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Chapter 195: Ancient Battlefield

Shen Mengqi’s face was pale and she panted slightly, not daring to retort.

Demoness Ji was smiling in a beautiful manner.

However, they were both women and Shen Mengqi could sense hostility and killing intent from Demoness Ji!

Both of them were strangers and it was impossible for them to have any grudges. There was only one possibility why the girl in pink had a killing intent towards her.

It was because of Su Zimo!

Shen Mengqi’s gaze shifted onto Su Zimo. Her emotions were complicated and she actually felt a sense of bitterness.


What did Su Zimo have that would make this girl who was superior to her in terms of looks and strength fall for him?

In reality, Su Zimo and Demoness Ji’s relationship was not what Shen Mengqi imagined.

However, Su Zimo could not be bothered to explain and there was no need to either.

“Let her go.”

Su Zimo said indifferently.

Demoness Ji glanced sideways and looked at Su Zimo keenly, a hint of mockery flashing in her eyes as she asked with a smile, “What’s wrong? You can’t bear it?”

Su Zimo frowned.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

Demoness Ji changed her tone and said sweetly, releasing Shen Mengqi and returning to Su Zimo’s side, standing coquettishly.

Shen Mengqi only let out a long breath when she felt the coldness around her neck dissipate. Unknowingly, she was already drenched in sweat.

After this unforeseen change, Shen Mengqi no longer had the face to stay on. She harrumphed coldly and turned to leave.

Summoning her flying sword, she soared through the air.

Turning back, Shen Mengqi looked at the set of green robes in the palace behind her with a complicated expression.

She had never expected that their reunion after four years would be as such.

Could she have been wrong back then?

If she had not chosen to leave Ping Yang Town with her master back then, would she have followed Zimo onto the path of cultivation and joined Ethereal Peak together?

“No, I wasn’t wrong!”

Shen Mengqi took a deep breath, her gaze resolute as she muttered to herself, “I’ll prove myself at the sect competition. I’ll prove that my decision back then was the right one!”

“In that grand cultivation event where everyone will be watching, I’ll obtain unparalleled glory for the sect and be famous in Great Zhou. I’ll be the one entering the ancient battlefield. As for you… you’ll just be a spectator below!”

Outside the King of Yan’s chamber, Su Zimo stood at a stone step nearby. Hands behind his back, he stood against the wind as it lifted his black hair gently.

Demoness Ji drifted swiftly behind Su Zimo, her eyes burning with curiosity as she asked, “Who was that?”

Su Zimo did not seem to have heard anything.


She pouted. “I can guess even if you don’t tell me. That’s your old flame, right?”

Su Zimo’s expression changed and he glanced sideways at Demoness Ji.

“What I’m most curious about now is why she chose to leave you back then.”

Demoness Ji was puzzled. She held her chin with her hand and frowned. “At least among the younger generation, you’re already very powerful. I don’t think Iridescent Clouds Palace has anyone that can surpass you. Why did that woman choose to leave you? Isn’t that a stupid decision?”

“I was quite ordinary back then,” Su Zimo replied.

“I don’t believe you.”

Demoness Ji shook her head. “She must have bad taste.”

Pausing for a moment, Demoness Ji smiled smugly. “However, that makes me look even more formidable. I picked you right away with my sharp wisdom, hehe.”

Su Zimo did not laugh. Instead, he asked, “You’ve followed me for so long. What exactly do you want?”

“Perhaps you haven’t realized it yourself, but your personality is closer to that of a fiend’s.”

Demoness Ji looked at Su Zimo meaningfully and said in a deep voice, “You abhor evil and are decisive to kill. You also place a clear distinction between gratitude and hatred. Actually, you’re very suited for fiend cultivation.”

“Is that your motive?”

Su Zimo shook his head. “I’m not suited for fiend sects.”

“Why do you say that?”

Looking into the distance, Su Zimo replied indifferently, “The road I want is different from others. Even fiend sects may not be able to accommodate me.”

At that moment, Demoness Ji suddenly realized that she could not understand Su Zimo.

“W-What is the road you want?” She asked subconsciously.

Su Zimo did not elaborate. After some thought, he changed the topic and asked, “What was the ancient battlefield that you mentioned just now?”

“You know that the Great Zhou Dynasty holds a sect competition once every ten years, right?”

“I see.”

Su Zimo nodded.

Ji Yaoxue had mentioned this two years earlier.

It was a grand event for the Great Zhou Dynasty where all major and minor sects will gather and spar. Their realms were limited to those below Golden Core.

This was a battle between Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

There would be four ranking lists for Spirit, Talismans, Elixirs and Weapon with only the top ten of each – the competition was intense.

However, it also meant that this was the best opportunity for one to make a name for themselves.

Furthermore, the Great Zhou Dynasty would reward the cultivators on the ranking lists handsomely. It was also said that there would be additional mystery rewards.

Demoness Ji continued, “Actually, the mysterious reward is for one to enter the ancient battlefield and cultivate for a year within.”

“Cultivate for a year?” Su Zimo frowned slightly.

Demoness Ji laughed. “Don’t underestimate that one year. Even if you cultivate outside for ten, or even hundred years, it might not match what you can obtain from cultivating in the ancient battlefield for one year.”

“There are countless treasures within. Lost cultivation techniques, elixir and talisman recipes and even weapon refinement techniques can be found there. The opportunities inside are unimaginable to you.”

Su Zimo’s blood boiled as he listened in shock.

Demoness Ji continued, “There are some things you might not know. Back then, the Founder Master of True Fire Sect obtained a long-lost flame secret skill in the ancient battlefield. He then established True Fire Sect which turned into one of the five major sects in the Great Zhou Dynasty.”

“Of Ethereal Peak’s three secret skills, one of them was obtained from the ancient battlefield as well.”

“It’s not an overstatement to say that all geniuses of Tianhuang Mainland would have to venture to that place. However, only paragons will be able to return alive. If you die within…”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat as he recalled that terrifying expert of Ethereal Peak.

That person mentioned that the Void Thunder Manual was obtained from an ancient ruin.

A question suddenly flashed through Su Zimo’s mind and he asked, “Since the ancient battlefield is so great, why aren’t Golden Cores or even Nascent Souls sent there? Wouldn’t that mean a greater chance of obtaining treasures and inheritance opportunities?”

Demoness Ji explained, “Actually, every ancient battlefield was left behind by the ancient era and it forms its own dimension. In the most elementary ancient battlefield, only Foundation Establishment Cultivators can be sent inside. Furthermore, it would even require many Void Reversion Dao Beings to combine forces in breaking through the dimensional barriers.”

“Given the strength of the Great Zhou Dynasty, only dozens of Foundation Establishment Cultivators can be teleported at best. That’s the reason why we have the sect competition.”

Su Zimo pondered deeply, “Does that mean that only Golden Cores are allowed in the intermediate ancient battlefield?”

“I see.”

Demoness Ji nodded. “However, there’s no one in the Great Zhou Dynasty that has the power to send Golden Cores into the intermediate ancient battlefield. Think about it. If you require the combined forces of many Void Reversion Dao Beings to break the dimensional barrier of the elementary ancient battlefield, what sort of cultivators do you need for the intermediate ancient battlefield?”




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