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Chapter 194: Frog in the Well

Shen Mengqi said, “Thank you for not being calculative with my brother and sparing his life.”

Su Zimo replied, “Thank you for your reminder back then. Take that as a favor paid.”

Upon seeing this, everyone from the Su family felt emotional.

They watched Su Zimo and Shen Mengqi grow up together.

The two of them were once childhood sweethearts. After seeing one another four years later, there was no joyful reunion nor deliberate avoidance – it was merely a polite exchange of indifferent thanks.

Of course, Shen Mengqi was the only one who understood the meaning of their conversation. Everyone else was confused and did not know what was going on.

Before they parted four years ago, Shen Mengqi caught up with Su Zimo and said something.

Among it, she said, “Zhou Dingyun and I will be leaving Ping Yang Town with the Perfected Being tomorrow…”

It seemed like it was nothing, but if one thought about it carefully, they would realize that there was no need to mention Zhou Dingyun.

At that time, Perfected Being Cang Lang was in midair and Shen Mengqi did not dare to make her reminder too obvious.

However, she believed that given Su Zimo’s intelligence, he would definitely be able to read between the lines.

The facts proved it as well. After Su Zimo returned to his home, he pretended to be drunk and successfully bewitched Zhou Dingyun, scaring the latter off.

Of course, even without Shen Mengqi’s reminder, Zhou Dingyun might not have succeeded with Die Yue around.

After a brief silence, Shen Mengqi asked, “Did you kill Zhou Dingyun?”


Su Zimo did not choose to hide the truth.

He had even killed Xu You, so he naturally did not care if Zhou Dingyun’s death was added to it.

“Zimo, even though you’re a disciple of Ethereal Peak, I still want to say that you were too rash earlier on.”

Shen Mengqi said, “If you didn’t kill Xu You, I would have helped you keep Zhou Dingyun’s death a secret. At least you won’t offend Iridescent Clouds Palace that way. Now that you’ve killed Xu You in front of everyone, I can’t help you hide this secret even if I wanted to.”

“Why should you hide it?” Su Zimo asked.

“Huh?” Shen Mengqi was momentarily stunned.

He replied indifferently, “If I wanted to hide it, the simplest method… would be to kill all of you!”

Shen Mengqi’s heart skipped a beat.

From Su Zimo’s gaze, she had a feeling that he wasn’t joking about it.

Su Zimo continued, “If I didn’t kill you guys, it meant that I have no intention to hide it. So naturally, I’m not afraid of offending Iridescent Clouds Palace.”

A killing intent flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes at the thought of Perfected Being Cang Lang. “Furthermore, I’ve already offended Iridescent Clouds Palace before.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Mengqi’s heart skipped a beat. She seemed to have recalled something and frowned. “Shen Mengqi, are you still thinking of taking revenge on my master?”

“Oh? Perfected Being Cang Lang is your master?”

Su Zimo smiled faintly and said sarcastically, “How unlucky. Go back and tell him to live his life well. One day, I’ll personally take his life!”

“Su Zimo, that’s enough!” Shen Mengqi was a little agitated and questioned lightly, “You want to kill my master just because of a horse?!”

“A horse?”

Su Zimo stood up slowly. His eyes flickered coldly and a murderous aura emitted from him through just that simple motion!

Arriving before Shen Mengqi, Su Zimo stared at her with a piercing gaze that was sharp as knives.

Shen Mengqi even had an illusion that Su Zimo’s gaze stabbed her!

She took a step back subconsciously.

At that moment, she had even forgotten that her cultivation was higher than Su Zimo’s.

He said coldly, “If not for Zhui Feng, I would have died! Your master wanted my life back then!”

Shen Mengqi couldn’t refute him.

She had witnessed what happened back then.

If Zhui Feng had not been psychic and managed to defend in time, Su Zimo would have been burnt to ashes.

Shen Mengqi took a deep breath and raised her head, looking straight in Su Zimo’s eyes. “After four years, you’re still arrogant and ignorant as ever! You overestimate your abilities! What right do you have to take revenge on my master as a Foundation Establishment Cultivator?”

“Yes, you will grow stronger and raise your cultivation with the passage of time. However, master will not remain stagnant either. He will grow stronger too. You will never be able to catch up to him and take revenge!”

Pausing for a moment, Shen Mengqi scoffed coldly, “Also, I didn’t attack you just now because I’m weaker than you. It’s because I didn’t want to fight you for old times’ sake, but don’t push your luck!”

“Do you think that you have the strength to defeat me, a perfected Foundation Establishment, just because you killed Senior Brother Xu with a sneak attack?”

Su Zimo looked at Shen Mengqi calmly.

At this distance, he had a hundred ways to defeat Shen Mengqi.

Sadly, those who were ignorant would never ever know of their ignorance.

As though she hadn’t had enough, Shen Mengqi continued, “Su Zimo, there are too many geniuses in the cultivation world and there are tons of people stronger than you. You are nothing at all!”

“With your cultivation, you’re not even qualified to take part in the Great Zhou Dynasty’s sect competition. That is a grand event in the cultivation world where the top geniuses of the Foundation Establishment realm will meet and spar…”


Upon hearing that, Demoness Ji could no longer contain her laughter and interrupted Shen Mengqi.

“What are you laughing at?” Shen Mengqi asked coldly.

Demoness Ji ignored her and looked around as though she was looking for something, muttering, “Huh? I thought I heard a frog in the well croaking. How annoying!”

Shen Mengqi’s face darkened. She placed her hand on her storage bag and remarked icily, “Who are you calling a frog in the well?”

Noticing Shen Mengqi’s movement, Demoness Ji smiled. “So be it if someone’s a frog in a well. What’s worse is that she’s a self-righteous frog, boasting to others about how much of the sky she can see. What a joke.”


Shen Mengqi harrumphed coldly. “Let me show you the methods of a frog in the well!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Shen Mengqi used her left hand to conjure a seal and slapped her storage bag with her right, causing a flying sword to land in her palm.


A rumble echoed from within Shen Mengqi.

Right after, a meridian shone brightly like a divine dragon, roaring in Shen Mengqi’s body and emitting a rich spirit qi!

One of the eight meridians!

The Spirit Peering Art could only determine if a cultivator was at perfected Foundation Establishment, but it could not detect how many meridians they have unlocked.

The more meridians that were unlocked, the more spirit energy they had and the stronger they were.

It was obvious that Shen Mengqi had unlocked a spirit meridian.


The moment Shen Mengqi made her move, a pink figure flashed and appeared in front of her.

Demoness Ji stuck out her left hand and grabbed the meridian on Shen Mengqi’s left wrist with lightning speed.

Instantly, Shen Mengqi’s expression changed. Her left arm turned numb and the spirit energy in her meridian turned sluggish, unable to circulate at all!

The next moment, she felt her neck turn cold, prickling in pain as a cold air entered her body.

Shen Mengqi’s face looked extremely terrible, not daring to move as she froze on the spot.

Demoness Ji leaned over and smiled. “Don’t doubt it when I say that you’re a frog in the well. If someone like you were to enter the ancient battlefield, the only thing that awaits you is death!”




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