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Chapter 1012: Shock of Tianhuang Mainland

Su Zimo carried Ming Zhen and sprinted into the distance.

Ming Zhen’s injuries were not serious. It was just that while he was fighting against Monk Formless, they contended about Buddhism and he was suppressed by the latter, causing him to be disadvantaged.

It caused the Dao heart that he was about to condense to show signs of collapsing!

If his Dao heart collapsed, some of his past cultivation would be wasted!

This was something that nobody could help him with!

For cultivators, the test of one’s Dao heart was a tribulation.

As long as he could tide through this tribulation, he would be invulnerable to evil and mental demons in the future!

If he could not cross it, everything would be over!

“What have I been cultivating for?”

Ming Zhen murmured softly with a dazed expression.

“The pursuit of longevity? To enter the Pure Land?”

He shook his head and denied that thought.

“The reason why I cultivate Buddhism is to liberate all living beings!”

“However, Monk Formless told me that there are countless people in the world and there’s no end to suffering. Yet, a human’s strength is limited. How can I possibly liberate them all?”

“That’s right, living beings are countless. How am I going to liberate all of them?”

“Is my Dao wrong?”

“Is it true that I can only liberate everyone after I pursue my own Dao and cultivate to become a Buddha?”

Ming Zhen muttered to himself and interrogated his Dao heart countless times.

Throughout the entire process, Su Zimo could clearly sense that his Dao heart had wavered countless times but eventually stabilized!

Furthermore, as time passed, the light in Ming Zhen’s eyes grew brighter.

His gaze was pure and flawless.

“I don’t want to become a Buddha,”

As though he had made a decision, Ming Zhen’s eyes shone with a bright light as he said slowly, “Only when all living beings are liberated can I attain Buddhahood. I vow that I won’t become a Buddha until Hell is empty!”

Ming Zhen laid down a vow and established his Dao heart!


The entire world shuddered!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

Immediately after, a gigantic crack appeared beneath his feet, as though it led to the netherworld, dark and sinister!

Su Zimo looked over in shock.

Beneath the netherworld, there were countless shadows of vengeful spirits and malevolent ghosts stretching their arms as though they wanted to break free!

However, above the heads of the vengeful spirits and malevolent ghosts, there was a monk of the Buddhist monasteries that stood guard. His body shone with a sacred golden light and his expression was filled with benevolence. His eyes were filled with compassion as though he could transcend all the suffering in the world.

All of a sudden, the monk of the Buddhist monasteries opened his mouth. “Only when all living beings are liberated can I attain Buddhahood. I vow that I won’t become a Buddha until Hell is empty! Anyone that lays down this vow shall obtain my inheritance!”


A blinding golden light burst forth from the monk’s body and shone on Ming Zhen.

Ming Zhen’s eyes were tightly shut and he had a peaceful expression. Like a sleeping baby, he followed the golden light uncontrollably and fell into the crack.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

By the time the cracks on the ground closed, Ming Zhen and the monk from the Buddhist sect had already vanished!

At the same time, Tianhuang Mainland.

Suddenly, a voice sounded from above the firmaments. “Only when all living beings are liberated can I attain Buddhahood. I vow that I won’t become a Buddha until Hell is empty!”

Many cultivators were shocked when they heard that.

Someone had established a Dao heart that penetrated the dimension of the Dao Inheritance Ground and affected Tianhuang Mainland!

Hundred Refinement Sect.

Extreme Fire and the others who were initially gathered in the main hall walked out one after another when they heard the commotion outside and looked up.

“Someone has obtained the inheritance of the Buddhist sects’ Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva!” Shock flashed through Shangguan Zi’s eyes.

Extreme Fire nodded. “That’s right. Legend has it that when Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva of the upper world established his Dao, he made a great vow that he would never attain Buddhahood until Hell was empty. I wonder who is the one with such a compassionate heart to inherit Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s vow and shock Tianhuang Mainland!”

“Ksitigarbha Golden Body,”

Elder Gu looked as though he was reminiscing. “To think that this legacy that has been lost through the ages is finally about to reappear! The next Dharma Characteristic Ranking will definitely be something to look out for.”

Right then, a cultivator fell out of the teleportation gate behind him, panting heavily.

That person was the Hundred Refinement Sect disciple who followed Dao Being Yu Ding into the Dao Inheritance Ground.

Extreme Fire and the others hurried into the main hall and asked, “How is it? Any news?”


The cultivator gulped and could not hide the shock in his eyes. Panting, he said, “Not long after Granduncle-Master entered the Dao Inheritance Ground, he fought against Sword Sect’s cultivators and killed all of them!”

Shangguan Zi and the others exchanged glances and nodded to themselves.

To think that Su Zimo would be able to release such terrifying combat strength despite the fact that his demonic methods were suppressed in the Dao Inheritance Ground!

On the other hand, Extreme Fire had a calm expression.

Sword Sect had not sent their titular disciple after all. Even with the Seven Luminaries Sword Formation, they would not be much of a threat to Su Zimo.

The Hundred Refinement Sect cultivator continued, “A day later, Granduncle-Master encountered Dao Being Glass and killed him!”

At that point, Extreme Fire and everyone else were shocked.

To think that apart from Heavenly Dipper Sect, Chaos Essence Sect and the other sects, Glass Palace had sent their titular disciple inside as well!

What was even more unexpected was that the titular disciple of Glass Palace was killed by Su Zimo at the Dao Inheritance Ground!

“He’s too strong!”

Elder Gu sucked in a cold breath of air and said, “This lad is going to step on the corpses of the titular disciples and establish his Dao heart to forge a supreme Great Dao!”

The Hundred Refinement Sect disciple continued, “Dao Being Heavenly Dipper, Dao Being Zephyr Thunder, Monk Formless, Dao Being Malevolent Earth and Dao Being Hidden Death joined forces and set up a trap to kill Granduncle-Master!”


Extreme Fire and the others exclaimed in shock.

What they were worried about had happened.

If the five titular disciples joined forces, he would definitely die!

“Later on, Granduncle-Master obtained the help of two titular disciples, the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects and Dao Being Dapamkara, and managed to escape. Thereafter, he was ambushed by the titular disciple of Poison Sect but he retaliated and killed Dao Being Poison instead before escaping!”

Everyone’s hearts skipped a beat when they heard the news.

It was just a simple description but it was already so shocking and exciting. One could imagine how dangerous the situation was back then!

“Two titular disciples were buried in the Dao Inheritance Ground!”

Shangguan Zi looked worried and shook her head. “This is quite heaven-defying. I’m afraid a great calamity is coming!”

“There’s no need for a calamity.”

Elder Ge shook his head. “The lad might not even be able to get past the tribulations before him. Even Poison Sect themselves can’t dispel their own Seven Lethals, how far can he escape?”

“Don’t forget, Di Yin hasn’t appeared yet.”

Elder Gu shook his head and sighed.

Everyone frowned with worried expressions.

No matter how one looked at it, Su Zimo’s life was hanging by a thread!

Any change could be the last straw that destroys him!

At the same time, news of the Dao Inheritance Ground spread to Tianhuang Mainland one after another and the entire cultivation world was stirred!

So many titular disciples entered the Dao Inheritance Ground but two of them were killed by a Nascent Soul instead – this was definitely an unprecedented event in history!

It was not only Hundred Refinement Sect. At that moment, almost all the factions in Tianhuang Mainland were paying attention to the news in the Dao Inheritance Ground.

Everyone wanted to know how long the number one monster incarnate of history who caused a bloodbath in the Dao Inheritance Ground could last!

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