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Chapter 719: Hand of Star

The creation of the Primary Extreme Sword Technique might have taken up most of Li Fuchen’s time, but Li Fuchen spent the remaining time to comprehend the Hand of Star.

On this day, in the atmosphere above, Li Fuchen finally comprehended the core essence of the stars law.

The core essence of the stars law was naturally the gravity law.

Without gravity, stars would never take form.

It was gravity that allowed the stars to exist in the dark and hollow universe, blooming with radiance.

Previously, Li Fuchen’s stars law comprehension was already very profound, but it lacked the gravity law which prevented the Hand of Star from being cultivated.

Once the gravity law was comprehended, a horrific gravity force was produced from Li Fuchen’s body.

With the effects of the gravity force, Li Fuchen’s Hand of Force’s qi power was constantly collapsing and transforming.


Multiple heaven thunders were blasted at Li Fuchen.

In the past, Li Fuchen could only use his defenses to endure the attacks. This time, the heaven thunders were actually absorbed into his body. In a split moment, Li Fuchen’s body was shining with thunder light, and he looked like a radiant star that descended…

In the skies above the Emperor Sky Continent, everyone could see a star.

The star was so dazzling that it caused terror, as everyone thought if the star descended, it would destroy the world.

Soon enough, the star vanished and terror was dispersed, leaving behind a conversation topic for after meals.

In the upper section of the thunderbolt layer, Li Fuchen gradually opened his eyes.

“This is the Hand of Star?”

Li Fuchen felt unprecedentedly powerful, as though he could stride through the universe.

He understood that this was the misconception of a power burst, but if he could still have such misconception at this stage, it was imaginable how powerful and horrific the Hand of Star was.

After some slight sensing, Li Fuchen understood that his body refinement had reached the completion level of Law Phase Realm.

The Hand of Force’s qi power had transformed into the Hand of Star’s qi power. After absorbing countless heaven thunders’ power, they were used to temper and enhance the body. Therefore, his body refinement reached the completion level of Law Phase Realm.

Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and consciously circulated the power of the Void Heaven Sword World to slash at himself.


Sparks burst out but Li Fuchen didn’t have a scratch.

Li Fuchen didn’t even use the Sky Ring Sword Armor and was just using the law field and his physical defense to endure this slash.

The result ended with him totally unharmed.

Furthermore, Li Fuchen had a feeling that even if he increased the sword dao strength by two times, he still wouldn’t be injured. What kind of overwhelming defense was this?!

“Star Immortal Body.”

Li Fuchen realized that he had cultivated the Star Immortal Body. It was a derivative ability of the Hand of Star.

Once the Star Immortal Body was cultivated, one might not be immortal, but the lifespan would be extremely long. According to the introduction of the Hand of God, the Star Immortal Body’s lifespan was impossible to calculate and was at least 10 thousand years.

It meant to say that Li Fuchen wasn’t a saint yet, but his lifespan was already higher than a regular saint.

It was reckoned that the creator of the Hand of God would never imagine that someone would actually cultivate the Hand of Star within such a short period of time.h a short period of time.

After all, the Hand of God was a body refinement methodology and it was the fusion of a body refinement cultivation technique and a body refinement martial art. In order to cultivate the Hand of Star, it was several times, maybe ten times harder than to cultivate a heaven class high-tier martial art.

(TL note: There isn’t much explanation to methodologies until now. So methodology is a combination of both cultivation technique and martial art. As of now, I think Hand of God is one of the first)

However, the Star Immortal Body was just at the primary stage. Once the Hand of Moon was cultivated, the Star Immortal Body would reach the intermediate stage. Once the Hand of Sun was cultivated, it would be at an advanced stage.

Once the Hand of Calamity was cultivated, the Star Immortal Body would transform into the Calamity Immortal Body. It meant that no calamity could destroy the body.

Of course, in Li Fuchen’s opinion, the so-called Calamity Immortal Body, it wouldn’t be really calamity immune. Otherwise, why would the creator of the Hand of God perish?

“It is too powerful.”

Li Fuchen was unable to sense his body refinement strength. It was reckoned that it was ten times stronger than his sword dao strength.

With a flash, Li Fuchen rushed above the thunderbolt layer and arrived in the heat layer.

The heat layer’s heat gathered the heat from the entire plane. This plane was higher in class than the stars.

The law field on Li Fuchen’s body was distorting and he felt his Hand of Star’s qi power was drastically drained.

Li Fuchen didn’t dare to stay long and started to descend, withdrawing from the heat layer.

Subsequently, Li Fuchen returned to the Emperor Sky Continent.

This place was a desolate mountain range and it was around 40 thousand miles in size.

Li Fuchen revolved the Hand of Star and produced a horrifying gravity force which acted on the void of the mountain range.


The mountain range that was 40 thousand miles was instantly pulled towards Li Fuchen by a gravity force. It created a solid sphere that was a few thousand miles in size and a bottomless abyss that was 40 thousand miles in size.

Inside the solid sphere, Li Fuchen continued to circulate the Hand of Star’s qi power. At the same time, the solid sphere was getting smaller. A terrifying heat was emitted from the surface of the solid sphere. From far, it looked black and was just like a solid steel sphere.

But right at this moment, there was a destructive ripple and the solid sphere immediately collapsed. Li Fuchen who was inside felt his qi blood boiling and suffered a slight injury.

“Continent willpower?”

Li Fuchen raised his brow as he didn’t think that his current body refinement strength would cause the continent willpower to react.

He had a premonition that if he circulated the Hand of Star recklessly, he would invite the continent willpower’s destruction power.

“It seems like my body refinement strength is already at the limits of the Emperor Sky Continent.”

In the past, Li Fuchen thought that only the cultivation strength would receive a warning from the continent willpower. From the looks of it now, when strength reached a certain level, it would also receive a warning from the continent willpower.

As time elapsed, there were only three months before the ten years agreement. Li Fuchen received news that the Blood Sift Union was found.

The one who found the Blood Sift Union headquarters was the Vacant Mountain Emperor.

In terms of void law proficiency, no one was better than the Vacant Mountain Emperor apart from Li Fuchen.

Originally, with Vacant Mountain Emperor’s strength, it should be very easy to eliminate the Blood Sift Union.

But no one expected that the Blood Sift Union Leader was a great emperor and he was a top-class great emperor. After some exchange of moves, the Vacant Mountain Emperor wasn’t a match.

After receiving the news, Li Fuchen immediately headed for the Blood Sift Union headquarters.

From far, Li Fuchen could already sense the astonishing energy waves. This battle was much more intense than he imagined.

There was a void distortion and Li Fuchen appeared on the battlefield.

“Sword Emperor!”

The Blood Sift Union Leader was a man with a blood-colored mask. He had fearsome qi presence and looked as though he had just walked out from a blood-colored hell.

As for the Vacant Mountain Emperor, he was already injured and had weakened qi presence.

“Yet another evil dao cultivator.”

Li Fuchen sized up the Blood Sift Union Leader and could see countless blood souls. It was obvious that the Blood Sift Union was similar to the Skull Cult and Zombie Guild. They were using life souls to cultivate and after a period of time, they were tainted with the resentful qi of spirits. As the resentful qi accumulated, it gradually formed blood souls.

“Elder Li, you have arrived.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor revealed a delighted expression.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor alone wasn’t a match for the Blood Sift Union Leader, but with Li Fuchen around, let alone one Blood Sift Union Leader, even ten Blood Sift Union Leaders wouldn’t be enough. Li Fuchen didn’t bother about the Blood Sift Union Leader for now.

“Blood Emperor!”

Li Fuchen scanned with his spiritual awareness and found the Blood Emperor hiding inside the Blood Sift Union headquarters.

Li Fuchen extended his arm and burst out with immense gravity force. The Blood Emperor was involuntarily pulled over, even the Blood Sift Union’s array couldn’t isolate the gravity force.

Seeing the situation, the Blood Sift Union Leader’s eyes shrunk.

He was already very cautious of Li Fuchen and believed he wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen, but he didn’t think that Li Fuchen’s strength was even more formidable.

“Union Leader, save me!” The Blood Emperor was terrified.

“Save you? There is no one in this world that can save you.”

Li Fuchen clenched his fist and the Blood Emperor exploded.

“Sword Emperor, you have already killed the person you want. My Blood Sift Union hasn’t offended you, I hope this will be the last time.” The Blood Sift Union Leader had a gloomy expression as he said slowly.

“What gives you the rights to speak with me?” Li Fuchen looked at the Blood Sift Union Leader.

The Blood Sift Union Leader didn’t have any feud with him, but the Blood Sift Union had plenty of blood debt. Shangguan Yu and the Black Emperor Guild had nearly fallen, therefore, Li Fuchen wasn’t going to spare the Blood Sift Union.

“Sword Emperor, do you really think that you are invincible?!” The Blood Sift Union Leader burst out with battle intent.

He, the Blood Sift Great Emperor, was ranked 5500th on the Great Emperor Rankings on the Saint Spirit Continent.

If the Vacant Mountain Emperor wasn’t proficient in void law, he would already be dead.

Furthermore, he had yet to execute his kill move against the Vacant Mountain Emperor!

If the Blood Sift Great Emperor burst out with all his strength, even if he wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen would still need to pay some price to defeat him.

“Oh? It seems like your strength isn’t just like this?” Li Fuchen said, “Show me your full strength then, otherwise, you will not have a chance.”

“Sword Emperor, I shall let you witness my trump. Blood Net Under Heaven!”

The Blood Sift Union Leader or the Blood Sift Great Emperor had made his move.

His both hands were like a net while endless blood dao law was burst out. A net was weaved and enveloped Li Fuchen.

This move, Blood Net Under Heaven was his ultimate kill move and he didn’t believe Li Fuchen could deal with it.

There was once he used this move to turn a great emperor into a pool of thick blood with ease.

“Elder Li, be careful.”

When the Vacant Mountain Emperor saw that Li Fuchen was enveloped by the blood net, he was shocked.

Li Fuchen’s eyes were easily able to see that this move was to counter the shifting technique and being enveloped was dangerous.

“Blood dao field.” Li Fuchen was enlightened.

This move was indeed incredible and was a field kill move. However, it was still too weak for Li Fuchen.

Let alone the fact that Li Fuchen had cultivated the Hand of Star, even if he didn’t cultivate the Hand of Star, killing the Blood Sift Great Emperor was still an easy task.

Once the blood net enveloped Li Fuchen, the Blood Sift Great Emperor felt as though he could see Li Fuchen turning into a pool of blood.

But at the next moment, the Blood Sift Great Emperor and the Vacant Mountain Emperor were stupefied.

Once the blood net landed on Li Fuchen, it was like a cotton yarn that landed on a burning hot iron. It instantly turned into ashes and couldn’t even produce any effect.

“Is this your kill move? Too weak. It is my turn now.”

Li Fuchen produced a gravity force. Just like the Blood Emperor earlier, the Blood Sift Great Emperor involuntarily flew towards Li Fuchen.

“Sword Emperor, hurry up and let me go! My master is the Heaven Sift Saint. If you kill me, there is no place in this world that you can stay in!” The Blood Sift Great Emperor roared.


Li Fuchen gripped at the void with his right hand and exploded the Blood Sift Great Emperor.

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