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Chapter 175: Killing a fiend heir

Many of the fiend cultivators saw what happened and their expressions changed slightly. However, their eyes burned with an intense gaze.

Su Zimo did not know what the inheritance of this place was. However, judging from their expressions, he could vaguely guess that the inheritance in that evil blood pool was about to be born!

But, no one dared to make any reckless moves after witnessing what happened to the cultivator that fell into the blood pool.

Right then, Shangguan Yu’s figure flashed. He took advantage of the moment when Ji Yaoyan was briefly distracted and sneaked in an attack.

The side of the folding fan was extremely sharp and a flash of blood appeared as it brushed past Ji Yaoyan’s arm.


Ji Yaoyan could not help but exclaim as the pain turned her face pale.


When he saw that, killing intent surged through Su Zimo’s eyes. With a swift leap, he jumped over the heads of the many fiend cultivators and charged at Shangguan Yu and the others.


The Cold Moon Saber descended from the skies, slashing down with an unstoppable might.

Shangguan Yu’s expression changed. There was no way he would dare take that head on as he retreated while yelling, “Stop him! Everyone, let’s work together to kill that man!”

His first sentence was directed at the four beautiful women he brought along. The second was a call for all other fiend cultivators.

Swash! Swash! Swash!

The four beautiful women had clearly trained together in a combined attack technique as four long swords stabbed from different angles, making it impossible for anyone to dodge or retaliate.

Even though Ji Yaoyan was from a fiend sect, she was Ji Yaoxue’s younger sister after all.

With that relationship, Su Zimo had to ensure her safety!

Now that he saw Ji Yaoyan injured, Su Zimo could not care less. Facing the four incoming swords, he did not retreat or dodge. Instead, he slashed up with the Cold Moon Saber in his left hand and met an incoming sword with his right hand.

He coiled his hand around the sword!


The sword let out a tremble as the woman wielding it exclaimed. Her palm was torn and she could no longer grip the sword, breaking the combo attack of the four of them momentarily.

Su Zimo’s figure flickered and afterimages lingered. Appearing before the woman in the blink of an eye, he leaned it.

With a bang, her body flew off like a kite that was snapped. By the time she landed, she was no longer breathing.

At the same time, Su Zimo flipped his hand and slashed with his saber, causing a cold light to swipe across the neck of another woman.

A bloody line appeared.


A blood mist spewed out.

With just a casual brush and a single exchange of blow, two women from Cloud Rain Sect had died in Su Zimo’s hands.

He came to Ji Yaoxue’s side and asked, frowning, “How are you?”

“I’m fine, you don’t have to worry about me.”

She shook her head and indicated for her to watch out behind him.

Su Zimo spun around and glared at the incoming fiend cultivators coldly. Wielding his saber, he howled and charged into them once more.


Even though the person in front blocked Su Zimo’s saber, he was still sent flying. By the time he landed on the ground, his arms were mangled and his bones crushed – he had lost all his battle prowess.

Su Zimo’s power of blood was way too strong.

The realm of tsunami blood was enough for him to crush all the fiend cultivators present!

Only the four fiend heirs could hold out against him with their intricate moves.


At the moment, the familiar dull sound rang from the blood pool again as a splash appeared on the surface.

This time, the sound was even clearer and more powerful. It was as though a hammer had slammed heavily into everyone’s hearts.

Everyone present felt a tightness in their chest and their blood was in a mess. They could not help but frown.

Su Zimo suddenly felt an indescribable sense of danger.

This place was a little odd. It did not seem like it was just a simple inheritance ground as those of the fiend sects had said.

Su Zimo did not think too much about it. He was the first to recover with his surging bloodline as he rushed into the crowd towards the Malevolent Earth Sect heir.


When he saw that Su Zimo was rushing at him, the Malevolent Earth Sect heir heaved a deep breath of air and bellowed. As he retreated, he shook the bone spear in his hands.

The other three fiend heirs snapped out of their stupor from the dull sound and helped the Malevolent Earth Sect heir immediately, forming an entrapment.


Su Zimo stomped his feet on the ground, causing sand and gravel to fly everywhere as the earth trembled.

The Malevolent Earth Sect heir was caught off guard and broke into a stumble. That slowed his movements and revealed an opening.

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up. He casted Divine Steed Fleeting and cut through the crowd instantly, swinging his Cold Moon Saber upwards ruthlessly!

This was a completely one-sided attack.

Coupled with his terrifying burst speed, the Malevolent Earth Sect heir was still a step slower even as he tried his best to retreat. His chest was sliced open, causing blood to gush out and his organs were faintly visible.


The Malevolent Earth Sect heir shrieked shrilly. Pale as a sheet, he looked down at his chest in horror.

While the seven fiend sects were fighting for the inheritance, if things were to go awry and any one party were to declare their surrender, the rest would not be so ruthless as to kill a fiend heir.

However, the Malevolent Earth Sect heir would have never imagined that he would come across such a malignant being in this place!

Upon seeing this scene, the other three fiend heirs felt a chill run down their spines.

Su Zimo swung left and right. Any fiend sect cultivators that stood before him either died on the spot or were sent flying with blood spraying out of them.

Arriving before the Malevolent Earth Sect heir, Su Zimo grabbed his head with a cold expression and swung his Cold Moon Saber horizontally.


A large head was chopped off!


The fiend sect cultivators gasped.

They did not know which immortal sect had sent such a ruthless person who could kill the Malevolent Earth Sect fiend heir without batting a single eyelid!

Shangguan Yu and the Illusion Fiend Cult and Zenith Sect heirs retreated.

If the four of them were unable to kill this person, it was pointless now that there were only three of them left. They might even end up dying here.

“Lunatic Pang, are you just going to sit there and watch our fiend heirs get killed idly?”

Shangguan Yu asked with an ashen expression, “If you continue to sit by and do nothing, what would the other fiend cultivators think of you when news of this spreads back to the fiend sects?”


The Illusion Fiend Cult heir burst out in laughter. “They’ll only think that Lunatic Pang is a superficial reputation of yours! You’re nothing more than an empty shell who can only be arrogant within our fiend sects! When you come across anyone from immortal sects, you’re so scared that you don’t even dare to say a word!”

Upon hearing this, Pang Yue finally moved. He stood up from his spot as the fighting spirit in his eyes burned into two flames.

With just that single action, everyone present felt an overwhelming pressure!

It was as though there was a shadow of an ancient demon coming from Pang Yue, possessing unparalleled might that could even envelop the heavens!

“You don’t have to provoke me.”

Pang Yue said coldly, “If I were to attack, that person would be killed with extreme ease!”

As fiend heirs, each of them had tricks up their sleeves and were extremely intelligent.

When Su Zimo was fighting the other fiend heirs, it was the perfect opportunity to sit by and reap the spoils later – there was no way Pang Yue would get involved.

However, the inheritance object was about to be born.

Now that the other fiend heirs were fearful because of Su Zimo, it was the perfect timing for him to stand forth.




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