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Chapter 183: Buddha Bead, Hand Seal

Upon seeing those words, Demoness Ji’s heart palpitated as she continued reading hurriedly.

Gradually, her eyes widened and she was engrossed as well.

Even though it was pitch black in the stone coffin, Su Zimo had extremely strong eyesight after cultivating The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. Everywhere his gaze was, it would be clear like daylight.

This was a cultivation technique for one’s bloodline and it detailed many strange spirit arts. Profound secrets of the bloodline were depicted and there were many novel techniques in stimulating and making use of the bloodline’s power – this was something completely unheard of.

The spirit art used by the skeleton to devour many of the fiend sect cultivators previously was the Blood Devouring Technique, one of the many detailed in this Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra.

Even though many of the spirit arts in this Fiend Sutra were vile and evil, some of them caught Su Zimo’s interest. He secretly memorized and pondered over them.

Even though this trip with Demoness Ji was filled with many surprises, it was a blessing in disguise.

Now, Su Zimo had attained greater mastery of the Marrow Cleansing section. His bloodline flowed quietly in his body, giving birth to immense power and shimmering with a crystalline luster such that his blood vessels were almost transparent.

From now on, Su Zimo could start to cultivate the Organs Refinement section!

Only, it was much more difficult to cultivate than the Marrow Cleansing section!

The Marrow Cleansing section gave mention of the sound of tigers and leopards.

However, the Organs Refinement section merely contained obscure and complicated scriptures without any mention of demon beasts and whatnot.

Su Zimo had no clue at all how he should go about refining the Organs Refinement section.

After a long time, the stone coffin began to shake violently.

It was thrown out by an external force before calming down and sinking gradually.

Su Zimo’s heart stirred – he realized that the stone coffin had already left the river undercurrent.

At the side, Demoness Ji was already at the limits of her endurance. Wearing her veil again, she channeled her spirit energy and pushed with her palm heavily against the coffin lid.

With a bam, the lid was blown away as river water surged into the stone coffin.

In the blink of an eye, Su Zimo was drenched.

Demoness Ji was already prepared as a nearly transparent barrier was conjured around her body, repelling water.

Turning to look at Su Zimo’s sorry state, she could not help but laugh.

In the river, Su Zimo floated. He looked a little dazed, as if he had yet to regain his senses.

In truth, it wasn’t because Su Zimo’s reaction was not fast enough.

It was because after water gushed into the stone coffin, Su Zimo caught sight of a Buddha Bead around the size of a longan 1 floating.

The Buddha Bead was extremely old. Even though it was made of wood, there was no sign of decay.

A palm was etched on the Buddha Bead that had its middle finger and thumb touching to form a hand seal. Every single line on the palm could be seen clearly and it was bedazzling.

Su Zimo had merely taken a single look at the Buddha Bead when he felt his vision blurring into an extremely shocking scene.

It was like a battlefield in purgatory. Corpses piled into mountains and blood flowed like rivers everywhere. The smell of blood filled the air and black clouds were overcast in an atmosphere so repressing that one could barely breathe.

A cold wind blew in the surroundings, sending chills down one’s spine!

A man covered in blood stood atop the mountain of corpses. With his back facing Su Zimo, he was laughing with his head lowered like an unparalleled fiend.

It was a sinister and terrifying laughter, sounding as though it was ringing right inside Su Zimo’s ears – it was extremely unsettling!

A moment later, bits of golden light shone through the gaps in the black clouds, scattering some warmth across the battlefield.

With the passage of time, the golden light grew more and more intense, almost tearing the pitch black clouds away.

All of a sudden!

A dazzling golden pillar of light descended from the sky, seemingly tearing the heavens and shining on the fiend.


The fiend was furious and reared its head, bellowing towards the heavens in wrath. The veins on its necks were exposed and its blood vessels were protruding in a terrifyingly ferocious manner, akin to a living ghost from hell!


Accompanied by a deafening roar, a bedazzling golden palm descended from the sky. It crushed down gently with its middle finger and thumb touching one another to form a hand seal.

“Fiend Suppression Seal!”

A deep voice sounded.

Before the golden hand seal even descended upon the fiend’s head, its body suddenly exploded as though it could not withstand the pressure, spraying blood all around the place in a horrifying manner.

Su Zimo felt his eyes sting from the splattered blood and he snapped out of the illusion.

The entire process seemed very slow but in fact, it occurred in the split of a moment.

Looking at the Buddha Bead nearby that was sinking, Su Zimo broke into a shudder.

There was a flash of struggle in his eyes. After some hesitation, he swam into the river and chased after the Buddha Bead, clasping it in his palm.

There was nothing unusual when he retrieved it.

Su Zimo heaved out a sigh of relief.

It seemed that as long as one did not look at the pattern on the bead carefully, they would not fall into the illusion from before.

“Fiend Suppression Seal.”

Those three words flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

Needless to say, that must be an extremely powerful secret technique.

Even though the illusion had lasted for a moment, that golden hand seal left a deep impression in Su Zimo’s mind and he could not forget about it.

Kicking his legs, Su Zimo swam towards the river surface and before long, he arrived at the shore.

At that moment, his upper body was nude and his pants were sopping wet.

Demoness Ji pursed her lips and swept her gaze across Su Zimo’s lower body. Just as she was about to tease him, Su Zimo’s body shivered and he churned his bloodline.

With the power of the bloodline, a white mist emitted from Su Zimo’s body suddenly.

All the water droplets were vaporized!

Under the veil, Demoness Ji’s mouth opened into a circle.

Su Zimo retrieved a clean green robe from his storage bag and wore it. He also tossed the Buddha Bead conveniently into his storage bag.

Demoness Ji’s eyes shifted. Recalling the abnormality of Su Zimo at the bottom of the river, she approached him and blinked. “What did you find down there?”

“It’s nothing.”

There was naturally no way Su Zimo would tell Demoness Ji about the Buddha Bead as he replied casually.

“How stingy!”

She harrumphed.

Summoning a flying sword, Su Zimo leaped on it and flew into the air, surveying the place.

He did not know where the river undercurrent had brought them.

Demoness Ji arrived in midair and looked down as well.

Su Zimo pondered for a while and looked at the river behind him. His heart stirred and he had a vague guess where they were.

This was Yongxing River, a tributary of Jishui River that originated from the Great Zhou Dynasty and passed by Yan Country.

In other words, Su Zimo and Demoness Ji had arrived in Yan Country’s territory!

Su Zimo looked over at the capital of Yan Country with longing in his eyes.

“I’ve been away from home for two years. I wonder how elder brother is doing.”

The scene of leaving Ping Yang Town two years ago felt like yesterday in his mind.

Su Zimo did not have many relatives. Other than him, the Su Family only had Su Hong and Su Xiaoning as descendants.

Su Xiaoning was far away in Azure Frost Sect and it was not easy to see her. Su Zimo decided to visit his brother in the capital of Yan Country.




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