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Chapter 118: Number One of Weapon Peak
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This was the first time a scene this chaotic had happened during a Weapon Peak face-off.

But of course, it was also because there hasn’t been someone like Su Zimo in history.

In the eyes of everyone, he was a lunatic who did not care for his life.

“Hmph! I think he’s creating a scene on purpose because he knows that he’s going to lose.”

“In my opinion, Su Zimo has some ulterior motives. The way he behaved earlier seemed as though he was trying to hurt Senior Brother Feng. Maybe if that happens, the both of them won’t have to fight anymore.”

The crowd outside the hall was rife with guesses.

“Su Zimo, are you going to attempt spirit gathering or are you giving up? Why are you doing something so strange?” Spirit Peak’s master, Wen Xuan, asked harshly with furrowed brows.

Su Zimo laughed. “Of course I’m attempting spirit gathering.”

“Why are you removing your Weapon Tripod for spirit gathering?” Wen Xuan asked again.

“Why not?”

Su Zimo reversed the question, rendering Wen Xuan speechless.

Indeed, there was no such rule that stated that spirit gathering had to be conducted within a Weapon Tripod. Su Zimo’s actions were merely so strange that no one could comprehend.

Right then, Su Zimo turned to look at Feng Haoyu while spirit gathering, chuckling and asking, “Feng Haoyu, did you think that you were going to win?”


Feng Haoyu harrumphed coldly, “I don’t believe you can succeed in spirit gathering!”

“Very well. I’ll show you.”

In truth, during that short conversation, Su Zimo had already attempted multiple spirit gatherings. However, he stopped in time after sensing danger.

This time round, a faint imprint of a spirit pattern appeared on the axe without any warning alerts.

Su Zimo was elated.



With a tremble, the axe glowed brightly, emitting a bedazzling light.

A spirit pattern!

The discussions outside the hall gradually died down.

Many disciples watched dumbfounded with agape mouths, their eyeballs nearly dropping out of their sockets.

He had managed to succeed in spirit gathering?

Didn’t they say that spirit gathering was difficult?

How was it that Su Zimo had managed to create a spirit pattern even while chatting idly?

Not to mention the many disciples outside the hall, even the five peak masters were stunned and filled with questions.

Was it luck?


What had just happened?

At the end of the day, the other four peak masters did not have a deep understanding of weapon refinement. All of them looked at the disheveled old man questioningly.

Pondering for a long time, the disheveled old man could not come up with an answer and shook his head as well.

With Su Zimo’s success in spirit gathering, there was no doubt about his status as the number one for this face-off.

Feng Haoyu’s face turned ugly instantly.

Even if he was faster in refining his weapon, it was a pseudo spirit weapon without any grades.

“He won!”

“Haha! Our peak won!”

“Well done, Junior Brother Su!”

After a momentary silence, a series of cheers broke out from the crowd.

Those Spirit Peak disciples who had initially thought highly of Feng Haoyu lowered their heads in defeat.

Even at this moment, they were still confused as to how Su Zimo had managed to succeed in spirit gathering.

Furthermore, he looked as though he was extremely relaxed?

Others may learn about weapon refinement for many years without being able to refine an inferior-grade spirit weapon. Yet, this lad was able to create one even while chatting?

Feng Haoyu composed himself swiftly. Sneering coldly, he turned to leave.

“Very well, very well. You win this round. We’ll compete again on Elixir Peak’s face-off!”

Even though his voice could be heard, he had already disappeared into the crowd.

With a loud clang, Su Zimo dipped the gigantic axe into cold water. Instantly, an inferior-grade gigantic axe was formed. Shining with a cold aura, it looked formidable as though it could cleave an entire mountain!

“Hmph! So what if it’s an inferior-grade spirit weapon? Which Qi Refinement Warrior would use such a stupid axe? What a joke!”

A Spirit Peak disciple remarked sourly.

“That’s not a nice thing to say. That’s the type of weapon I like!”

Little fatty was displeased on the spot.

That Spirit Weapon disciple sneered coldly, “What’s the use of liking it? It’s not even your spirit weapon!”

Right then, Su Zimo beckoned to little fatty and declared, “Fatty, this weapon is made for you. Here, take it.”

“Err… ”

The Spirit Peak disciple who spoke had a livid expression was he disappeared into the crowd dejectedly.

Little fatty stumbled over to Su Zimo excitedly. Rubbing his chubby palms together, he wanted to laugh but he was embarrassed.

“Bro, f-for real? It’s for me?”

Till now, little fatty did not have a single inferior-grade spirit weapon with him.

He had not thought that Su Zimo would make one for him personally.

Furthermore, this gigantic axe was absolutely suited for him, as though it was a custom-made piece.

With this inferior-grade spirit weapon, little fatty would definitely be able to obtain a good ranking on the Spirit Peak face-off.

“Yes. Do accept it.”

Su Zimo nodded his head and passed the gigantic axe to little fatty.

When little fatty took it over, he could not bear to let it go and remarked intoxicatedly, “I’m going to hug it to sleep tonight!”

With that, little fatty pecked a wet kiss on the gigantic axe.

The five peak masters smiled as they saw that.

The brown haired youth said in a low voice, “That’s quite a favor.”

“It’s just a pity. If Su Zimo could make use of the opportunity to create an inferior-grade flying sword for himself, he might improve his chances of winning against Feng Haoyu,” Xuan Yi remarked.

Wen Xuan shook his head. “The difference in strength between him and Feng Haoyu is too great. It’s not something a couple of inferior-grade spirit weapons can make up for.”

The disheveled old man waved it off. “No matter. Su Zimo can select an inferior-grade spirit weapon of his desire from the Spirit Weapon Chamber for getting number one of Weapon Peak.”

Rising, the disheveled old man declared, “The outcome of this Weapon Peak face-off is obvious. The victor is Su Zimo, disciple of Weapon Peak!”

Many Weapon Peak disciples cheered loudly.

The disheveled old man continued, “Su Zimo, come up and explain to us the meaning of why you removed your Weapon Tripod earlier.”

“Uh…” Su Zimo looked apprehensive.

“Don’t worry. There is no difference between those who are ahead or behind. Anyone who accomplishes the feat is a master. Share your insights so that all of us can learn from it,” The disheveled old man encouraged him.

Su Zimo walked to the disheveled old man and whispered, “Master, my method isn’t really suitable for everyone.”

To be fair, Su Zimo was the only one who could attempt that method of spirit gathering – no one else could imitate it.

“No matter, just mention a couple of things casually,” The disheveled old man persuaded again.

Left with no choice, Su Zimo headed up the front. Facing the many disciples of the five peaks, he coughed gently.

Outside the hall, multiple disciples listened intently.

“Erm… it’s actually a personal habit to remove the Weapon Tripod. I just feel like it’ll help boost my chances of success in spirit gathering,” Su Zimo braced himself and commented ambiguously.

What he did not know was that his casual comment had stuck to the minds of many disciples!

Removing the Weapon Tripod could improve the success rate of spirit gathering!

Seeing the sparkle in the eyes of many disciples, Su Zimo continued hurriedly, “Removing the Weapon Tripod is a dangerous act. It’s best if everyone does not try it.”

Even though he had said it out of goodwill, many disciples misunderstood that Su Zimo had only said it because he did not want them to learn his spirit gathering method.

Hence, for a period of time after this, disciples of the sect began to experience continuous accidents while refining weapons. Failing in spirit gathering, they were left half-dead by the fragments of the exploding spirit weapons…


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