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Through the sunroof of the house, the sun shone down. Then, as if lighting on fire, Li Fuchen emitted an intense fiery and violent qi.

Gradually, a blazing red flower appeared on top of Li Fuchen's head.

Flower Flame!

A rare effect of the ninth rank Scarlet Fire Technique.

Right at this moment, under the stimulation of the ninth rank Scarlet Fire Technique, Li Fuchen's cultivation level broke through to the eighth level of the Qi Realm.

For a moment, Li Fuchen felt as though his body became a volcano that was on the verge of eruption, as a vast amount of power was looking for ways to vent itself.

With a loud roar, Li Fuchen punch against the walls through air.


Cracks appeared on the sturdy walls of the house.

At a distance of a few meters, just the punch force alone could cause cracks on the walls. One could well imagine how strong and tremendous Li Fuchen's qi was.

"Is this the power of the ninth rank Scarlet Fire Technique?"

If the eighth rank Scarlet Fire Technique was a regular furnace, then the ninth rank Scarlet Fire Technique would be a burning furnace with fuel, constantly exploding with heat. With a light circulation of qi, the scarlet qi jetted out, burning and consuming everything in its way.

Picking up a first tier treasure fish from the pond, Li Fuchen opened his palm, as a thick and dense scarlet flame surged out.

In just a short time, the first tier treasure fish was ready for consumption.

"After cultivating the Scarlet Fire Technique, there would be no need to worry about a source of fire when I camp in the wild."

Li Fuchen smiled to himself and was in a rather good mood.

The life of fishing was comfortable and calming, and the 15 year old Li Fuchen was enjoying this hard to come by serenity.

"Hmm? A big fish!"

With his consciousness on the hook, Li Fuchen looked through the lake and spotted a 2 meter long red treasure fish cruising through the water.

'It's a Sky Rainbow Fish, a normal treasure fish, but look at its size. It is at least a few hundred kilos.'

Li Fuchen was a little speechless.

Normal treasure fish were worth 10 points per kg. And a few hundred kilos would mean a few thousand points. That was a fortune.

But its size was a too big, bringing it back would be a hassle.

'Doesn't matter, let's hook it up first.'

Li Fuchen shifted the hook right beside the mouth of the Sky Rainbow Fish.

The Sky Rainbow Fish was just a normal treasure fish, it still liked first tier fish bait very much. Without any hesitation, it bit on the bait.

A pity, once it bit on the hook, escape was denied.

Activating the strength in his arms, Li Fuchen pulled the line straight and hooked the fish's mouth.


Waves were stirred on the lake, each of the waves aiming for the sky.

"What a big treasure fish, that is at least a few hundred kilograms!"

"Li Fuchen is worthy of the title, 'King of Fishing'."

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen gained the title 'King of Fishing', as the spectators were discussing on the fishing platform.

Li Fuchen didn't fight power with power against the Sky Rainbow Fish.

This Sky Rainbow Fish which was around a few hundred kilos, had the strength nearing 10,000 kg. Even if Li Fuchen ignited his qi and his physical strength, he could at most wield 10,000 kg as well.

Fishing wasn't like executing martial arts, which relied on fighting with explosive strength.

Tensing while needed, slacking when required.

Li Fuchen took his time to deplete the energy of the Sky Rainbow Fish.

Sensing that the Sky Rainbow Fish was only left with half its original strength, Li Fuchen dragged the Sky Rainbow Fish out from the lake in a spurt of energy.

"Senior Li, you have such great luck."

An outer sect disciple congratulated from the side.

"Don't be envious, when I leave this place, I shall gift you a few treasure fish." Li Fuchen had great impressions of this average looking disciple.

His name was Zhang Dafu, originally an odd job disciple. He put in effort and hard work to get promoted to a 3rd grade outer sect disciple.

Typically only 1 out of 100 would get promoted from an odd job disciple to an outer sect disciple.

Such individuals were generally extremely hard working and had abnormally strong willpower.

Since he had the chance to meet Zhang Dafu here, Li Fuchen didn't mind offering his assistance to him.

Anyway, a few treasure fish to him wasn't much of a loss.


Zhang Dafu's eyes brightened. The treasure fish that Li Fuchen caught weren't those 1 or 2 kg normal treasure fish.

They were either normal treasure fish that were tens of kilos, or first tier treasure fish that were at least 7 to 8 kg.

There were even second tier treasure fish.

Don't even speak about first or second tier fish. If Li Fuchen randomly gave a few normal treasure fish that were tens of kilos, that would be at least a few thousand contribution points.

Not sure if his luck at the ore mountains had been transferred onto fishing, the next day, Li Fuchen discovered a 100+ kilo first tier treasure fish and reeled it in.

As a result, just from this trip, Li Fuchen had gotten at least 20 to 30 thousand contribution points, which exceeded his expectations by two fold.


Bringing along Zhang Dafu and another honest looking outer sect disciple, Li Fuchen transported the treasure fish back to the Cang Lan Sect.

After handing over the fish at the task hall, Li Fuchen distributed a 1000+ points worth of treasure fish to each of his helpers for their effort.

"24,000 contribution points, adding up my reserve of 15,500 contribution points. It is already enough to redeem a mid-tier, mystic class martial arts manual."

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen visited the martial arts hall to collect his technique achievement reward.

The martial arts hall elder had some impression of Li Fuchen and thought he was here to redeem another martial art manual.

Li Fuchen: "Elder, I wish to collect my technique achievement reward."

The martial arts elder smiled: "Ooh? Which rank are you at? Seventh rank or eighth rank?"

Li Fuchen: "Scarlet Fire Technique, ninth rank."

"What? Are you sure your Scarlet Fire Technique is at the ninth rank?"

The elder went blank for a moment before being able to react. But his expression then became excited.

Even though the technique pill was supposed to aid the progression of the cultivation process, but to reach the highest ninth rank was still an extreme challenge.

Among the 30,000 outer sect disciples, only 1 of them achieved this, and that was the head of the 10 prodigies, Yu Wentian.

Trying to hold back his emotions, the martial arts elder held out his hand, "Try revolving the Scarlet Fire Technique, I will verify it."

Frankly, he doubted whether Li Fuchen had actually reached the ninth rank of the Scarlet Fire Technique. He could only believe it after seeing it with his own eyes.

Hearing the elder's directive, Li Fuchen activated the ninth rank Scarlet Fire Technique. An intense and fiery qi surged from within Li Fuchen and diffused in all directions just like a furnace.

"This indeed is the ninth rank Scarlet Fire Technique!"

The martial arts elder's eyes were stunned wide open.

Li Fuchen queried, "Elder, is the reward 100,000 contribution points?"

The martial arts elder laughed, "Of course, not a point less."

Right away, the elder recorded some information on Li Fuchen's registry, then added 100,000 contribution points to the column where contribution points were recorded.

The martial arts elder informed Li Fuchen. "Oh right, since you have attained the ninth rank Scarlet Fire Technique, I will issue you a glory medal. With this medal, you can redeem a mystic class technique in the inner sect."

"I can redeem a mystic class technique?"

This was an absolute surprise that even the usually collected Li Fuchen couldn't help but let out a delighted expression.


The martial arts elder took a liking to Li Fuchen. In his opinion, even though Li Fuchen may be restricted by his normal bone frame but with Li Fuchen's perception, he would definitely become the strongest Earth Realm martial artist in the future.

If he could have some chance encounter with an heaven defying gift, reaching the Heaven Dipper Realm wasn't an impossible task.

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