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Chapter 1011: Dao Being Poison

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and Dao Being Zephyr Thunder charged over from both sides!


Suddenly, Su Zimo opened his mouth and released Thunderclap Kill once more!

Thunder rumbled and shocked everyone!

Gripping the Creation Green Lotus in his hands, Su Zimo charged towards the incoming saber.

He clenched his right hand into a fist and met the incoming Zephyr Thunder Hammer head-on!


With a loud bang, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper was sent flying!


There was a flash of blood and Su Zimo’s right hand was smashed into a blur, revealing the scarlet Divine Phoenix Bone. However, he managed to repel the hammer!

Right now, Su Zimo did not know what the so-called sacrifice was or what Demoness Ji had given up for him.

However, at that moment, boundless power surged within his body!

That power did not belong to him.

But, with that strength, he could repel the few titular disciples temporarily and had a chance to escape!

“Evil Intent Devourment!”

When Dao Being Malevolent Earth saw that Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the other two titular disciples were disadvantaged in melee combat, he conjured a top-tier Dharmic art and charged towards Su Zimo.

Endless black baneful qi emanated from his fingertips as a gigantic black head materialized in midair. It howled and covered the skies, opening its mouth to devour Su Zimo!

Su Zimo’s eyes lit up and with a single thought, a massive object appeared beneath his feet!

The massive object had four feet, two heads and carried a gigantic shell that was filled with mysterious runes. It was ancient and seemed as though it could understand all the secrets of the universe!

The shell carried the firmaments as its feet stood right into the torrent unyieldingly like heavenly-piercing stone pillars!


The snake and turtle reared their heads and howled into the world.

The arrival of the Black Tortoise shook the world!

No matter how strong the Dharmic art that Dao Being Malevolent Earth conjured was, it could not devour the Black Tortoise!

The four titular disciples were repelled by Su Zimo and Dao Being Hidden Death did not dare to show himself. Su Zimo seized the opportunity to grab the severely injured Ming Zhen and burst forth with his Lightning Escape technique, speeding into the distance!

The surrounding cultivators were shocked.

Nobody expected that the sacrifice of the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects would create a chance for Su Zimo to survive!

He might be able to escape alive from the encirclement of the five titular disciples!

When they saw Su Zimo charging over, the crowd was in chaos and the cultivators dodged in fear.

A cultivator with a cold expression hid in the crowd and dodged along with everyone else. However, his gaze was fixed on Su Zimo the entire time.

The moment Su Zimo passed by his head, his eyes flashed with a cold glint. Suddenly, he struck and a dense shadow appeared, shrouding towards Su Zimo’s back instantly!


Su Zimo had a great shock.

All his attention was focused on the five titular disciples – he had not expected that there would be another cultivator lurking in the crowd!

There were way too many people who wanted to kill him in the Dao Inheritance Ground!

“Armor Bursting Bone Corrosion Nail!”

The crowd exclaimed.

Poison Sect!

The Armor Bursting Bone Corrosion Nail was one of Poison Sect’s Seven Lethals and was extremely terrifying. Its penetrative power was shocking and its toxicity was so strong that it could seep into one’s bones – there was no way to remove it!

Behind Su Zimo, there were at least dozens of Armor Bursting Bone Corrosion Nails that blocked all his escape routes!

That was a top expert of Poison Sect!

There were also a few Armor Bursting Bone Corrosion Nails that were aimed at Ming Zhen.

Su Zimo pulled Ming Zhen in front of him and tried his best to avoid his vitals. However, he could not avoid the dozens of Armor Bursting Bone Corrosion Nails!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Half of it struck his inner armor and fell to the ground.

However, seven to eight of them pierced his legs!

Although his body was strong and the Armor Bursting Bone Corrosion Nails could not penetrate it, the poison on the long nails had already entered his body!

“The heavens are truly bent on killing him!”

“That’s right. The one who attacked seemed to be a titular disciple of Poison Sect. With so many of them appearing one after another and attacking him, it’s a miracle if he can survive!”

Including Dao Being Poison, there were now six titular disciples involved in the battle!

Su Zimo’s body shuddered and the long nails on his legs fell off. He spun around and glared at Dao Being Poison who was in the crowd. Enraged, his eyes shone with endless killing intent as he said coldly,

“You. Are. Courting. Death!”

Not far away, Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the others had already caught up.

He had to kill Dao Being Poison within a single move!

Otherwise, if he was entangled by Dao Being Poison, his previous efforts would be wasted once Dao Being Heavenly Dipper and the others catch up and surround him!

Two flames burned in Su Zimo’s eyes as he conjured hand seals with his fingers.

A ball of golden flames floated towards the Poison Sect cultivator!

Immediately after, Su Zimo conjured another Dharmic art and a scarlet flame appeared on his fingertip, bursting forth.

The Buddhist and immortal Dao Fires!

The two balls of flames charged towards Dao Being Poison one after another.

Initially, Dao Being Poison wanted to dodge. However, he could not help but sneer when he sensed the power released by the two balls of flames.

Although the might of the two flames was not small, it was nothing to him!

Now that everyone was watching, as a titular disciple, he naturally had to display his capabilities!

At that thought, Dao Being Poison formed hand seals repeatedly and conjured a colorful Dharmic power python that devoured the two incoming flames.

When he saw that, Su Zimo’s gaze turned cold and his spirit consciousness moved slightly.

The immortal Dao fire that was initially at the back suddenly sped up and collided with the Buddhist Dao fire!

This was a transformation in the art of fire taming!

If Su Zimo had conjured the Dviadhi Dao Fire right away, he would have scared off Dao Being Poison prematurely!

The two Dao Fires stacked together and underwent a qualitative change in an instant, increasing in might!

The Dviadhi Dao Fire!

Before Dao Being Poison’s Dharmic powers and poison python could reach him, they were burned into nothingness by the Dviadhi Dao Fire!

Dao Being Poison’s pupils constricted violently.

At this distance, it was already too late for him to dodge!

Su Zimo sneered and no longer looked at Dao Being Poison.

Purple lightning flashed on his body and a pair of Dharmic power wings grew behind him. Carrying Ming Zhen, he fled into the distance with all his might!

Behind him, the Dviadhi Dao Fire struck Dao Being Poison and burst forth with a gigantic ball of flames!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

The flames burned and smoke billowed.

Dao Being Poison had already turned into a gigantic fireball as he flailed his arms wildly to struggle. His blood qi surged and Dharmic powers rumbled as he tried to suppress the Dviadhi Dao Fire.

“Squeak, squeak!”

Countless poisonous beings such as scorpions, toads and spiders fell from his body and shrieked. Before long, they were burned to ashes!

Before Dao Being Poison died, the poisonous beings he carried were burned by the Dviadhi Dao Fire and in their panic, all of them attacked their master!

At that moment, countless poisonous beings bit Dao Being Poison.

Even if the Dviadhi Dao Fire did not manage to burn Dao Being Poison to death, those poisonous beings were enough to kill him!

His Essence Spirit could not escape from the raging flames and was burned to death while hiding in his consciousness!

The titular disciple of Poison Sect had fallen in the Dao Inheritance Ground!

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