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Chapter 706: Qu Qingyan

“Mystic Dark Emperor is here.”

“Celestial Eye Emperor is here.”

“That is the Safflower Empress.”

It was already rather late when the great emperors finally arrived.

Looking at the great emperors that were carefree and relaxed, everyone revealed expressions of admiration and reverence.

The great emperor was the strongest existence that stood on the peak of the continent. Everything they said and did would affect the entire continent. They were the main attention of the Imperial Flower Feast, while all others were merely in the supporting role.

“The Blue Sun Emperor is here. Isn’t he afraid to meet with the Sword Emperor alone?”

“The Sword Emperor might be formidable, but if the Blue Sun Emperor wanted to escape, I don’t think the Sword Emperor can do anything.”

“Shush, speak softly. The conflict between great emperors isn’t for us to discuss. Be careful of inviting disaster.”

Everyone discussed softly.

“Hmph, Blue Sun Emperor, you actually dare to come?” The Safflower Empress mocked.

The Blue Sun Emperor grinned. “Why can’t I come? This is the Imperial Flower Feast, do you think you are the host?”

“I am naturally not the host, but I am afraid that once you meet the Sword Emperor, you wouldn’t even dare to fart.” The Safflower Empress continued mocking.

The Blue Sun Emperor was enraged in response as a burning qi prowess was locked onto the Safflower Empress and it seemed like he was going to make a move.


A rainbow radiance flashed across the Blue Sun Emperor’s body and wiped out the battle intent from the Blue Sun Emperor.

“Blue Sun Emperor, this is the Imperial Flower Feast. Please give me some face.” A pleasant voice entered the Blue Sun Emperor’s ears.

The Blue Sun Emperor didn’t make a move ultimately. Of course, he didn’t plan to do so either.

The others assumed that the Imperial Flower Pavilion merely relied on others to survive, only a few individuals knew that the Imperial Flower Pavilion Mistress wasn’t a simple person. The Blue Sun Emperor suspected that the Imperial Flower Pavilion Mistress was a great empress herself.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to come to the Imperial Flower Feast.

“Haha, I heard that your human race produced a Sword Emperor. There is the Sword Emperor, hurry up and let me, the Sky Horn Great Ruler see him.”

Soon after the Blue Sun Emperor arrived, a loud and thunderous voice exploded in the sky above the Rainbow Garden.

Everyone looked up and there was a flood dragon pulling a luxurious carriage over.

“Tsk tsk, actually using a flood dragon to pull the carriage.”

“This flood dragon is obviously a low-tier demonic beast ruler. Its strength is already comparable to mid-level emperors. Only the Sky Horn Great Ruler can get a flood dragon to pull his carriage.”

The Sky Horn Great Ruler was the leader of the four demonic beast great rulers. He had extremely horrific strength and a few centuries ago, the Sky Horn Great Ruler once fought with three of the human great emperors. The battle lasted for three days and nights, as a result, the three great emperors were forced to retreat while the Sky Horn Great Ruler was unscathed.

Everyone predicted that the Sky Horn Great Ruler’s confrontational strength was above the Soul Emperor.

The carriage was massive and was just like a small palace. An imposing middle-aged man with a horn on his head was seated inside. The imposing man was enjoying his time as he was embracing a woman while another woman was feeding him his wine. Apart from that, there were six other women playing the zither and flute, dancing, or teasing each other.

“Sky Horn Great Ruler, what brings you here?” The Celestial Eye Emperor asked.

Among the four demonic beast great rulers, the Sky Horn Great Ruler appeared the least and would always be behind the scenes.

The Sky Horn Great Ruler laughed and said, “I heard that the humans produced a Sword Emperor, I naturally wish to see him.”

The existence of the Sword Emperor had already threatened his status and he had no choice but to get involved.

Immediately after, another one of the four demonic beast great rulers, the Gold-Winged Great Ruler arrived too.

The Gold-Winged Great Ruler had the fastest speed among the demonic beast great rulers. His shifting technique was superior to any of the human emperors.

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that even 100 great emperors wouldn’t be able to do anything to the Gold-Wing Great Ruler.

“Look, it is the Soul Emperor. Is that the Red Moon Emperor? Why does he feel strange?”

Everyone’s eyes shifted from the other great emperors to the Soul Emperor and the Red Moon Emperor.

The Soul Emperor’s reputation might have declined after getting defeated by Li Fuchen, but his fame was still around and no one dared to look down on him.

When speaking seriously, one of the reasons that the Soul Emperor was defeated by Li Fuchen might be due to carelessness.

After all, who would have expected for Li Fuchen’s strength to be this formidable.

If it was any other great emperor, if they didn’t know the actual strength of their opponent, they would inevitably be in disadvantage.

The Soul Emperor didn’t really change, it was the Red Moon Emperor that had a huge change in appearance. His aura was dark and eerie, while his eyes were vicious and violent.

As compared to before, he was 30% more fearsome and had 30% less of a great emperor’s prowess.

“Soul Emperor, I heard that you are defeated by the Sword Emperor. It seems like you are nothing much huh?” The Sky Horn Great Ruler mocked.

The Soul Emperor had a composed expression. “If there is a chance, we can spar.”

“We definitely must spar, otherwise, there aren’t many who still know about my prowess in the Emperor Sky Continent.”

The Sky Horn Great Ruler’s most famed battle was the one he had with three human great emperors a few centuries ago. Afterwards, he basically didn’t have any more battles. This didn’t just make the human race forget about his prowess, even the demonic beasts felt that he might not be superior to the other three demonic beast great rulers. Therefore, his trip here wasn’t just to meet with the legendary Sword Emperor, it was also to tell everyone that he, the Sky Horn Great Ruler wasn’t just the strongest individual of Emperor Sky Continent a few centuries ago, he was still the strongest individual now too.

This year’s Imperial Flower Feast was much more lively then everyone imagined.

Nearly 70% of the human emperors had arrived and there were dozens of demonic beast rulers too.

“Hu Hongxiu, are you certain that the Sword Emperor is that individual that appeared on the Ancient Desolate Mountains back then?”

The Fierce Tiger Ruler and Hu Hongxiu were seated in the same pavilion.

Hu Hongxiu replied, “It should be correct.”

“If it is true, then it is truly shocking.” The Fierce Tiger Ruler lamented.

Back then, Li Fuchen was already formidable as he was already able to contest with a Law Phase Realm emperor when he was just at the Primary Sea Realm. Right now, Li Fuchen was definitely dozens or even a hundred times stronger than before.

As time passed by, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor had also arrived.

Originally, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor wouldn’t arrive so late, however, he had been in seclusion. When he exited from seclusion, he immediately received news from his subordinate and rushed over.

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was in a great mood. Back at the Saint Monument Hidden Domain, he had gained greatly as he produced the fear seed in his heart.

After a few years of seclusion, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor finally condensed the sixth emotion seed, the fear seed.

In other words, he was already a great emperor now.

The smile on his face didn’t last for long as he found out that the Soul Emperor had been defeated by the Sword Emperor recently, while the Sword Emperor was none other than Li Fuchen. When the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor found out about this, he felt as though he had swallowed a thousand flies and was very uncomfortable.

“How could this be possible?” The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor couldn’t believe this fact.

It was already praiseworthy for other prodigies to break through one cultivation level in a few years. Li Fuchen actually broke through a cultivation realm and reached the strength of a top-class great emperor.

There was this moment where the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor felt that all his years of hard work was worthless.

“Sorry for the wait.”

Just as the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor felt conflicted, Li Fuchen and the others finally arrived.

The one who spoke was the Vacant Mountain Emperor. As compared to two months ago, his was glowing and spirited, unlike the time he was injured.

“The soul poison has been removed?” The Soul Emperor’s eyes contracted.

As a soul dao cultivator, the Soul Emperor knew how difficult it was to remove the soul poison.

It wasn’t exaggerating to say that unless a person was a half-saint or a saint, it wouldn’t be possible to remove the soul poison for the Vacant Mountain Emperor.

After eliminating all the possibilities, the Soul Emperor reached a verdict. A soul dao cultivator helped the Vacant Mountain Emperor to remove the soul poison. The Soul Emperor subconsciously looked at Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu were standing side by side. One of them was eminent and refined, while the other was remarkably gorgeous. They were simply a pair of individuals with peerless looks.

“It is rather lively.” After taking a glance of the Rainbow Garden, Li Fuchen let out a smile.

“It is really lively. Most of the emperors and rulers of the Emperor Sky Continent should be here!” Yan Qingwu nodded.

“Those few fellows still dare to come. It seems like the Imperial Flower Feast isn’t simple.” When Li Fuchen saw the Soul Emperor, Red Moon Emperor, and the Blue Sun Emperor, he pondered for a moment and had a subtle feeling that the Imperial Flower Pavilion might not be as simple as he thought.

“I am honored with everyone’s arrival. Qu Qingyan is extremely honored.”

An elegant and wonderful figure descended from a rainbow.

“Qu Qingyan?” Yan Qingwu frowned.

“Why? Do you know her?” Li Fuchen asked.

Yan Qingwu replied, “The name is very familiar, but that person shouldn’t appear in the Emperor Sky Continent.”

“From the Saint Spirit Continent?” Li Fuchen was rather surprised.

“Yes!” Yan Qingwu nodded.

The elegant figure was wearing a rainbow veil. One could only see her fuzzy features as only a pair of eyes were revealed.

“It is indeed her!” Yan Qingwu was certain.


Li Fuchen felt that the Imperial Flower Feast was getting increasingly intriguing.

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