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Chapter 184: Obsession

After a rough analysis, Su Zimo rode his flying sword and sped towards the direction of Yan Country’s capital.

When Demoness Ji saw that Su Zimo turned around to leave and ignored her, she could not help but feel agitated. Stomping her foot, she chased after him on her flying sword.

As the pure maiden of the fiend sects, her status was unimaginable – it was not something an Ethereal Peak disciple like Su Zimo could compare to.

Furthermore, she was born a charming woman. After cultivating the supreme mystic classic, Pure Maiden Sutra, every single frown and smile of hers would exude the power to bewitch all living beings.

Even for cultivators who were a realm above her, they could easily fall under her skirt if they were slightly careless.

Any cultivator who had the slightest bit of evil intent when they saw Demoness Ji would inadvertently fall under the bewitchment of the Pure Maiden Sutra.

The entire process was subtle and difficult to detect, causing one to sink deeper and deeper.

That was the true terror of the Pure Maiden Sutra!

Even a single thought would work!

They would be controlled by the pure maiden of the fiend sects!

What made Demoness Ji upset was how Su Zimo had not been interested in her right from the beginning. Moreover, he was extremely wary.

He was even more so after discovering her identity, wanting nothing more than to keep his distance and never see her again.

That made Demoness Ji question her charms or whether there was a problem with the Pure Maiden Sutra.

Both of them sped through the air one after another. Just like that, half a day was gone.

Su Zimo stopped and turned to look at Demoness Ji behind him, frowning.

She came to a stop as well, ignoring his gaze. With her hands behind her back, she pretended to be nonchalant and looked at the scenery below in a seemingly relaxed manner.

Su Zimo turned back and left and Demoness Ji followed him again.

Even when he changed directions and routes, she followed accordingly.

Stopping in his tracks, Su Zimo turned around and asked, “Why are you following me?”


Demoness Ji rolled her eyes and pouted. “That’s odd. You’re going your own way and I’m going mine. Who’s following you? Stop thinking so highly of yourself!”

Su Zimo nodded. “Alright then, where are you going?”


Demoness Ji was at a loss for words. She rolled her eyes and retorted, “Why do you care where I go? The world is huge and I can go anywhere I want!”

Because this woman was Ji Yaoxue’s younger sister after all, Su Zimo could not do anything to her.

Furthermore, back in the inheritance ground, Demoness Ji had the chance to escape but she did not abandon him. That proved that she did not have a bad nature despite being someone of the fiend sects.

Su Zimo turned to leave and she followed hurriedly.

After a short while, Demoness Ji suddenly asked, “Hey, you seem to hate me?”

“I don’t have a good impression towards those of fiend sects,” Su Zimo replied.


Demoness Ji smiled as a look of mockery flashed in her eyes. She shook her head. “I thought you were different from others. To think that you’re a fool as well.”


Su Zimo raised his brow and replied, “You’re a young brat who has been led astray. Why do you speak as though you know right from wrong? Does your sister know about this?”

“What do you mean by going astray?”

Demoness Ji was suddenly agitated as she stopped in front of Su Zimo and looked him in the eyes. “Since you don’t have a good impression towards those of the fiend sects, you think that the path of fiends is one that’s astray? Let me ask you then, do you know what fiends are? Do you understand anything about fiend sects?”

Su Zimo was stunned for a moment. He wanted to reply but did not know what to say.

Indeed, it was difficult for him to define fiends and he did not understand fiend sects as well. In fact, he had not even heard of the seven fiend sects before he met Demoness Ji.

After a moment, Su Zimo replied, “Indeed, I don’t know what fiends are. However, I know that Wu Xiangming, Yan Fei and the others were sincere about wanting to protect you. But, you got them killed.”

Demoness Ji scoffed coldly, “That’s where you’re wrong. Yan Fei was someone from Cloud Rain Sect and he had no good intentions following me! As for Wu Xiangming and the rest, I can assure you that they were only lured there because they had ill intents towards me. Such people deserve death!”

“If I didn’t have the means to protect myself, what do you think they would have done to me?”

Su Zimo thought for a moment before adding, “Back in the past, I encountered a sect named Joyful Sect here. Their disciples committed all sorts of evil and abducted women, using their Yin to raise their cultivation realms. If that’s not fiendish, what is? Joyful Sect is in the same league as Cloud Rain Sect, there’s no difference!”

“That’s where you’re wrong again.”

Demoness Ji revealed a look of disdain and shook her head. “I’ve never heard of any Joyful Sect before. Although I’m not a disciple of Cloud Rain Sect, I know that Joyful Sect is not even befitting of carrying the shoes of Cloud Rain Sect cultivators!”

She paused for a moment and asked again, “Also, do you know Cloud Rain Sect very well? Why do you claim that Joyful Sect and Cloud Rain Sect are in the same league and there’s no difference? On what basis?”

“Their cultivation techniques…”

“Just because you’ve seen Joyful Sect’s cultivation techniques, you understand the cultivation techniques of Cloud Rain Sect?”

Su Zimo remained silent.

Demoness Ji continued, “Let me tell you, even though the disciples of Cloud Rain Sect are frivolous and always have sex with women, they don’t force any women at all! Otherwise, they will be punished heavily by Cloud Rain Sect and even sentenced to death!”

“Moreover, copulation between men and women is a fusion of Yin and Yang, the universe’s natural path and the primordial Dao. What’s wrong about that? If that’s fiendish, you’re telling me that all married couples in the world are fiends?”

Upon hearing this, Su Zimo frowned.

In that case, Cloud Rain Sect and Joyful Sect truly had a difference.

Cloud Rain Sect would not force others. If the women were willing, there was nothing to say about that.

“Also, the real fiend sects are only the seven of us. In fact, six! Even Malevolent Earth Sect cannot be considered as a true fiend sect, let alone some rubbish like Joyful Sect. Do you think they’re fit to be called fiends?”

Demoness Ji continued, “Since you don’t know what fiends are, let me tell you!”

“There’s a reason why the Dao of fiends can be ranked alongside the immortal and Buddha Dao and be passed down through the ages. The Dao of fiends is the Dao of obsession… the Dao of extremity!”

“Dao of obsession, Dao of extremity…”

Su Zimo repeated and frowned in deep thoughts.

What Demoness Ji said had indeed given Su Zimo a new understanding of the term ‘fiend’.

The fiend mentioned by Demoness Ji seemed to depart largely from his previous impression of the term.

Furthermore, there would definitely be some degree of obstinateness in everyone’s hearts. If they were to take a step more and reach the state of obsession, they would turn into fiends.

Obsession turns one into fiends!

Su Zimo asked, “Since it’s the Dao of obsession and extremity, what does Cloud Rain Sect cultivate?”

“The Dao of indulgence.”

Demoness Ji explained slowly, “In the Cloud Wind mental sutra, indulgence is at the basis of it. However, there are two major taboos. One is to not force others, the other is to not be stirred by emotions!”

“The reason why Yan Fei died in my hands was because he had violated the two great taboos of the Cloud Wind mental sutra, resulting in him exposing a fatal opening. As such, his death comes as no surprise.”

If one wanted to indulge in lust, they would have to be heartless!

That was the obsession and extremity of fiend sects.

One would have to forsake many things to tread on this path.

Fiends were incomplete and imperfect.

Su Zimo’s heart was shaken. After a brief pause, he asked, “What does the Pure Maiden Sect cultivate?”

“Not telling you.”

Demoness Ji smiled slyly.




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