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Chapter 176: Terrifying Lunatic


Pang Yue pulled out the black spear that was embedded in the ground, causing the earth to crack and mud splattered everywhere.

Dragging his huge spear, Pang Yue strode in a domineering manner to Su Zimo and said, “I don’t know which immortal sect you’re from, but I guess your master must have spent a lot of effort to nurture you. But… what a pity.”

“Even though your bloodline has reached the legendary tsunami blood, your body tempering isn’t at a greater mastery yet. You are too weak to be my match!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he thought to himself about how powerful this person was.

Before they even exchanged blows, Pang Yue had already seen through him.

Pang Yue was not wrong. Even though Su Zimo’s bloodline was terrifying and he was strong, Marrow Cleansing was only the fourth section of The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

In terms of body tempering, Su Zimo had yet to cultivate the Organs Refinement and Orifice Clearing sections.


The spear tip slashed across the ground, producing strange sounds.

Amidst the sound, Pang Yue’s heavy footsteps could be heard.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

He was neither slow nor fast, but it was forceful. Every single step he took seemed as if he was stepping on the beat of Su Zimo’s heart, giving the latter a feeling of dread.

As Pang Yue approached, his aura grew stronger and stronger. On the contrary, Su Zimo’s aura was being crushed completely!

In the eyes of the onlookers, Pang Yue seemed to have transformed into an ancient demon a hundred feet tall, overlooking Su Zimo who was tiny as an ant right now.

Of course, that was just an illusion of the crowd that was caused by the auras of both parties and the circumstances alongside various reasons.

Shangguan Yu was secretly shocked by Pang Yue’s terror. After some thought, he gathered that even without the presence of the ancient spirit lock formation, he might not be a match for that lunatic either.

However, Shangguan Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

No matter what, that green robed cultivator was finally going to die.

With Pang Yue around, the rest of them were in no danger of losing their lives. But, if the green robed cultivator was the one who survived, the only option left for them was to escape.

A cruel glint flashed in the Zenith Sect heir’s eyes as he looked on coldly.

When the Illusion Fiend Cult heir saw what was happening, he was delighted and yelled, “Lunatic Pang, killing this person outright will be too easy on him! You’d better rip him into pieces! That’d be satisfying!”

Ji Yaoyan furrowed her brows as worry flashed across her eyes.

She was the clearest about Pang Yue’s methods and abilities. Through the history of fiend sect heirs, his strength was ranked right at the top. Otherwise, he would not be called a lunatic!

Seeing Pang Yue walk over, Su Zimo suddenly realized something.

Even though what Pang Yue said was true, the fact that he chose to say it at this moment was a form of mental warfare.

If Su Zimo felt that he was inferior to Pang Yue, his aura would definitely weaken and he would lose the initiative.

After realizing this, Su Zimo had been searching for a way to break out of that situation.


Pang Yue did not intend to give Su Zimo any chance to begin with. When he approached Su Zimo, he raised his pitch black spear and smashed it down like a steel whip, causing the wind to howl in a breathtaking manner!

Su Zimo did not even think about it and sidestepped to dodge immediately.

The power of that spear was too powerful!

If he wanted to defend it head on, he would only end up severely injured and might even die on the spot!

“Can you avoid it?”

Pang Yue’s spear missed and smashed on the ground with a loud bang, causing the earth to crack.

Amidst the billowing smoke, a thick black spear stabbed out. It was extremely stable, as if it could even pierce through the heavens!

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up. He took a half sidestep and forcefully twisted his stance with the Plow Heaven Stride, dodging the sharp tip of the spear while using his Cold Moon Saber to strike at the weakest part of the spear!

Su Zimo could not help but praise himself internally for that slash.

Regardless of angle, timing, strength or the combination with Plow Heaven Stride, the move was perfect.

In fact, Su Zimo thought of what to do with this move later on.

After colliding with the spear, the Cold Moon Saber slanted sideways and sliced down the body of the spear, forcing Pang Yue to let go!

That way, Su Zimo would seize the initiative and gain the advantage with a weapon!


The sound of metal clashing echoed out.

It was as Su Zimo had imagined and the Cold Moon Saber collided heavily against the body of the spear. However, his expression changed the next moment as he realized something was amiss.

Su Zimo felt an extremely domineering shock wave on the body of the spear!

The moment the Cold Moon Saber made contact with it, the shock was transmitted to him through the saber!

It was a trap!

It was the same way Su Zimo had dealt with the thousand-faced assassin earlier on – this was a deliberate opening set up by Pang Yue!


The spear quivered and the Cold Moon Saber was sent flying. With his palm torn and fresh blood dripping, Su Zimo’s trump card he had designed earlier was now useless.


Pang Yue burst out into laughter. Exerting strength into his arms, he swept the spear horizontally right at Su Zimo’s head.

After the Cold Moon Saber left his hands, Su Zimo was extremely swift and squatted.

The pitch black spear swept into air. However, it suddenly changed its momentum and stopped right above Su Zimo’s head before slamming down!

Pushing his feet, Su Zimo rolled to the side and barely avoided the fatal blow. He was covered with quite a bit of mud and looked rather pathetic.

The both of them had only exchanged a couple of moves. However, Su Zimo had escaped death several times. If he was any bit slower, he would have died on the spot!

The difference in strength between the both sides was obvious.

In the eyes of everyone, Su Zimo had no chance against Pang Yue with his black spear now that even his weapon was gone.

“I’ve told you, you’re very strong, but you’re no match for me. Please resign to your fate,” Pang Yue’s voice sounded as though he was stating an unquestionable fact.

Raising his brow, an idea flashed into Su Zimo’s mind – he had finally realized the flaw in Pang Yue’s earlier statement!

“My strength is indeed inferior to yours. However, strength is not the only factor in melee combat,” Su Zimo composed himself and replied indifferently.

In that instant, a strange change happened between their auras.

Pang Yue’s aura was still extremely strong. However, Su Zimo’s aura suddenly became unpredictable.

If one were to compare Pang Yue to a towering, mighty mountain, Su Zimo would be akin to a bottomless ocean!

It was hard to tell who was stronger between the two!

No one could tell if the mountain would overturn the ocean or if the ocean would sink the mountain.

“I’m really curious. Now that even your weapon is gone, what are you going to fight me with? Hmms,” Sensing the abnormality in Su Zimo, Pang Yue continued with his mental warfare.

“Not only are weapons useless in the hands of some people, they may even be a burden.”

Su Zimo let out a long sigh and actually took the initiative to walk towards Pang Yue calmly.

Splash! Splash!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

“Huff… hmm…”

A strange noise rang in Su Zimo’s body – that was the Tiger Leopard Thunder Sound.

Su Zimo’s aura was climbing steadily!

If anyone were to close their eyes, they would definitely be met with a shocking scene in their minds.

It was an ancient demon that stood tall and mighty. With bloodshot eyes, it strode through the torrential ocean and its body shimmered with lightning – it was an unyielding sight!




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