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Chapter 767: Falling Rainbow

Translator: jinzeffect

“His sword art is indeed ghost-like, but it is a pity. If he only has this amount of strength, he will certainly lose when he encounters me.”

Li Fuchen’s strength surprised the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor a little. In his opinion, Li Fuchen’s sword art was already comparable with the Sword Emperor Rankings’ ranked 18th, Ghost Shadow Sword Emperor. Both their sword arts were ghost-like and hard to defend.

It was a pity that the Ghost Shadow Sword Emperor wasn’t a match for him, let alone Li Fuchen.

On the nine martial stages, there were some matches that ended quickly, while some would take a very long time. Everyone truly desired to reach top 20, and as long as there was a trace of chance, they wouldn’t give up willingly.

“Martial stage 3, Murong Youyu against Wang Qi.”

After over a dozen matches, a heavyweight match was finally here.

Murong Youyu was one of the rising stars of this year’s Swordsmen Tournament. Wang Qi was also known as the Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign who was ranked 6th on the Sword Emperor Rankings.

The match between them was considered a contest between the new and the old. It held a huge meaning.

“I will not lose.”

Wang Qi was afraid of Li Fuchen, but not of Murong Youyu. No matter what, he was ranked 6th on the Sword Emperor Rankings. It was others who were always afraid of him.

“Wang Qi is going to lose.” Li Fuchen witnessed Wang Qi’s strength.

Wang Qi’s Nine Firmament Sword Art had a grand sword prowess. When the sword move was executed, it felt like it drew power from heaven and it was very close to extremity.

But in comparison, Murong Youyu’s water dao sword art was obviously more proficient and had concentrated power.


There was a burst of sparks when the swords clashed on the martial stage.

Just as Li Fuchen expected, the Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign’s sword force was inferior to Murong Youyu’s sword force. Just a clash was enough to stir up the Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign’s qi and made him shake a little.

“How is this possible?” Wang Qi’s expression changed and his eyes were now very sharp.

“Nine Firmament Tower Clouds.”

Wang Qi leaped up and slashed down with boundless sword prowess. The sword move felt like a thunder fall.

“Water Dripping Stone Pierce.”

Murong Youyu lifted her head and countered with a sword move. It was a drop of water that pierce through Wang Qi’s sword art with unbelievable speed.


At the crucial moment, Wang Qi raised his sword to block but he was sent to a higher altitude.

“Damn it, Nine Firmament Violent Thunder.”

Wang Qi vanished and was replaced with rolling clouds and explosive thunder. All of a sudden, countless thunderbolts ripped open the clouds and descended at Murong Youyu.

“It is a sword art illusion!” Someone among the audience exclaimed.

The sword dao had countless variations, the sword art illusion was a kind of extremity.

Countless thunderbolts meant countless sword lights. Each sword light gave off a murderous intent that felt it was unavoidable.

Murong Youyu’s head was still looking up as she didn’t have any intention to dodge.

“To witness this sword of mine should be your honor.”

Murong Youyu executed her sword move. Countless water droplets flew up from the ground and were blasted at the sky.

At this moment, the sky was no longer the sky, and the ground was no longer the ground.

There was a direct flip.

The water droplets were extremely condensed and when it was flying, it was even rotating.

Boom Boom Boom...

The power of the water droplets was unbelievable. Each droplet was able to crush multiple thunderbolts.

Ultimately, Wang Qi couldn’t resist and was blasted with patches of blood on his body. It seemed like he was turned into a sieve, while the sword art illusion had vanished.

“So a terrifying soft water sword dao.”

“This should be the water drip sword dao which is one of the soft water sword dao!”

There were some sword daos that people could identify. There were some sword daos that were like abstracts and were hard to identify, like Xu Pingfan’s ordinary sword dao, Li Fuchen’s primary extreme sword dao, the Emotionless Sword Emperor’s emotionless sword dao, and the Heart Sword Sovereign’s heart sword dao. Those were abstractual sword daos and it was hard to see its roots just by the sword art, unless one already knew what sword art they were cultivating. The water drip sword dao had the concept of breaking the surface with a single point.

Once Murong Youyu defeated Wang Qi, the Wind Cloud Martial Arena was in an uproar.

The Nine Firmament Sword Sovereign, Wang Qi, was ranked 6th on the Sword Emperor Rankings and he was defeated by a rising star just like that. Right now, no one knew who was stronger or weaker as a rising star could defeat a veteran sword emperor. It meant that those lower ranked individuals might also be able to defeat those top ranking sword emperors. It was reckoned that even the Emotionless Sword Emperor and the Heart Sword Sovereign might be pulled down.

As the tournament continued, exciting matches were being presented on the nine martial stages from time to time.

Sword dao was the no.1 dao for killing and also the dao that was most suitable for spectating.

When two swordsmen crossed moves, if the match was decided in a single move, it would make everyone feel the danger of sword dao. But if the match dragged on, it would allow everyone to feel the grace of sword dao.

If two saber wielders crossed moves, the match’s attractiveness would drop by a whole level. Everyone would only be able to see the saber dao’s dominance and grand power. There wasn’t the kind of excitement like a dance on the edge of the blade.

Soon enough, it was Li Jianxin’s turn. His opponent was actually the Sword Emperor Rankings’ 9th ranked, Wind Chasing Sword Emperor.

The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor was known to have one of the five fastest swords on the Sword Emperor Rankings. In terms of sword speed, he was comparable with the Emotionless Sword Emperor and the Heart Sword Sovereign.

On the martial stage, the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor didn’t attack immediately, instead, he concentrated his eyes on Li Jianxin.

Li Jianxin was just standing there, but the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor couldn’t find any flaw.

If there wasn’t any flaw, it meant that even if he attacked first, it would be useless.

“I heard that your sword is very fast.” Li Jianxin said.

The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor replied, “I am untalented. Everyone is just speaking highly of me.”

“If everyone is speaking highly of you, it means that your sword is indeed very fast. Why don’t we do it like this? If you can stop this sword move, it will be considered my loss.” Li Jianxin proposed.

“What?” The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor was a little stunned.

Immediately after, he was fuming with fury. It was obvious that Li Jianxin was looking down at him. He didn’t think that Li Jianxin was trying to give a handicap.

“Li Jianxin actually wants to decide the match with a single sword. He is truly imperious.”

“He is too reckless. The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor has one of the five fastest swords in the Sword Emperor Rankings. He wants to contest with the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor in sword speed and wishes to decide it in a single sword? Not even the Emotionless Sword Emperor and Heart Sword Sovereign would be that confident!”

“He is the one that made the decision. We shall know after seeing the outcome.”

Be it the audiences or the participants, everyone was in discussion and staring at the martial stage without blinking.

Right now, even a single blink might cause you to miss out on the most exciting scene.

“Be careful now.” Li Jianxin said.

The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor didn’t say anything and was standing guard. He really didn’t believe that he couldn’t block a single sword from Li Jianxin.

There was a light change in the illumination of the martial stage before Li Jianxian turned and walked off the stage.

“What is the meaning of this?!” The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor was enraged.

“You lost.” Li Jianxin didn’t even turn back as he said indifferently.

“I lost?” The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor didn’t understand.


A streak of blood spurted out from the Wind Chasing Sword Emperor’s shoulder.

“I have lost indeed.” The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor was terrified.

What sword speed was that? He didn’t even sense anything, let alone blocking it.

How could there be such a fast sword in the Law Phase Realm?

Could Li Jianxin have already reached the level of the Sword Sovereign or even the Sword Emperor?

The Wind Chasing Sword Emperor wasn’t the only person terrified, 90% of the participants were also terrified.

If they had to fight against Li Jianxin in the future, they might not even know how they died.

Li Jianxin’s sword speed had already reached a terrifying level.

“Interesting!” Saber Emperor, Chu Kuang’s eyes burst out with light.

“Is he incredible?” Miao Chengxin didn’t dare to believe that a rising star had strength that reached this level.

Chu Kuang said, “Unless you are at my level, you will never know why he is incredible.”

Chu Kuang didn’t give any explanation as there were things that couldn’t be explained.

Below the martial stages, the Emotionless Sword Emperor and the Heart Sword Sovereign squinted their eyes a little.

Before this, they only had their eyes on the Sword Emperor and the Sword Sovereign, they didn’t even bother about the other swordsmen.

Li Jianxin’s appearance made them feel a trace of pressure and crisis.

“This is the strength of the sword heart. With the sword heart, one will have complete control of the sword dao law.”

Li Fuchen revealed a smile and there was an undetectable battle intent that was emitted.

For a long time, Li Fuchen had been invincible in the same cultivation realm. To be honest, as a swordsman he had a thirst for battle. He desired to fight an evenly matched opponent and desired the feeling to fight with full strength in order to win.

“I hope you can be stronger.”

Li Fuchen could see that Li Jianxin had only utilized a portion of his strength. With this amount of strength, Li Jianxin wasn’t a match for him. He hoped that Li Jianxin could be stronger and more all-rounded. Only then, it would be worth it for Li Fuchen to fight at full strength.

No one came back to senses for a long time even after Li Jianxin got off the stage.

Murong Youyu was already stunning enough, no one expected Li Jianxin to be more outstanding. Or should it be said, more terrifying.

Could this year’s Swordsmen Tournament have a new generation of Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign?

Back then, the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign were also rising stars. After being crowned at the top two of the Swordsmen Tournament, they remained no.1 and no.2 after dozens of years, and no one could surpass them.

Right now, outstanding individuals like them had appeared.

Perhaps, these individuals might be able to challenge the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign’s positions.

“Martial stage 9, Li Fuchen against Cui Luohong.”

Once the referee finished his words, the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor, Cui Luohong appeared on martial stage 9 like a rainbow.

“Li Fuchen, I already said that I will take good care of you at the Swordsmen Tournament.” Cui Luohong grinned.

“Are you sure you will take care of me?” Li Fuchen flashed and appeared in front of Cui Luohong.

“Of course. I, the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor, never go back on my words.”

With a wave of the hand, a rainbow-like sword appeared on the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor’s hand.

“To witness my falling rainbow sword dao should be your honor.”

The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor pointed with his sword. A sword qi with rainbow colors was shot out. The rainbow sword qi actually blended into the void and refracted. It was now impossible to discern the real sword qi.

“This is your falling rainbow sword dao? It doesn’t look like much.”

Li Fuchen walked slowly within the rainbow sword qi.

Cling Clang Cling Clang...

Countless sword qi landed on Li Fuchen but was only able to produce some sparks.

“This is just the beginning.”

The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor’s eyes narrowed. Li Fuchen’s strength was a little better than he expected. Li Fuchen was actually able to use a layer of sword qi protection to block his attack. However, Cui Luohong wasn’t going to boost Li Fuchen’s prowess by admitting he was impressed.

“White Rainbow Perforate.”

The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor executed his finishing move. An unimaginably concise white sword qi was shot out. At the same time, a death and solitude sword qi was emitted. The world felt solemn and sorrowful.

“Falling rainbow represents the end of the rainbow. It is considered good enough.”

Li Fuchen countered with a sword move to scatter the white sword qi. In the void, a formless thread was slicing ruthlessly.

Sword move, Flowing Merciless Edge.

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