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Chapter 707: This Person Has a Cheap Mouth

According to what Yan Qingwu said, Qu Qingyan was also an individual from the Saint Spirit Continent. Furthermore, she was also a figure among the great emperors, just like Yan Qingwu.

Qu Qingyan’s strength was already extremely powerful a few dozen years ago. She might not be stronger than the Soul Emperor, but she was at least top three in the Emperor Sky Continent.

After a few dozen years, it was unknown why Qu Qingyan arrived at the Imperial Flower Pavilion. Moreover, the Imperial Flower Pavilion had been established for years and must be more than a few dozen years. It was unknown how Qu Qingyan had taken over as the new generation Pavilion Mistress.

Yan Qingwu could recognize Qu Qingyan, but the latter didn’t recognize Yan Qingwu.

After all, Yan Qingwu was no longer the same Yan Qingwu from the Saint Spirit Continent.

“Since everyone is here, let the Imperial Flower Feast begin!” Qu Qingyan clapped her hands.

All of a sudden, beautiful music could be heard while ladies with extraordinary bearings started to dance within the flowers. With the effects of the Rainbow Array, everyone felt as though they arrived in the human world’s immortal realm and paradise. When compared, the inner scenery of the Sky Horn Great Ruler’s carriage was obviously cruder.

There were plenty of pavilions and everyone chose their pavilions.

Li Fuchen was seated in a pavilion which had a total of five individuals. They were the Vacant Mountain Emperor, Safflower Empress, Yan Qingwu, the Cloud Emperor, and Li Fuchen.

Originally, the Cloud Emperor wouldn’t be qualified to sit in this pavilion. After all, even Yan Qingwu who was weakest already had one foot in the ranks of the great emperors. The Cloud Emperor wasn’t even a high-level emperor and naturally wasn’t qualified to sit here.

In fact, the Cloud Emperor didn’t wish to sit here too, he felt he would be more comfortable to sit with the other emperors of similar levels.

However, due to Li Fuchen’s request, the Cloud Emperor stayed.

It didn’t matter what Li Fuchen’s current strength was, the Cloud Emperor would always be his senior and benefactor. Li Fuchen had already treated the Cloud Emperor as his own elder.

“Then I shall shamelessly stay.” The Cloud Emperor cupped his fist and smiled.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor said, “There is nothing to be shameless about. As compared to Elder Li, you and I are the same, we are merely people with average aptitudes.”

Right now, Li Fuchen was no longer a direct line disciple of the Floating Sky Mountain and was a guest elder. After all, how could a direct line disciple be stronger than the patriarch of a faction?

The Safflower Empress nodded. “I am 450 years old this year and is over ten times older than the Sword Emperor. As compared to the Sword Emperor, my aptitude is also considered ordinary.”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor laughed and said, “Safflower Empress, your aptitude is much better than us. At least, you have the chance to become a saint, while I don’t even have the chance.”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor was already too old. Among the human great emperors, he and the Celestial Eye Emperor were from the same generation and were already more than 1500 years old.

The Safflower Empress responded, “You cannot say it like that. Being a great emperor means to be on the apex. I remembered that when I was young, you were already a great emperor. Right now, you are still a great emperor. Perhaps a few hundred years later, I will be the same as you and remain stagnant in this realm.”

A Law Phase Realm emperor could only live for 2000 years, even if they cultivated a body refinement technique to the Primary Sea Realm, they could only live to 3000 years.

3000 years of martial dao cultivation was considered nothing.

Not everyone could be like Li Fuchen and had basically no restraints.

There were plenty of people that remained stagnant for hundreds or a thousand years.

“You are the Sword Emperor? You don’t look like anything much.” A powerful voice suddenly echoed.

Everyone looked towards the source of the voice and it was none other than the Sky Horn Great Ruler.

Li Fuchen looked over in response. “Mm!?”

Li Fuchen’s eyes didn’t land on the Sky Horn Great Ruler, instead, they landed on a female servant beside the Sky Horn Great Ruler.

This female servant might look different, but Li Fuchen immediately recognized that it was the Petrified Queen.

Back then before the Evil Monarch appeared, the Petrified Queen was the no.1 individual of the East Unicorn Continent. Among the Demonic Ten Regions, she ruled supreme.

The Petrified Queen might have been surpassed by the Evil Monarch afterwards and experienced Li Fuchen’s rise to the top, but she must not be underestimated.

Who would have expected the Petrified Queen who enjoyed great glory to become a female servant, even though her master was the Sky Horn Great Ruler who was at the top of the four demonic beast great rulers.

“Petrified Queen, it has been a long time.” Li Fuchen’s voice was transmitted to the Petrified Queen’s ears.

“Li Fuchen, you are the Sword Emperor?”

The Petrified Queen had been following the Sky Horn Great Ruler and didn’t really receive the latest news. After arriving at the Rainbow Garden, she found out that the Sword Emperor of the Emperor Sky Continent was called Li Fuchen. She originally thought it was another individual with the same name. But after seeing Li Fuchen, she was certain that Li Fuchen was the Sword Emperor.

When facing the Sword Emperor, Li Fuchen, the Petrified Queen had complicated feelings. There were some individuals who would be dazzling no matter where they went. Back at the East Unicorn Continent, Li Fuchen rose up to the top and dedicated the fate of the continent. Now that the Emperor Sky Continent, Li Fuchen was still at the pinnacle.

The complicated feelings quickly dispersed as the Petrified Queen begged, “Sword Emperor, please save me. I don’t wish to continue being the Sky Horn Great Ruler’s servant.”

Her heart was still prideful, otherwise, she wouldn’t have cultivated into a low-tier demonic beast queen in such a short period of time.

“What is the exact situation?”

Li Fuchen wouldn’t offend the Sky Horn Great Ruler for no reason.

Li Fuchen knew about the Sky Horn Great Ruler. The latter was already extremely powerful a few centuries ago, it was unknown what strength level did the Sky Horn Great Ruler reach now.

Before the Petrified Queen could reply, the Sky Horn Great Ruler’s face turned dark when he noticed that Li Fuchen didn’t bother about him and was actually looking at his female servant. He chuckled and said, “Sword Emperor, is my servant so beautiful? Since you like her, why don’t I give her to you? However, that human woman beside you also interests me. Why don’t we do a trade?”

Yan Qingwu’s aura and looks were undoubtedly top-notch. Even the Famed Flowers that were performing were pale in comparison to Yan Qingwu.

“You are courting death.” Yan Qingwu’s brows straightened as she shot black threads at the Sky Horn Great Ruler from her eyes.

“Child’s play.” The Sky Horn Great Ruler’s eyes burst with radiance and dispersed the black threads.

“Very aggressive, just the way I like.” The Sky Horn Great Ruler laughed heartily and didn’t bother.

Li Fuchen shifted his gaze away from the Petrified Queen and looked at the Sky Horn Great Ruler. “Sky Horn Great Ruler, you are more foolish and arrogant than I imagine.”

If Li Fuchen was in the shoes of the Sky Horn Great Ruler, he would never willingly offend a formidable individual that was comparable with the Soul Emperor for no reason. However, the Sky Horn Great Ruler had done so and in Li Fuchen’s opinion, it was foolishness and arrogance.

“You dare say I am foolish and arrogant?” The Sky Horn Great Ruler had a face of disbelief.

No one had ever said he was foolish, never.

“Sky Horn Great Ruler, this person is the Sword Emperor and there is nothing he wouldn’t dare to say.” A voice echoed and it was hidden with a trace of enticement.

“Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, you are seeking death.” Li Fuchen burst out with murderous intent.

In the Emperor Sky Continent, the person who was most adept that enticing would be the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor.

He who cultivated the Seven Emotions Divine Technique was very acute towards the control of emotions.

Unless the individual had a formidable spirit soul like Li Fuchen and the Soul Emperor, otherwise, even if the enemy was stronger than the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, a careless mistake would cause the enemy to be enticed. It would cause the enemy to make decisions that were deviated from their principle.

After arriving at the Rainbow Garden, Li Fuchen had already noticed the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor.

Due to the Imperial Flower Pavilion being the host, Li Fuchen didn’t make a move on the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, otherwise, he would have done so earlier.

But the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor didn’t know how to be reserved. Did he think that Li Fuchen wouldn’t dare to make a move?

Li Fuchen didn’t execute his spiritual awareness attacks as he knew that a 7-star spiritual awareness secret technique would be able to deal with the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor. At least, it would only make the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor a little.

In terms of the strongest spiritual awareness in the Emperor Sky Continent, apart from Li Fuchen, no.1 would be the Soul Emperor and no.2 would be the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor.

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor cultivated the Seven Emotions Divine Technique, therefore, the emotions would be utilized at the spiritual level. It would be strange if he didn’t have a powerful spiritual awareness.

The void distorted and cracked as countless sharp blades enveloped the area where the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was standing at.

As Li Fuchen had a great understanding of the void law, his Void Heaven Sword Art was getting stronger by the day, making the Void Heaven Sword Intent naturally and peerlessly sharp.

Once the sword intent was executed, unless the enemy was a great emperor, it was impossible to block.

Even a great emperor wouldn’t be able to contest with purely martial intent.

Li Fuchen had the sword heart and it allowed sword dao law’s power to increase by three times.

“Damn it!”

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor’s face changed as he produced a layer of intent to blast at the Void Heaven Sword Intent.


The pavilion where the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was in had suddenly exploded.

At the crucial moment, a rainbow radiance secured the void and didn’t allow the aftermath forces to spread out.


Vomiting a mouthful of blood, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor pointed at Li Fuchen. “You dare to make a move?”

Li Fuchen’s strength was beyond the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor’s imagination. He thought that after he progressed to become a great emperor, even if Li Fuchen’s strength was stronger, it would be limited.

Earlier on, Li Fuchen’s sword intent already injured the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor. If they continued to fight without any restraints, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor wouldn’t be able to withstand for a long period of time.

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” Li Fuchen sneered and blasted Void Heaven Sword Intents at the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor.

“Sword Emperor, this is the Imperial Flower Feast, I hope you can give me some face.”

The rainbow radiance wanted to lock down the Void Heaven Sword Intent, but realized it could only delay the sword intent.

This made Qu Qingyan frown.

The rainbow radiance was the power of the Rainbow Array and this array was a top-notch class 8 array. It contained mystical laws and was extremely profound, yet it was unable to lock down Li Fuchen’s sword intent. She was really unclear about the level of Li Fuchen’s sword intent.

Li Fuchen didn’t bother about Qu Qingyan and suddenly attacked with the Meteor Sword Intent.

The Meteor Sword Intent that was at the pinnacle of speed couldn’t be stopped by the rainbow radiance was immediately penetrated.

Immediately after, it penetrated the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor’s intent.

But after penetrating two layers of obstruction, the Meteor Sword Intent still dispersed.

“Such power.” Those that had yet to see Li Fuchen’s prowess couldn’t help gasping for cold air.

Li Fuchen stopped attacking and looked at Qu Qingyan. “This person has a cheap mouth and I wasn’t able to curb my anger. Please forgive me.”

“You!” The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was so enraged that he vomited fresh blood.

Qu Qingyan laughed wryly in response. While feeling angry, she was also delighted as Li Fuchen’s strength was stronger than her expectations. This was actually a great thing for her.

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