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Chapter 169: A Pool of Blood

The girl in pink and Yan Fei ran non stop through the fork.

Yan Fei’s head was lowered and his eyes flashed with a changing expression – no one could read his thoughts.

After a moment, a cold glint flashed in Yan Fei’s eyes as though he had made up his mind about something. Moving forward suddenly, he pinned the girl in pink against the wall.

He raised his arm and choked it around the girl in pink’s throat, almost pressing himself against her entirely.


The girl in pink grunted softly and frowned, asking, “What are you doing? It hurts.”

The tender voice of the girl in pink seduced itself into Yan Fei’s heart, causing it to skip a beat. Instinctively, he loosened his grip even though he did not remove his arm still.

Leaning in, Yan Fei stared keenly into the girl in pink’s eyes. He spoke with a warm moisture in his breath, “Demoness Ji, do you really think I’m like those fools of Southern Mountains Sect? You thought that I came to this place because I was bewitched by your charm as well?”

“What are you talking about?” The girl in pink blinked huge, innocent eyes and asked in puzzlement.


Yan Fei smiled lecherously. “Stop pretending. Others may not know of your identity, but which disciple of fiend sects would not know who you are? Furthermore, I’ve been coveting your body for the longest time, hehe.”

The girl in pink’s gaze turned cold as she asked, “You’re from Cloud Rain Sect?”


Yan Fei praised. “No wonder you’re this generation’s pure maiden.”

With an unchanged expression, the girl in pink asked again, “Did Shangguan Yu send you?”


Yan Fei scoffed coldly, “Even though he’s the fiend heir of Cloud Rain Sect, he can’t command me! As long as I obtain your body, I’ll make a name for myself within the fiend sects and gain a huge boost in my powers! I’ll trample Shangguan Yu beneath my feet and replace him to be the new fiend heir of Cloud Rain Sect! Demoness Ji, surrender that precious pure maiden essence in your body to me!”

“Y-You’re doing it here? W-What if s-someone comes?” Finally, a hint of panic flashed in the girl in pink’s eyes as she asked with a trembling voice.

Yan Fei laughed. “Don’t worry, I’ll take you out of this place right away so we don’t get involved in this mess. As long as I obtain your pure maiden essence, it won’t matter whether or not we get the inheritance of this place. Furthermore, there’s that lunatic of Overlord Palace. Even if a couple of you fiend heirs combine forces, you might not be a match for him.”

“B-Brother Yan! If I lose my virginity, my status as the pure maiden will be gone and I won’t be able to stay in the sect any longer. C-Can you not abandon Yan’er?”

The girl in pink wept as she said pitifully, “Brother Yan, as long as you don’t let me down, I’m willing to serve you like a slave for the rest of my life without forsaking you.”

Yan Fei’s heart softened.

For the pure maiden of the fiend sects to beg pitifully, there was no one who could turn down such a request heartlessly.

However, today was a rare opportunity that Yan Fei could not possibly give up.

“Yan’er, don’t worry. As long as I obtain your pure maiden essence, I’ll definitely not abandon you.”

Yan Fei replied gently, “You under Cloud Rain Sect as well. If I become Cloud Rain Sect’s fiend heir, I’ll have no lack of women around me. However, I guarantee that there’ll always be a place for you!”

“Is that so?”

Right then, the girl in pink exhaled with the fragrance of flowers. Lifting her veil gently, she revealed a flawless smile and a soul stealing pink glint flickered through her eyes.

Yan Fei was slightly taken aback and his expression stiffened, a momentary daze appearing in his eyes.

“Not good!”

The next moment, he was alarmed! Just as he was about to exert force through his arm, he felt a throbbing pain in his chest as he was drained of energy.

In that moment when Yan Fei was dazed, the girl in pink suddenly struck and punched Yan Fei on the chest fiercely, injuring his heart severely.

Right after, her arm climbed up Yan Fei’s chest like a fair snake. Spreading her slender fingers, she grabbed Yan Fei’s throat.


The girl in pink’s gaze was ice-cold and she was extremely decisive, pinching it without hesitation!

Yan Fei’s throat ruptured and he died on the spot, his eyes filled with indignance.

The entire process lasted for a very short period of time. When Yan Fei’s body collapsed to the ground, the girl in pink’s veil fell slowly and covered that ravishing face of hers once more.

Su Zimo had just arrived in time to see the girl in pink retract her hand.

Her palm was smooth as jade, shining and delicate. It was hard to imagine that a mere palm was so shockingly beautiful that it seemed like the most precious treasure in the world!

Even though she had just killed someone, there wasn’t a single drop of blood on her palm.

After killing Yan Fei, the girl in pink felt something and glanced sideways.

When she saw Su Zimo, the coldness in her gaze disappeared. Whimpering, she pounced over like a swallow returning to its nest while saying, “Brother Su, that was a close call! I was nearly bullied just now!”

Su Zimo’s expression was indifferent, totally unmoved.

When she pounced at him, he took a sidestep and dodged aside.

Throwing herself into the air, the girl in pink pouted her red lips in grievance and confusion. Tears welled up in her eyes that seemed as though they could flow at any moment.

After pausing for a moment, the girl in pink seemed to recall something as she asked in concern, “Brother Su, are you alright? Did those people from the demonic Malevolent Earth Sect hurt you?”

Su Zimo did not reply and said suddenly, “Let’s continue ahead.”

“Yes, alright.”

The girl in pink nodded obediently.

“Since it’s your sect’s inheritance ground, you know what’s there to be inherited, right?” Along the way, Su Zimo asked casually.

“Perhaps some cultivation techniques or secret skills?”

The girl in pink replied ambiguously, “After all, I’ve never been to this place before too so I don’t know the exact details.”

Pausing for a moment, she continued, “But I’ve got a feeling that we’re almost reaching the end.”

In the underground fork road, there was always a thin black fog that emitted a faint smell of blood. As Su Zimo and the girl in pink went deeper, the stench of blood grew thicker.

Su Zimo speculated that even though there were many complex fork roads underground, if they were to head for a single direction, all of those roads would lead to the same endpoint.

True enough.

After walking for a while, Su Zimo and the girl in pink walked out of another fork. The scenery in front of them changed and suddenly became bright.

This was an extremely spacious area. Around them, the mountain walls were steep with many dense cracks – those cracks led to the countless connecting forks outside.

In the middle of this place was a gigantic pool with a sparkling surface – this was where the black fog wafted out from.

Su Zimo focused his gaze and could not help but take a deep breath as chills ran down his spine.

The color of the pool was dark and grisly red!

It was a pool of blood!

How many people’s blood did it take to form such a pool?

The girl in pink looked at the blood pool with a glint and fervor in the depth of her eyes.





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