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Chapter 549
ER – Chapter 549: Heaven Stone
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In just a short moment, the liquor and desserts were served .

After pouring a cup of liquor, Li Fuchen observed the liquor for a moment .

This Multi-Colored Sky was truly deserving of its name . It was filled with multiple colors and the smell of the liquor was also complicated and filled with variations .

“I wonder how it tastes . ” Li Fuchen drank half a cup in a single sip .

“Great taste!”

When the liquor entered his stomach, Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up .

He had never drank such good liquor . The Red Rainbow Sect might have fine liquor and some of them were even more expensive than Multi-Colored Sky, but the taste was nowhere close to being as good .

It was rather logical as Soaring Rain Restaurant was one of the top 30 restaurants among the thousands of restaurants in South Mountain City, how could their liquor be anything simple . The brewing method was probably revised for thousands of times while the Red Rainbow Sect’s liquor was mainly due to the good brewing ingredients . The Red Rainbow Sect’s brewing method was definitely inferior to the Soaring Rain Restaurant . Furthermore, the Red Rainbow Sect didn’t have any incredible Brew Masters .

“It is rather worth it for 200,000 low-grade spirit stones . ”

Li Fuchen felt that his mood was much better .

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After finishing one cup, Li Fuchen poured himself another cup before he used the chopsticks to pick up a piece of dessert and put it into his mouth .

The dessert melted as soon as it entered the mouth and it had a truly indescribable feeling like it seeped into his heart .


How could Li Fuchen not know that the ingredients used to brew the fine liquor and to make the dessert were actually ordinary . The Seven Color Continent might not be comparable with the Emperor Sky Continent, but the Soaring Rain Restaurant was only the top 30 restaurant in South Mountain City . it wasn’t a top ranking restaurant in the South Sun County or the Red Moon Empire . The ingredients that they possessed would definitely be inferior to the Red Rainbow Sect, however, in terms of the brewing and cooking processes, they were miles ahead of the Red Rainbow Sect and it was actually incomparable .

Of course, this was mainly due to the main objectives and goals of the two factions .

The Soaring Rain Restaurant was biased towards great food and drinks .

The Red Rainbow Sect was biased towards its great effects and it was fine as long as the food didn’t taste bad .

After finishing this meal, Li Fuchen was a little unsatisfied and ordered another portion .

This time he ordered a pot of medium class liquor, Seventh Month Sky that cost 500,000 low-grade spirit stones and also a large seat of desserts .

The Seventh Month Sky tasted even better than the Multi-Colored Sky .

As for the large seat of desserts, there were a few varieties that couldn’t be ordered individually and were only part of the large seat package . As for the taste, it truly left a rich aftertaste for Li Fuchen and he even felt that all of the food he ate in the past was all eaten in vain .

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“With such great taste, it will be difficult for business to be bad!” Li Fuchen lamented .

Even he wanted to visit the place again . The Battle Spirit Realm masters that had tasted such fine liquor and desserts would naturally wish to visit again .

“Brother Zhan He, you are in great luck this time . You only spent 10,000 low-grade spirit stones and actually obtained a heaven stone that is worth 530 mid-grade spirit stones . You should be the one treating this meal . ”

“Aren’t I offering the treat now? Furthermore, you guys should know that I have wasted a few hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones on a bad investment . ”

“A few hundred thousand low-grade spirit stones is nothing . Grandmaster Wei had just spent 500 mid-grade spirit stones to purchase one piece of heaven stone ore at the south of the city . But it ended up in a complete loss . You should know that 500 mid-grade spirit stones is equivalent to 5 million low-grade spirit stones . ”

“How can I compete with Grandmaster Wei? Grandmaster Wei is a reputable Smithing Grandmaster and is able to refine earth class peak-tier weapons . His personal wealth is dozens of times more than mine . ”

The 15th floor was all private rooms and the private rooms had sound isolation arrays .

However, with Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness, the arrays of the Soaring Rain Restaurant weren’t able to obstruct him .

In an exquisite and luxurious private room by the side, there were three Battle Spirit Realm masters drinking liquor . From their conversation, Li Fuchen found out that the South Mountain City had a stone gambling den . Inside the stone gambling den, they were gambling for heaven stone ores .

The so-called heaven stones were odd stones that contained heaven and earth laws . The martial artist would be able to comprehend the profound laws within the heaven stone and allow one’s foundation to be stronger . It would allow for an easier effort to comprehend martial arts, as the essence of martial arts were from the profound laws .

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However, the stone gambling den was gambling on heaven stone ores which were naturally able prevent spiritual awareness from sensing inside . Even Law Phase Realm emperors would have a very hard time to see anything within a piece of heaven stone ore . Therefore, no one knew if a piece of heaven stone ore had any heaven stone within . If there wasn’t any heaven stone, it would be a simple piece of useless rock and would be worth nothing . If there was a heaven stone, it would be separated by size and grade .

The heaven stone was separated into five grades: Subpar grade, low grade, middle grade, high grade, and extreme grade .

Even a normal fist-sized subpar grade heaven stone would be worth a few hundred mid-grade spirit stones . If it was a fist-sized low grade heaven stone, then it would be at least 10,000 mid-grade spirit stones .

In the stone gambling world, there was a saying, “One cut to heaven or one cut to hell . ”

If you won the gamble, it would be heaven, but if you lost the gamble, it would be hell .

After all, a heaven stone ore with great appearance would be worth plenty of mid-grade spirit stones . There were people who gambled with their entire wealth, only to get nothing in return .

There were people who casually bought a piece and would become instantly rich .

“This stone gambling is rather interesting . ” Li Fuchen smiled .

He withdrew his spiritual awareness and entered another private room .

“Did you hear? Three days ago, the Mount Wu Sword Sect, Paradise Cult, and Crosswise Saber Sect worked together and attacked the Sky Fire Palace . They killed many of the Sky Fire Palace’s Primary Sea Realm monarchs and the Sky Fire Palace had no choice but to leave the Emperor Sky Continent with a teleportation array . ”

“How can I not hear of it? This matter is spreading like wildfire . I just don’t know why this Sky Fire Palace would actually offend three monarch-class factions and make them work together to kill them . The Paradise Cult is a half-emperor class faction, if the half-emperor makes a move, it would be unstoppable unless there was a Law Phase Realm emperor . ”

“It is all because of the Sky Fire Palace Master as he obtained a heaven class artifact armor during an exploration . It is unknown how the information leaked out, causing them to incur a huge disaster . ”

“Sigh, the Sky Fire Palace has been driven out of the Emperor Sky Continent and their teleportation array has also been destroyed . If they are to return, it will probably take them at least a decade . ”

“Isn’t that right? With such a vast ocean in between, even if a high-level Primary Sea Realm monarch wishes to travel from one continent to the other continent, it would take a very long time . If the Primary Sea Realm monarch encounters a heaven-defying sea beast king or sea beast ruler along the way, the monarch might just perish there . ”

In this private room, there were a few high-level Battle Spirit Realm masters who were drinking and gossiping .

“Sky Fire Palace?” Li Fuchen frowned .

The Sky Fire Palace was also a monarch-class faction in the South Sun County and wasn’t considered far away from the Red Rainbow Sect . It was just two cities away .

“The Emperor Sky Continent is much more dangerous than I imagine . Monarch-class factions would gather together and attack . If there wasn’t any alliance with other monarch-class factions, the enemies might just attack their mountain establishment and destroy the teleportation array . ”

To a foreign monarch-class faction, a mountain establishment was very important . As the mountain establishments had teleportation arrays . They would only be able to constantly send more people over with that teleportation array . If the teleportation array was destroyed, they would need an Array Monarch to come over and set up the teleportation array . But for the Array Monarch to come over, the monarch would need to travel a slow and arduous journey across the vast ocean .

The Red Rainbow Sect arrived at the Emperor Sky Continent a few centuries ago . Back then, over a dozen Primary Sea Realm monarchs rode on a class 7 battleship . During the journey, they countered multiple attacks from demonic beast kings . When they reached the Emperor Sky Continent, half of the crew had perished and it was fortunate that they didn’t encounter any demonic beast emperor . It was normal for an entire crew to be annihilated by a demonic beast emperor .

With a powerful spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen was able to obtain many information regarding the Emperor Sky Continent, allowing him to gradually have a deeper understanding of the Emperor Sky Continent .

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