the inheritance ground of the fiend sects and he could not get them out in time.

 1Right now, he could only rely on his bare hands to fight against the wolves.

 Even so, Su Zimo’s physical strength was not something that the wolves would definitely be able to defend against.

 Bang! Bang! Bang!

 His casual punches and kicks possessed thunderous force, causing the air to explode.

 Many wolves pounced on Su Zimo in a dense pack. Even as he was about to be drowned, all it took was a slight pause before those wolves were sent flying to the ground, mostly dead.

 In the blink of an eye, corpses of the wolves were piled at the feet of the man and monkey.

 The massacre continued.

 Of the ten odd Foundation Establishment wolves, only nine were left.

 Those wolves were highly intelligent and noticed that their strength might not be enough to be a threat for the man and monkey. As such, they prowled around the borders, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

 Wolves were extremely patient.

 They knew that be it the spirit monkey or human, the time would come when their strength would be exhausted.

 Once the man and monkey were weakened and mentally exhausted, their defenses would definitely reveal openings. That would be the best moment for a lethal attack!

 However, those nine wolves were disappointed as time passed by.

 The spirit monkey revealed clear signs of exhaustion as its speed and strength were far inferior to before.

 However, the openings revealed by that spirit monkey were all compensated by the horrifying strength of that human!

 That human seemed to possess an endless amount of strength. Despite being engaged in battle, his eyes remained clear and bright. They sparkled with fighting spirit and killing intent.

 Not only that, the more he fought, the stronger he seemed!

 This human’s body and physique was even stronger than theirs!

 This human… was more like a true spirit demon!

 The wolves would never know that The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness was incomparably strong to begin with.

 Furthermore, Su Zimo had even cultivated the Void Thunder Manual, Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra and many other secret skills to reach the realm of having his blood echo with the sounds of tsunamis and thunder. His physique was even more astonishing and those wolves were no match for him at all!

 Even though they were demons as well, wolves had too ordinary of a bloodline.

 The reason why they were able to reign over the Cang Lang Mountain Range was due to their sheer numbers and intelligence.

 If not for the Golden Core alpha that was watching from the side, Su Zimo would have long fled with the spirit monkey!

 Although there were many wolves, they were nothing but mere chickens against Su Zimo that could not withstand a single blow!


 Right then, the alpha sat up from the green rock and let out a deafening roar.

 It could no longer sit still.

 It had initially thought that its wolves would be able to kill the man and monkey with ease given the fact that Su Zimo was severely injured – that would provide an opportunity for him to raise the fighting strength of its wolf pack.

 But as time went by, the alpha started to realize that something was amiss.

 If this were to continue, its wolves would suffer heavy casualties!

 The alpha decided to take action personally and bite that man and monkey to death decisively!

 “Psst!” Psst! “Psst!”

 Sensing the alpha’s motions, Su Zimo slowly breathed in.

 A huge stream of air tore through his throat and let out a strange sound. Blood oozed out slowly as the skin around his throat was cut by the air current.

 Su Zimo knew that the clash between him and the alpha would determine whether or not they would survive!

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