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Chapter 768: Stars Sword Dao

Translator: jinzeffect

There was a period of time when Flowing Merciless Edge was Li Fuchen’s strongest sword move.

It might have been replaced by the Void Heaven Sword Art and Primary Extreme Sword Art, in fact, it had already been surpassed by the Meteor Sword Art. But as Li Fuchen’s sword dao progressed significantly, the Flowing Merciless Edge had also improved significantly. It had already reached close to extremity a few years ago.

The current Flowing Merciless Edge didn’t contain the fire dao law anymore. It only consisted of sword dao law and it was all thanks to the enlightenment from Xu Pingfan’s ordinary sword dao.

The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor was appalled when his finishing move, the White Rainbow Perforate was broken. He retreated frenziedly and when retreating he was swinging his longsword to sever strands of threads, in order to avoid getting injured.

Clang Clang Clang Clang...

Sparks burst out everywhere and the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor felt his arm going numb. These sword threads were tougher and more powerful than he imagined. If he was just slightly weaker, he would have been defeated now.

“Damn it, why is he so strong?” The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor had an ashen expression and was very embarrassed.

He previously said he was going to take care of Li Fuchen, but he was on the losing end now.

With the constant swinging of the longsword, the sword threads were finally severed.

Of course, it was mainly because Li Fuchen wasn’t attacking at full strength. The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor should have a stronger sword move he had yet to use. Li Fuchen felt it wouldn’t be too late to defeat him after seeing the strongest move.

“Li Fuchen, I have underestimated you. This sword move was originally reserved as a trump card for me to enter the top 10. You are qualified to witness it. Falling Rainbow Nine Suns.”

The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor rushed into the sky and he suddenly vanished. The sky suddenly appeared with nine colorful suns. The suns flashed and turned into nine dazzling sword qi that were blasted at Li Fuchen.

When facing these nine sword qi, Li Fuchen felt as though the nine suns were descending and going to destroy the world. If other swordsmen were to receive this move, they would be blasted into ashes for sure. But it was unfortunate that Li Fuchen was on the receiving end.

Li Fuchen still executed the Flowing Merciless Edge, but this time, it had a terrifying aura. It felt like the world was in solitude and the great dao was merciless.

In the void, the sword threads criss-crossed and sliced up the nine sword qi easily before landing on the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor.


The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor was sent flying while there were blood stains on his body.

“This year’s Swordsmen Tournament is truly a replacement of the old generation by the new generation. This Li Fuchen might not be as dazzling as Li Jianxin and Murong Youyu, but he is comparable with Yuwen Haojie.”

“Indeed. The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor is ranked 15th on the Sword Emperor Rankings and he is defeated just like that. There is no suspense at all.”

The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor’s defeat wasn’t a surprise. This year’s Swordsmen Tournament was comparable with the year when the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign participated. There were plenty of rising stars and the veteran sword emperors were all encountering great crises.

“Not bad, I am looking forward to the match with you.” Yuwen Haojie said to Li Fuchen when Li Fuchen got off the stage.

Among the grade 6 swordsmen, Yuwen Haojie only approved of Li Jianxin, Murong Youyu, and Li Fuchen. However, the first two were too powerful and only Li Fuchen was evenly matched with him.

“Sure, I will be a little more serious when the time comes.” Li Fuchen said.

Yuwen Haojie glared at him and said, “What do you mean by a little more serious? Do you think you are the only one who has yet to fight at full strength?”

Of course he could see that Li Fuchen wasn’t fighting at full strength, but Li Fuchen probably wasn’t hiding too much of his strength. It wasn’t possible for Li Fuchen to increase his strength by ten times.

Li Fuchen smiled and didn’t say anything.

Yuwen Haojie was so annoyed that he wished he could fight with Li Fuchen immediately and teach him a lesson.

For the next match, it was Yuwen Haojie’s turn again...

Perhaps because of the rage caused by Li Fuchen, Yuwen Haojie displayed stunning power and sent his opponent flying with a single sword.

When he got off stage, he intentionally cast a provoking glance at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen had a calm expression and simply ignored Yuwen Haojie.

Yuwen Haojie wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t enough for Li Fuchen to use his full strength. Unless Yuwen Haojie was able to increase his strength by dozens of times.

“Martial stage 4, Tang Xing against Zheng Shan.”

After a match between Murong Youyu, and the Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign, Wang Qi, it was another match between the pinnacles.

Zheng Shan was titled as the Mountain Crushing Sword Emperor and was ranked 8th on the Sword Emperor Rankings. His sword art was heavy like the mountain. People who were weak wouldn’t even be able to block his sword prowess and would be crushed into a blood pulp.

As for Tang Xing, he was a rising star in this year’s Swordsmen Tournament that was just inferior to Li Jianxin. Due to his weak opponents in the previous matches, his sense of existence was a little low. Right now, his opponent was Zheng Shan who was ranked 8th on the Sword Emperor Rankings. Everyone suspected if he could shock the crowd.

Zheng Shan naturally wouldn’t underestimate Tang Xing.

He had learned the lessons from the examples of the Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign and the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor. If he dared to underestimate Tang Xing, he would definitely lose in a miserable manner.

Of course, it wasn’t possible for Tang Xing to defeat him easily like Murong Youyu and Li Jianxin. He, Zheng Shan, wasn’t going to allow such a thing to happen.

Zheng Shan’s sword was a giant sword that was as wide as a door. He brandished the giant sword and emitted a heavy sword prowess. Those participants that were closer to the stage felt a mountain pressing down and causing breathing difficulties.

“Such terrifying mountain crushing sword dao.”

“Judging from the sword prowess, his strength seems to be superior to the Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign.”

There were many discussions.

The Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign, Wang Qi had a change in expression. He might not be willing to admit it, but he had a faint feeling that Zheng Shan’s strength already surpassed him. It also meant that his improvement over the years was significantly lesser than Zheng Shan. After all, during the previous Swordsmen Tournament, he used a few dozen moves to defeat Zheng Shan.

“Be careful!” Zheng Shan roared out and executed a mountain crushing cleave at Tang Xing.

Tang Xing didn’t move as a star-like sword intent revolved his body and it seemed he was planning to contest with the opposing sword move.


On the martial stage, there was an air ripple that was visible to the eyes.

Everyone was shocked when they realized that Zheng Shan’s overwhelming sword move couldn’t even break Tang Xing’s sword intent. Instead, Zheng Shan was the one who staggered and took a few steps back.

“What kind of sword dao is that?”

“It is even denser and more boundless than Zheng Shan’s mountain crushing sword dao. There is obviously the revolution of stars inside.”

No one knew Tang Xing’s sword art and didn’t know what sword dao path he was on.

“Stars sword dao.”

Li Fuchen was the only person who immediately identified Tang Xing’s stars sword dao.

Because Tang Xing’s sword intent had a distinct stars law. It was the same stars law that his Hand of Star and Hand of Moon possessed.

However, Li Fuchen could tell that Tang Xing’s stars law didn’t produce the gravity law. If it produced the gravity law, it would be extremely fearsome and Tang Xing might be a strong foe for Li Fuchen.

After all, Li Fuchen’s Hand of Moon only contained the stars law.

Tang Xing’s stars sword dao didn’t just have stars law, it also contained sword dao law.

It possessed the lethality sword dao and the density of stars dao.

As compared to Tang Xing’s stars sword dao, Zheng Shan’s mountain crushing sword dao was innately inferior. After all, the mountain crushing sword dao was a kind of thick earth sword dao and not a special sword dao

“What?” Zheng Shan was appalled and his qi blood was boiling.

Tang Xing said indifferently, “I have already endured a sword move from you. Now it’s your turn.”

While speaking, Tang Xing wielded a heavy sword and cleaved. An extremely dense sword prowess pressed down at Zheng Shan.


The martial stage shook and Zheng Shan was forced to take a knee on the ground. He then vomited a mouthful of blood.

Too powerful, much too powerful. He wasn’t a match for Tang Xing at all.

“Originally, I thought that Li Jianxin was this Swordsmen Tournament’s no.1 rising star and qualified to challenge the Emotionless Sword Emperor and the Heart Sword Sovereign. From the looks of it, Tang Xing isn’t inferior to Li Jianxin at all!”

“Yes, Li Jianxin’s sword speed might be unimaginably fast, but Tang Xing’s sword dao is obviously good in both offense and defense. It is very difficult to break his defense with a single sword.”

“Two Swordsmen Tournament ago, there was the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign. This year, if Li Jianxin and Tang Xing are able to defeat the Emotionless Sword Emperor and Heart Sword Sovereign, they would become the new generation Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign.”

“It might be too early to talk about all these, but that is the correct reasoning.”

Tang Xing who didn’t have any presence since the start of the tournament had instantly became center of attention and had shocked the crowd.

“Martial stage 6, Li Fuchen against Yuwen Haojie.”

Shortly after, it was Li Fuchen’s turn again.

This time, his opponent was Yuwen Haojie who provoked him earlier.

“It is our turn. Yuwen Haojie’s eyes were bursting with battle intent.

“It is indeed our turn.” Li Fuchen flew up the stage.

Without any additional words, the duo immediately exchanged moves.

It was visible that Yuwen Haojie was also on the heavy sword dao. However, his sword dao wasn’t the stars sword dao or the thick earth sword dao. It was the comet sword dao.

The comet sword dao might not be as dense as the stars sword dao and thick earth sword dao, but it was explosive while possessing speed and power.

If a description had to be given, the comet sword dao was similar to the fusion of the meteor sword dao and thick earth sword dao.

For this match, Li Fuchen used the Meteor Sword Art.

The Meteor Sword Art contained both power and speed.

“You shall be defeated.”

Yuwen Haojie raised the large sword like it was light. Countless sword shadows were combined and turned into a comet before charging at Li Fuchen.

“Meteor Fall.”

Li Fuchen rose up to the sky and struck down with his sword.

The dazzling sword light descended at a faster speed


When the two sword lights collided, there was a radiance on the stage that engulfed the duo.

“How many sword arts has Li Fuchen mastered!?”

“Indeed, I have that question too.”

“He is changing a sword art with every opponent. It is truly hard to discern his style.”

“He is biting off more than he can chew. Being proficient in many sword arts might not be a good thing.”

“But each of his sword arts are close to extremity!”

At the start, no one really paid attention to Li Fuchen. But after a few matches, they gradually realized that Li Fuchen was a shining star.

No ordinary person could cultivate so many sword arts and make them close to extremity.

“How is that possible? His sword dao is even more quick and violent than mine?”

The dazzling radiance scattered. Yuwen Haojie’s body shook slightly and he had an awful expression.

His comet sword dao had both power and speed. According to his calculation, it should be enough to suppress Li Fuchen. He didn’t expect for Li Fuchen’s sword dao to also possess power and speed. It might not be denser than his sword dao, but with the support of absolute speed, it was unbelievably powerful.

“Comet Explosion!”

After taking a deep breath, Yuwen Haojie’s sword prowess increased significantly. When he brandished his sword, it felt like a real comet with horrific light and heat. It was blasting at Li Fuchen with stunning speed. It wasn’t the end yet. As the comet sword light approached Li Fuchen, it suddenly exploded and enveloped Li Fuchen countless countless shards.

This sword move was Yuwen Haojie’s certain-kill move. He didn’t believe that Li Fuchen could receive it.

“It is a little similar to my Meteor Sword Art. It is time to end.”

Using the Union of Man and Sword, Li Fuchen turned into an even more dazzling sword light and penetrated Yuwen Haojie’s sword prowess before striking at Yuwen Haojie.


Yuwen Haojie’s chest burst out with a flower of blood while his eyes were widened.

“Union of Man and Sword!” The Heart Sword Sovereign squinted his eyes.

The Sword Emperor also mastered the Union of Man and Sword.

But the Sword Emperor’s Union of Man and Sword was superior and it wasn’t restricted to just the Union of Man and Sword. When fighting against the Sword Emperor, a mere emission of qi presence gave off an invincible feeling. That was the true Union of Man and Sword.

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