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Chapter 817: Shadow Fruit

Translator: jinzeffect

On the Black Whirlpool Island, spiritual awareness was greatly restricted. Even with Li Fuchen’s saint level spiritual awareness, he could only extend it up to 100 miles. The size of the island was at least a few hundred thousand miles.

“The entire island is filled with herbs.”

Along the way, Li Fuchen didn’t see a single stalk of weed. To be more precise, the weeds here were yellow class herbs.

From far, Li Fuchen noticed a heaven class high-tier herb, the Heaven Fire Fusion Spirit Herb.

Just as he was going to harvest it.


There was a surge of fire dao energy. A scarlet giant beast that was made with fire dao energy appeared in Li Fuchen’s vision.

“Fire spirit?” Li Fuchen was rather surprised.

This world’s life wasn’t merely flesh and blood, there was also natural life.

Fire spirits were a kind of natural life and they were naturally able to control fire dao law.

Opening its mouth, the scarlet giant beast blasted a blood red fire sphere that looked to be very concentrated.


With a flick of Li Fuchen’s finger, the fire sphere exploded. There was a stream-like flame that sprayed out in all directions, burning pits in the ground. The finger force didn’t decline in strength, as it penetrated the fire spirit’s body after piercing through the fire sphere. At the next moment, the fire spirit’s body scattered.


Li Fuchen was surprised that the fire spirit didn’t die. The fire dao energy surged up and formed another body.

Immediately after, Li Fuchen destroyed the fire spirit’s body four consecutive times before the fire spirit was completely destroyed.

“I will need to be careful if I meet a saint level natural life.” Li Fuchen was feeling wary.

This fire spirit only had the strength of a half-saint. If the fire spirit had the strength of a low-level saint, 40 times or 400 times might not be able to destroy the fire spirit.

For the next period of time, Li Fuchen noticed that if there was a heaven class high-tier herb, there would be a half-saint level natural life. Fire spirit, water spirit, earth spirit, wind spirit, all sorts of natural life. It would mainly be up to the heaven class high-tier herb’s attribute.

It was fortunate that he had yet to encounter any saint level natural life.

Li Fuchen guessed that saint level natural life would be guarding apex herbs.

“A mere Law Phase Realm emperor and you dare come to the Black Whirlpool Island?”

A massive sharp claw swished down at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen looked up and saw a middle-aged man with fierce eyes that stood on a big tree over a dozen miles away. The enemy obviously didn’t think that Li Fuchen was anyone formidable. After executing the claw attack, the middle-aged man didn’t attack anymore.

In his opinion, Li Fuchen wouldn’t even be able to block a single claw attack.

Li Fuchen raised his right hand’s index and middle fingers, and burst out sword radiance. Li Fuchen used a single sword to severe the sharp claw attack.


The fierce middle-aged man was rather astonished. He originally thought Li Fuchen was a Law Phase Realm emperor, but didn’t expect Li Fuchen to be a saint. He assumed that Li Fuchen’s ability to conceal his qi presence was good enough to hide from him.

“Since you are a saint, why hide your qi presence?” The fierce middle-aged man flicked his fingernail.

“Does it matter to you if I am a saint? Since I received a claw attack from you earlier, it is your turn to receive a sword attack from me.”

Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and slashed.


There was a dazzling sword light that made the time stop.

Clang Clang…

There was a burst of sparks as the fierce middle-aged man’s hands were now sharp claws and had clashed with the sword light.

However, he was shocked as he wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen even when he was a mid-tier beast overlord. Both his hands were in a bloody mess and his body had streaks of blood wounds made by the sword qi.

“Damn it, this fellow is a mid-level saint.” The fierce middle-aged man turned into a ‘jackal’ and turned around to flee.

Li Fuchen didn’t chase as his current strength wasn’t enough to kill a mid-tier beast overlord.

Furthermore, it wasn’t necessary to waste time on fights.

The Black Whirlpool Island also had its day and night. When night arrived, the concentrated darkness law enveloped the sky and fear started to seep out from the depths of the spirit soul.

“The apex hidden domain is indeed incredible!”

If size wasn’t a factor, the apex hidden domain was definitely superior to a high-class continent. It wouldn’t be exaggerated to call it a peak-class continent.

Of course, the Deep Blue Plane didn’t have any peak-class continent, moreover, the apex hidden domain was too small.

When night arrived, the Black Whirlpool Island appeared with a kind of roaming natural life, the darkness life.

Different from other natural life, the darkness life had very powerful attacks. Once they found their enemies, they wouldn’t rest until the enemies died.

Furthermore, the darkness life was harder to kill than other natural life. Li Fuchen would need to destroy a half-saint level darkness life at least six times before it was destroyed.

In the concentrated darkness, there was a shadow that constantly grew longer. As Li Fuchen got nearer, he realized that it was a shadow tree that was emitting pure darkness qi. It seemed like it didn’t have a body.

The tree looked a little like a coconut tree. The tree trunk was straight and the top had a small cluster of branches. On the branches, there was a fruit with black glowing patterns. It looked like it was an illusion.

“Shadow Fruit!” Li Fuchen’s was moved.

The Shadow Fruit was definitely one of the top-class treasures and wasn’t inferior to the Black Whirlpool Fruit at all.

The Shadow Fruit might have the greatest benefits to people cultivating the darkness law, but it was rather beneficial to others too.

For example, the Shadow Fruit allowed a person to change from reality to illusory and wouldn’t receive any damage. It would last until the medicinal effects of the Shadow Fruit ended.

Apart from that, the Shadow Fruit could heal injuries to the spirit soul and could enhance the consumer’s resistance towards illusion arts.

According to what Li Fuchen knew, the value of a single Shadow Fruit was a few thousand peak-grade spirit stones. It was enough to start a war between the saints.

Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry to harvest the Shadow Fruit. Li Fuchen’s eyes were locked onto the large shadow snake on the tree trunk.

The shadow snake was nearly fused with the Shadow Tree. If Li Fuchen recklessly harvested the Shadow Fruit, he would definitely receive a fatal attack from the shadow snake.

“A saint level darkness life!”

Even without crossing moves, Li Fuchen was very certain that the shadow snake was a saint level life.

Using the Hand of Moon, Li Fuchen used his left hand to aim at the Shadow Fruit from far. He wanted to use the gravity law to pull the Shadow Fruit over.

However, the Shadow Tree and Shadow Fruit felt as though they didn’t have a real body as the gravity law didn’t have any effects.

“Slash!” Li Fuchen let out a sword qi and slashed at the Shadow Fruit.

At this moment, the shadow snake moved and with a swing of the tail, the sword qi was shattered.

“It seems like a fight is inevitable.”

It wasn’t possible for Li Fuchen to give up the Shadow Fruit as he was in urgent need of all sorts of resources.

With a flash, Li Fuchen rushed at the shadow snake.


The shadow snake raised its head high and opened its pitch-black mouth.

At the next moment, an illusory snake head appeared in front of Li Fuchen and it was emitting massive darkness qi. The snake eyes opened and the dark red gaze felt like it was dragging out Li Fuchen’s spirit soul.

To be accurate, it was actually pulling Li Fuchen’s spirit soul. If it was some other saint, the saint would have fallen into the trap.

It was a pity that the spirit soul was Li Fuchen’s strongest aspect. The snake gaze couldn’t even shake Li Fuchen’s spirit soul.


Li Fuchen brandished his sword and there was a sword light that looked like a giant sun. The giant sun then blasted violently on the shadow snake.

Without any sound or presence, the shadow snake was engulfed by the light and was dissected. Even the Shadow Tree that didn’t have a real body appeared with a distortion for a moment.

Coming up to the branch, Li Fuchen reached out and a weightless fruit landed in his hand.

Right at this moment, a shadow that looked like a spear pierced out from the void and was trying to penetrate Li Fuchen’s body.

“I have been wary of you.” Li Fuchen turned around to slash the shadow and quickly withdrew.

In his vision, the shadow snake had already regenerated.

The shadow snake was definitely faster than Li Fuchen and no matter where Li Fuchen ran, he wouldn’t be able to escape the pursuit of the shadow snake. Li Fuchen had already given up on killing the shadow snake. He would need to destroy it at least 100 times and still might not be able to kill it.

It was fortunate that dawn was arriving and the shadow snake dispersed by itself. Otherwise, no matter how difficult it was, Li Fuchen would still kill the shadow snake. After all, no one was willing to be pursued forever.

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