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Chapter 119: Connate Spirit Weapon
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After the Weapon Peak face-off ended, many disciples dispersed gradually.

The disheveled old man stopped Su Zimo. Coming before the Spirit Weapon Chamber, he laughed and said, “The prize for the number one of Weapon Peak is to be able to get a spirit weapon of his choosing in the Spirit Weapon Chamber. Go on in.”

Su Zimo’s achievement of attaining the number one of Weapon Peak was an honor for the disheveled old man as well. The way he looked at Su Zimo was filled with pride.

The Spirit Weapon Chamber in Weapon Peak was filled with pseudo and inferior-grade spirit weapons. As for middle-grade spirit weapons, only inner sect disciples of Foundation Establishment realm were qualified to obtain them on Ethereal Peak.

Actually, given Su Zimo’s current ability in weapon refinement, inferior-grade spirit weapons were no longer attractive to him.

However, since it was the sect’s Spirit Weapon Chamber after all, he decided to go take a look inside.

“There are various types of spirit weapons in the Spirit Weapon Chamber. Do you have anything in mind?” The disheveled old man asked.

Su Zimo shook his head and questioned, “Do you have any suggestions, master?”

“Indeed, I do have one.”

The disheveled old man pondered for a moment before saying, “You have a fight left with Feng Haoyu after the five peaks face-off. To be fair, you don’t stand much of a chance winning.”

That was obviously an euphemistic statement.

All five peak masters felt that Su Zimo had zero chance of winning!

The disheveled old man continued, “Therefore, I suggest you choose an inferior-grade defensive spirit weapon. That way, you won’t be injured badly even if you lose.”

In general, spirit weapons were divided into three types. For offensive spirit weapons, the most common were flying swords. There were also defensive spirit weapons such as shields, armor and heart protecting mirrors. Lastly, there were support spirit weapons that came in all shapes, sizes and uses.

For offensive spirit weapons, the more spirit patterns and the higher grade they were, the more killing power they possessed.

Vice versa, the higher the grade of defensive spirit weapons, the more damage they can prevent.

Su Zimo did not comment. Nodding his head, he entered the Spirit Weapon Chamber.

Rows of spirit weapons were displayed within the Spirit Weapon Chamber with flying swords taking up the majority; there were less defensive and support spirit weapons.

Su Zimo looked through the entire place and did not find anything of particular use to him.

For defensive spirit weapons, he could refine them at any moment and he did not have to choose from one here.

As for the other spirit weapons, they were of little value to his current state.

Right as Su Zimo was about to randomly pick a spirit weapon and leave, he caught sight of a golden light shining for a brief moment at the corner of his eyes.


Stopping in his tracks, he turned to look.

After checking through the place, he did not find the source of the golden light. He thought that he was seeing things.

Standing motionlessly on the spot and pausing for a moment, the golden light shone once more!

This time round, Su Zimo saw it clearly.

The source of the golden light was from the ground in a corner of the defensive spirit weapon section.

“Why is the ground reflecting golden light?”

Feeling that something was amiss, he walked closer to take a better look.

The ground seemed to be covered by a golden silk cloth that was filled with dust. It seemed as though it was left there for a long time without anyone bothering about it.

The golden light was reflected from this beneath the thick dust covering it.

In the Spirit Weapon Chamber, be it pseudo or inferior-grade spirit weapons, everything was placed on their respective shelves.

What was the reason for the golden silk cloth to be thrown on the ground?

Su Zimo used his sleeves to brush away the dust, looking at it intently.

The golden silk cloth looked to be a defensive type of inner armor. Weaved with golden thread, it was only a thin layer. With an additional layer of dust covering it on the ground, it was difficult to notice it even when people walked by.

It ‘looked’ to be a pseudo spirit weapon.

The reason why it ‘looked’ to be was because there was a single spirit pattern on the armor. However, it was broken into several portions and even injecting spirit qi to it was not enough for it to unleash its strength as a spirit weapon.

However, there was a strange thing. If spirit weapons were to receive a devastating blow, the spirit patterns would dissipate rather than break into several portions. In fact, most spirit weapons would end up breaking as well.

Yet, the armor before him was not only perfect, its spirit pattern had not dissipated as well!

That was quite contradictory.

Su Zimo pondered for a moment and decided to take this pseudo spirit weapon as his reward.

Extending his palm, he grabbed the golden inner armor on the ground casually. Just as he was about to turn and leave, his expression changed.


“I can’t lift it?”

The golden silk armor was still lying motionlessly on the ground.

Even though Su Zimo did not activate his Power of Blood, that single grab of his had at least a ton worth of strength!

“How is this thing so heavy?”

Su Zimo was surprised. Using both arms, he grabbed it.

However, the golden inner armor was merely slightly lifted with most of it still on the ground.

Finally, Su Zimo understood why the golden inner armor was left casually on the ground.

If it was placed on the stone racks, they would crumble instantly!

Su Zimo’s heart stirred. He took off his storage bag and channeled his blood. Instantly, his eyes shone bright red and his veins popped up. As a shocking power burst forth from his body, he yanked the golden inner armor and stuffed it into his storage bag.

No matter how heavy something was, it would be light as air inside the storage bag.

Slowly, Su Zimo composed his blood and after his demon form disappeared, he walked out of the Spirit Weapon Chamber.

“Have you chosen?” The disheveled old man was waiting outside as he asked upon Su Zimo’s exit.

Nodding his head, Su Zimo hesitated for a moment before saying, “I saw a strange golden inner armor inside. I’ve got no idea where it came from but I brought it out.”

“Golden inner armor?”

The disheveled old man frowned and thought for a while. Suddenly, his expression changed as he exclaimed, “Mystic Gold Silk Armor!”

“Mystic Gold Silk Armor? So, that’s the name of that pseudo spirit weapon,” Su Zimo murmured softly.

“Pseudo spirit weapon?”

The disheveled old man’s gaze turned odd.

“Isn’t it a pseudo spirit weapon? I saw a spirit pattern on it, but it was broken into several segments and it cant be used. Isn’t that considered as just a pseudo spirit weapon?” Su Zimo asked.

The disheveled old man looked emotional as he asked, “Su Zimo, do you know how many different grades there are for spirit weapons?”

“Four. Inferior, middle, superior and supreme,” Su Zimo replied.

Pausing for a moment, Su Zimo recalled a speculation he had previously and continued, “If four spirit patterns create a supreme-grade, perhaps there’s a perfect-grade with five spirit patterns.”

The disheveled old man gave a look of approval and nodded. “Not bad. Indeed, there are perfect spirit weapons above supreme-grades.”

Right after, the disheveled old man asked again, “But, do you know what’s above perfect-grade?”

“There’s more after perfect-grades?” Su Zimo was surprised.

With a deep voice, the disheveled old man said, “Connate comes after perfect. Connate spirit weapons!”

“What are connate spirit weapons?”

“They are created by the universe and formed after absorbing an endless amount of spirit qi. Perfect spirit weapons have five spirit patterns but connate spirit weapons have six! The sixth is known as the connate pattern!”


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