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Chapter 170: Demon Heirs Gathered

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About a hundred feet away from the blood pool, a cultivator with a buzz cut sat in a lotus position. There was a thick black spear embedded in the ground beside him – it was even taller than Su Zimo.

The buzz cut cultivator had his eyes closed. Breathing steadily, his face was sharp as a knife and his upper body was bare. Every single inch of his muscles shone with a bronze luster, as though watered by molten steel, it gave off a feeling of strength.

There was no one within a radius of 100 meters around the person – there was only the long, thick spear.

The moment Su Zimo saw that person, he felt an immense pressure!

It was an unrestrained, violent aura that dominated the entire place!

“That person is very strong!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Even though the presence of the ancient spirit lock formation meant that one could only rely on their melee combat skills, Su Zimo was not invincible.

He was only at the Marrow Cleansing section of The Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and it wasn’t at greater mastery yet. Even with the support of the marrow cleansing sutra of the Void Thunder Manual, his power was only equivalent to that of a late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

The girl in pink frowned slightly when she looked at the buzz cut cultivator.

Demon heir of Overlord Palace – Pang Yue!

Regarded by many disciples of fiend sects as the lunatic of Overlord Palace, Pang Yue was domineering in his actions and possessed extreme combat strength. He was also the only one who would be so confident to head to this place alone.

On the other end of the blood pool stood more than a hundred cultivators in the same get up – it was clear they were from the same faction.

Leading them was a man in purple robes. Hands behind his back, he had a deep and mysterious gaze. His eyes looked like they were able to emit a light of illusion that could bewitch one’s heart.

To the side of the purple robed cultivator, there were dozens of other cultivators with their leader donning a crimson red robe. With pursed lips, his face was expressionless and he had an extremely cold gaze.

Su Zimo swept his gaze and could roughly tell that excluding them, there were three factions at this place.

The buzz cut cultivator was alone, the purple robed cultivator with his hundred odd cultivators and the crimson robed cultivator with his dozens of cultivators.

Of course, it could also be four factions.

If Su Zimo was right, the corpse that tried to assassinate him twice previously should not belong to either of these three factions. Including him, there were four factions.

If that corpse was here, given his disguise skills, he would not be found by Su Zimo until he let out any killing intent.

When Su Zimo and the girl in pink arrived, the cultivators of the three factions reacted differently.

The buzz cut cultivator was motionless – he did not even open his eyes.

The purple robed cultivator looked at the girl in pink and smirked coldly.

The crimson robed cultivator was indifferently cold and remained silent.

The commonality of the three factions was that all of them subconsciously ignored Su Zimo.

Right then, at a fork road not far away, a group of cultivators arrived. They were led by a man in black robes – those were the Malevolent Earth Sect cultivators that Su Zimo had exchanged blows with previously.

When the black robed cultivator caught sight of Su Zimo, his pupils constricted slightly and there was a flash of killing intent.

Initially, the black robed cultivator brought more than a hundred men with him. However, more than twenty of them were slain after that short exchange of blows with Su Zimo. In fact, he nearly died as well!

Before long, another couple of people appeared. They were led by an extremely handsome man. Holding a folding fan, the man had a jade-like complexion. His eyes were akin to sparkling stars and he had an extraordinary bearing. Coupled with a set of white robes, he was what people would refer to as a dashing gentleman.

The man carried a faint smile and had a gentle gaze.

Compared to the buzz cut and purple robed cultivator, he was considered normal and did not seem as though he was from a fiend sect.

The white robed man was accompanied by four stunning women. All of them had beautiful looks and graceful figures, exuding different styles of their own.

Turning his gaze, the white robed man looked at the girl in pink and said gently, “Yan’er, this place is so dangerous. Come to my side?”


The girl in pink chuckled. “Shangguan Yu, sorry to disappoint you. But, an idiot of your Cloud Rain Sect was killed by me!”


The white robed cultivator named Shangguan Yu did not seem surprised at all as he nodded. “Yan Fei? I expected that he would die. Only, I did not think that he would die so quickly. I thought that he would be able to arrive here with you at least.”

“Even though he’s a disciple of Cloud Rain Sect, he committed a most heinous mistake,” The girl in pink replied.


Shangguan Yu laughed. “He’s just an ordinary fiend sect disciple. How can he be a match for the pure maiden of our fiend sects? It’s only normal that he would die.”

Pausing for a moment, Shangguan Yu swept his gaze across Shangguan Yu and fanned himself, asking in a seemingly casual manner, “Yan’er, who is that?”

“He’s my bodyguard,” The girl in pink walked forward, slung her arm around Su Zimo’s shoulders, and replied in a tired voice.


Shangguan Yu smiled and said faintly, “He’s quite capable to be able to get here… it’s just a pity he’s about to die.”

Right then, Su Zimo turned sideways and looked at the girl in pink. There was a flash of mockery in his eyes as he said calmly, “Pure Maiden of the fiend sects. Indeed, you’re someone of the fiend sects.”

“I didn’t want to hide it from you either, but…”

The girl in pink was about to explain when she was interrupted by Su Zimo, “I’ve already said this previously. Anyone of the fiend sects, if I meet one, I kill one!”


Upon hearing this, someone could not help but laugh out loud.

What was this place?

Who were the people in this place?

That green robed cultivator must be truly stupid to dare say such a thing!


A series of laughter broke out from the crowd. Even the buzz cut cultivator who had closed his eyes the entire time turned his head to look at Su Zimo.

“Who is this person? What a riot!”

“I don’t know. Maybe there’s something wrong with his brains such that he’s starting to spout nonsense.”

Almost everyone present was laughing. However, the black robed cultivator from Malevolent Earth Sect was not.

Shangguan Yu smiled. “Yan’er, that cultivator is quite interesting. I almost can’t bear to kill him.”

The girl in pink ignored everyone else. She looked at Su Zimo and said aggrievedly, “Brother Su, you promised that you would protect me.”


Su Zimo nodded. His next words nearly made the girl in pink vomit blood from anger.

“I’m going back on my words,” Su Zimo continued expressionlessly.

Gritting her teeth, the girl in pink said, “How can you be this shameless? Don’t forget, I gave you more than 400,000 spirit stones!”

Su Zimo pointed at the surrounding cultivators and said in a low voice, “If I’m not wrong, they are all from fiend sects as well. The inheritance ground here belongs to you guys of the fiend sects!”

“You lured me to this place with ill intentions. If I didn’t have some tricks up my sleeves, I would have ended up in the same situation as Wu Xiangming, Yan Fei and the rest! For 400,000 spirit stones, I can protect you. But buying my life with that amount? That’s too cheap!”

At that moment, the girl in pink was alarmed.

Both of them were so close that she could truly feel Su Zimo’s killing intent.

The girl in pink’s body stiffened as though she had fallen into an ice cavern.

She knew that if she did not handle this correctly, the green robed man would truly kill her!

“Y-You can’t kill me.”

The girl in pink suddenly said.

Su Zimo remained silently and merely glared at the girl in pink coldly; his palm was already on the handle of the Cold Moon Saber.

Reaching out, the girl in pink removed her veil slowly and revealed a flawlessly beautiful face. She said softly, “My name is Ji Yaoyan.”

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