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The next day…

Holding onto the glory medal, Li Fuchen arrived at Cang Lan Sect's inner sect for the first time.

The atmosphere was entirely different when compared to the outer sect.

Even though the competition within the outer sect was already intense. Everyone there was only at the Qi Realm, there was a limit to how intense it could get.

But all inner sect disciples were at the Origin Realm. With the circulation of their qi, their entire body would be covered in a colourful qi. The terrifying qi presence was that of a demon, and one could sense it even from a distance.

=Inner Sect Martial Arts Hall=

"Glory medal. Not bad, in my opinion, you needn't pick anymore. There is only one suitable technique for you, that is the mid-tier, mystic class, Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique. It costs 50,000 contribution points."

The inner sect martial arts elder was treating Li Fuchen with an excellent attitude.

Li Fuchen: "Elder, I would also like to pick a body refinement technique."

The inner sect elder's eyes glowed, "What body refinement technique did you cultivate in the outer sect? Is it already at the completion stage?"

"Crimson Battle Form, already at completion."

"Excellent." The inner sect elder had a face of approval, "Even though you are only a normal bone frame, do not underestimate yourself. It doesn't mean you can't reach the Heaven Realm, with enough fate, anything is possible."

All inner sect elders were at the Heaven Realm, but this martial arts elder was only a 1 star bone frame. He appreciated and loved all disciples that had a high perception but poor bone frames.

Entering the martial arts hall, Li Fuchen began to look through all the body refinement techniques.

First were the low-tier, mystic class body refinement techniques.

Regular low-tier, mystic class martial art manuals typically cost 10,000+ points, but low-tier, mystic class body refinement techniques were at least 20,000 points.

Northwestern Cloud War Body, offering 7000 kg of physical strength at completion. 20,000 contribution points.

Iron Dipper Battle Form, 7500 kg of physical strength at completion. 22,000 contribution points.

Grand Rhino Skeleton, 8000 kg of physical strength at completion. 25,000 contribution points.

After glancing through 10 or so low-tier, mystic class body refinement techniques, Li Fuchen wasn't satisfied with any.

With his current Crimson Battle Form at completion, it already provided 5000 kg of physical strength and wasn't much inferior to any low-tier, mystic class body refinement techniques.

As he was deep in thought, Li Fuchen came to the rack of mid-tier, mystic class body refinement techniques.

Copper Dipper Form, provides 12,000 kg of physical strength at the completion stage. 62,000 contribution points.

Tiger Crane Ascending Force, provides 13,000 physical strength at the completion stage. 65,000 contribution points.

Eclipse Wave Fist, provides 13,500 physical strength at the completion stage. 68,000 contribution points.

Interception Form Dao, provides 15,000 kg of physical strength at completion stage. 75,000 contribution points.

(TL note: Dao = Way. Like the dao of Taoism, would be the way of Taoism)

Looking at the mid-tier, mystic class body refinement techniques, Li Fuchen's eyes lit up.

Mystic class body refinement techniques were different from peak-tier, yellow class body refinement techniques.

Peak-tier, yellow class techniques concentrated solely on refining the toughness of the skin, bone, and flesh otherwise known as body tempering.

Mystic class techniques explored the hidden marvels of the human body.

Take for example the Tiger Crane Ascend Force, it not only increased one's physical strength, it taught the practitioner the force of the ferocious tiger and lightness of the crowned crane.

Another example, the Eclipse Wave Fist. It might sound like a fist art, but is in fact a fist style that moved the body and refined it at the same time. When at completion, one could easily neutralize the attack force coming from one's opponent.

As for the Interception Form Dao, it was the most profound among the techniques.

It was a static technique.

It basically used one's mind to metamorph the human body, there was not much of a need to temper the body.

Obviously, the usage of body tempering pills were mandatory.

"I shall pick this."

Li Fuchen loved challenges, if not, it would be such a waste of his perception.

Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique, 50,000 contribution points. Interception Form Dao, 75,000 contribution points.

125,000 of Li Fuchen's contribution points was used just like that, leaving only 14,500 points remaining.


Departing from the inner sect region, Li Fuchen returned to his own courtyard.

"This deserves to be named the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique. It obviously is the advanced version of the Scarlet Fire Technique!"

The Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique had a total of 15 ranks. The highest ninth rank of the Scarlet Fire Technique was equivalent to the seventh rank of the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique.

To a large extent, it spared Li Fuchen a lot of cultivation time had he needed to start from the beginning.

Roughly understanding the intent of the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique.

Like a hot knife cutting through butter, Li Fuchen spent just one day to convert the Scarlet Fire Technique to the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique.

Even though the firepower of the seventh rank Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique was about the same as the ninth rank Scarlet Fire Technique. It had a higher usage efficiency in battle than the ninth rank Scarlet Fire Technique.

With the same amount of qi volume, the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique could last for a longer period of time and had a faster revolving speed as well.

As for the Interception Form Dao. It was similar to the Crimson Battle Form, having three ranks as well.

At the first rank, 5000 kg of physical strength.

Second rank, 10,000 kg of physical strength.

At the third rank and also completion, 15,000 kg of physical strength.

Although Li Fuchen already has 5000 kg of physical strength, it didn't mean he could straight away progress to the first rank of the Interception Form Dao.

The Interception Form Dao, focused on the intent and not the form. The body's physical strength was a factor and the body's mind was another factor.

Just like the Crimson Battle Form, 5000 kg of physical strength was just one of its factor, it also provided an extreme amount of physical defense.

Seated cross-legged on the floor, Li Fuchen began to imagine himself executing different martial art moves in his mind, imagining his qi and blood circulation moving at an intense pace.

Gradually, sweat appeared on Li Fuchen's forehead. His skin started to turned red and veins began to pop out.

These were signs of intense exercises.

"This is interesting."

Li Fuchen had a firm determination and a concentrated mind. So reaching the first rank of Interception Form Dao wasn't difficult.


Throwing a punch, Li Fuchen realised his punches became even faster and had a much more concentrated force.

A majority of body refinement techniques didn't develop any stiff physical strength, but rather flexible and fast speed.

With the Crimson Battle Form at completion, Li Fuchen's speed was already at an absolute speed.

Now with the Interception Form Dao at the first rank, that speed went to the next level.


On this day, Guan Xue once again arrived at the Tower of Tribulations.

Her result was rank 198 the previous time around and today she officially achieved top 100, rank 98.

The appearance of Li Fuchen made Guan Xue develop a sense of threat and uncomfort.

The person that she disregarded, was now the hot topic of the entire outer sect, even surpassing her in the Tower of Tribulations. All these reasons made her unsatisfied.

Although Li Fuchen was just a normal bone frame and couldn't be compared to her when mentioning prospects of the future. But as a 4 star extraordinary bone frame individual, she couldn't allow anyone to surpass her.

The sense of threat and uncomfort ignited Guan Xue's fighting spirit.

Within a short span of 1 month, Guan Xue finally reached completion for the Seven Star Forged Body and had 3000 kg of physical strength. In addition to that, her cultivation level advanced from the eighth level to ninth level of the Qi Realm.

"Just give me a few more months, I will surpass you yet again."

Guan Xue had the 4 star water bone frame, thus reducing half the time required to cultivate the White Wave Technique.

The previous her who went at her own pace was already progressing at a good rate. But with her tensing up now, her cultivation speed increased to a different level and as a result, her White Wave Technique was at the late stage of the eighth rank.

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