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Chapter 818: Universe Loop

Translator: jinzeffect

If there was the Shadow Fruit, then it was natural to have the corresponding Bright Fruit.

From far, Li Fuchen could see a miniature sun that was shining brightly in the middle of the sky.

After taking a closer look, there was a tree that was almost the same size as the Shadow Tree. However, it was emitting golden radiance and it was a thousand miles away. On the peak of the golden tree was an extremely dazzling fruit with golden patterns on it.

The Bright Fruit was also a top-class treasure that was similar in value as the Shadow Fruit. However for people who didn’t cultivate the darkness law and light law, the Bright Fruit was worth way more. The value of a Shadow Fruit was a few thousand peak-grade spirit stones, but the Bright Fruit was worth at least 10,000 peak-grade spirit stones.

Let alone regular saints, even top-class saints would do anything for the Bright Fruit.

“It’s the Bright Fruit!”

The Bright Fruit was too dazzling and there were several beast overlords and saints that discovered it. Everyone rushed over with their fastest speed.

On the Black Whirlpool Island, everyone’s spiritual awareness could only extend from a few dozen miles to a hundred miles. Even the best couldn’t exceed a few hundred miles. However, the radiance from the Bright Fruit could shine through the void and appear right in front of them. Therefore, they were able to see it even from 10,000 miles away.

The closest beast overlord was only over a hundred miles away from the Bright Fruit. But being near wasn’t a good thing either. The Bright Tree’s light life gave the beast overlord an intense headache. The beast overlord might be able to win it, but the beast overlord couldn’t even land an attack, let alone kill it.

The light life had a body that was a bundle of light and there wasn’t a real body.

“Snatch the Bright Fruit first…”

The beast overlord who was in its human form revealed its true body. It was a strange demonic beast with translucent wings and four eyes. It was absolutely fast and with a flap of the translucent wings, it instantly shifted to the vicinity of the Bright Fruit.

The beast overlord was fast, by the light life was even faster. In a flash, it intercepted the beast overlord.

“Haha, the Bright Fruit is mine.”

The second to arrive was a man in green clothes.

This green-clothed man should have cultivated the wind dao law. He turned into a breeze and swept towards the Bright Fruit.

“Damn it!”

The four-eyed beast overlord was enraged. If it wasn’t tangled up by the light life, the green-clothed man wouldn’t have the chance to get near the Bright Fruit.

Just as the Bright Fruit was about to land in the hands of the green-clothed man, a sword light flashed by and the Bright Fruit flew away.

“Who is that!” The green-clothed man was angered due to the humiliation.

Anyone would be furious if the prize suddenly flew away from their hands.

While shouting, the green-clothed man executed a fist towards the sword light.

He might be a low-level saint, but his cultivation was at the 3rd level of Soul Merge Realm. He was only slightly inferior to regular mid-level saints.


There was a spark and the sword light was shattered, revealing the figure within the sword light.

“I really cannot underestimate any saint of this world.”

Li Fuchen thought he could leave without trouble, but didn’t expect to get hit by the fist.

In his spiritual awareness, there were people arriving from all directions. Li Fuchen was thinking of how to leave.

“Hand over the Bright Fruit and I shall spare your life.”

The green-clothed man didn’t stop his attacks as he blasted repeated fists at Li Fuchen.

At this moment, the void was filled with fists.

“Sky Thunder Illusion Destruction Sword.”

Drawing the Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen entered the Union of Man and Sword. He instantly arrived behind the green-clothed man.

The Skyline Sword Art actually had the shadow of the solipsism sword dao. Many of the moves required the Union of Man and Sword.

Pfff Tss!

The green-clothed man lowered his head and didn’t know when his body was sliced open. He didn’t even feel much pain.

Of course, as a saint, such injuries wouldn’t kill him. Therefore, he immediately responded with an apex cardinal artifact and threw it at Li Fuchen.

It was a silver loop and it was covered in ancient runes.

The silver loop was expanding as it approached Li Fuchen. When it was near to Li Fuchen, it was already as big as a small mountain and was about to entrap Li Fuchen.

“Sky Earth Roam.”

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to be trapped by the silver loop. Even if it was an unrated trap-type apex cardinal artifact, once trapped, it wouldn’t be that easy to escape. It was possible that he might even perish here.

Turning into a flash of sword light, Li Fuchen avoided the silver loop at the crucial moment.

“Universe Loop, grow, grow!”

The green-clothed man’s wound had already closed up. The chant in his mouth made the silver loop grow bigger and bigger. There was a powerful suction force and made Li Fuchen move slower, as though he was going against the current.

“This cardinal artifact isn’t simple.” Li Fuchen raised his brows.

Li Fuchen wouldn’t know that the Universe Loop was a 3rd rate apex cardinal artifact and it was a counterfeit of the top rate apex cardinal artifact, Universe Circle. It was used for trapping people and had always been successful, otherwise, the green-clothed man wouldn’t dare to visit the Black Whirlpool Island.

“It isn’t that easy to trap me.”

Li Fuchen burst out with grand qi and the sword light was now at least ten times more agile. He used the Sky Earth Roam to dodge the silver loop again.

“This fellow has incredible sword art and movements.” The green-clothed man’s face turned dark.

His Universe Loop had trapped mid-level saints before, but actually failed twice when trying to capture Li Fuchen.

“Heavy Water Boundary!”

Just as Li Fuchen dodged the silver loop, a massive boundary came covering down.

At the next moment, the void was replaced with an endless flow of water.

This flow of water was extremely heavy and a single drop would probably have the weight of a small mountain.

The one that set up the boundary was a mid-tier beast overlord who looked like an ugly middle-aged man. The Heavy Water Boundary was his innate ability.

“Sky Fire Sun Crack Sword!”

When inside the Heavy Water Boundary, Li Fuchen’s speed was shockingly slow. Cancelling the Sky Earth Roam’s sword intent, Li Fuchen’s sword slashed in a slanted angle. The sword qi was like a gigantic sun that instantly filled up the entire Heavy Water Boundary.


The explosion of radiance had ended the Heavy Water Boundary. The blinding light brought stinging pain to the eyes of the green-clothed man and the ugly man. It felt like a scorching sword qi stabbing at their eyeballs.

By the time they reacted, Li Fuchen had already vanished without a trace.

“He actually broke my Heavy Water Boundary?” The ugly man had an ominous light in his eyes.

“Chase!” The green-clothed man locked onto Li Fuchen’s figure first and gave chase, while the ugly man followed behind closely.

As for the first beast overlord who rushed over, it was still in tangle with the light life and couldn’t get rid of it.

Over a dozen miles away, Li Fuchen’s speed was now at the extremity.

His current strength might be comparable with regular mid-level saints, but it was still rather difficult for him to fight with a mid-tier beast overlord and a 3rd level saint. After all, at their level, as long as one didn’t have overwhelming strength, there were many factors that would determine victory. The green-clothed man had that incredible apex cardinal artifact, while the mid-tier beast overlord had an outstanding innate ability. Their combat strength might not be superior to Li Fuchen, but it wasn’t easy for Li Fuchen to suppress them either.

Of course, the most important reason was due to the fact that many people were rushing over from all directions.

Otherwise, Li Fuchen had the confidence to contest with them.

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