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Chapter 548
ER – Chapter 548: South Mountain City
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Flowing Merciless Edge was undoubtedly a heaven class sword move . This move contained the fire and sword dao laws that were unimaginably concentrated . If this wasn’t the Emperor Sky Continent and a low-class continent instead, the Flowing Merciless Edge’s sword intent would stay in this place for a long time . Regular Battle Spirit Realm masters would be instantly incinerated into ashes by the sword intent once they entered the sword intent’s range .

Why was low-class continents able to restrict Battle Spirit Realm masters and Primary Sea Realm monarchs, but unable to restrict Law Phase Realm emperors?

It was because Law Phase Realm emperors were in control of law intents and it wasn’t possible for low-class continent willpower to restrict them . It wasn’t simply having power .

With the Flowing Merciless Edge, Li Fuchen’s qi cultivation strength had officially stepped into the great master level .

He wasn’t considered normal among the great masters, he was already capable enough to contest with Lei Donghai, Gu Jiuye, or Yuan Long .

“I have been in the Emperor Sky Continent for half a year . It is time for me to venture outside . ”

After cultivating diligently for half a year, even Li Fuchen was a little stifled .

South Mountain City, one of the ten main cities in South Sun County and it was located right in front of the famous South Mountain .

The Emperor Sky Continent had a huge population . Just the South Mountain City itself had a few hundred million residents .

Of course, the South Mountain City was the main city and there were hundreds of towns within the county .

As such, most of the population were in those hundreds of towns while the main city had a population of a few tens of millions .

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After arriving at the South Mountain City, Li Fuchen understood what was called flourishing .

The South Mountain City extended for a thousand miles and the roads were spacious like city plazas and was enough for dozens of carriages to travel through side by side . The shops on the sides of the road were built adjacent to each other and were countless . There were shops with strong backers that were as tall as seven, eight or even over ten floors . They were all standing tall like palaces and such shops weren’t considered rare as they created an undulating shape .

This flourishing street itself was already comparable with a city in the East Unicorn Continent .

This wasn’t enough to shock Li Fuchen . Li Fuchen was surprised to see that there were too many Battle Spirit Realm masters on the street .

On the street, in teahouses, in restaurants, in shops, Battle Spirit Realm masters were everywhere .

Li Fuchen reckoned that the number of Battle Spirit Realm masters in the South Mountain City was already almost the same as the number of Battle Spirit Realm masters in the Red Soil Continent .

However, after thinking for a moment, it was actually very normal . The higher the continent class, the higher the concentration of law and qi, which would lead to a naturally high star grade of bone frames .

In the East Unicorn Continent, most of the people had ordinary bone frames .

In the Seven Color Continent, most of the people had 1-star or 2-star bone frames and it was rather rare to see ordinary bone frames .

In the Emperor Sky Continent, most of the people probably had 2-star or 3-star bone frames .

As such, 4-star, 5-star, and even 6-star bone frames were naturally high in numbers . With the condition of concentrated laws and qi, with a cultivation technique of higher class, even a 4-star bone frame would have hopes of progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm .

“The difference between continents is too huge . ” Li Fuchen shook his head .

The South Mountain City extended up to a thousand miles and due to the array’s restriction, flight wasn’t allowed . After half a day, Li Fuchen had merely walked through a corner of the South Mountain City .

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“Yar! Yar!”

“Get lost!”

On the spacious road, there were dozens of riders who were riding like the wind . Plenty of commoners dodged frantically when they passed back . There were quite a lot of people who were sent flying and vomiting fresh blood .

It was fortunate that the commoners here were all at the Origin Return Realm or Earth Shatter Realm . An accidental bump wouldn’t be enough to kill them .

These riders were all at the Battle Spirit Realm . Over a dozen people who led at the front were all at the higher levels of Battle Spirit Realm .

They weren’t riding horses but a kind of winged spirit beasts that had goat’s horns .

These spirit beasts were very famous in the South Mountain City and they were called Wind Travel Spirit Beasts and they were class 5 spirit beasts . Once they burst with speed, they were comparable to class 6 low-tier demonic beasts . They were spirit beasts bred by the South Mountain City’s city lord residence and it was hard for outsiders to purchase them .

“It is the city lord residence’s Third Young Lady . Hurry up and give way . ”

The commonters that recognized the riders’ identity were all sighing at their bad luck . They quickly pulled others beside them and opened up a path .

“The city lord residence’s Third Young Lady is rather impressive huh?”

Among the group, Li Fuchen scanned and saw the leader who was a young lady wearing light yellow clothes and had an arrogant expression .

The Third Young Lady of the city lord residence was indeed impressive .

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In the Red Moon Empire, every city lord was an existence that must not be offended . Let alone monarch-class factions, even monarch-class factions with half-emperors wouldn’t be willing to offend the city lord residence . It could be said that the city lord residence had the largest influence in the South Mountain City and the Third Lady of the city lord residence was naturally like a young female tyrant that no one dared to offend .

During noon, Li Fuchen arrived outside a restaurant that was as tall as 18 floors .

This restaurant was called the Soaring Rain Restaurant .

Li Fuchen found out from the passer-bys that this Soaring Rain Restaurant was rather famous and they were ranked top 30 among the thousands of restaurants in South Mountain City .

Of course, the spending cost in the Soaring Rain Restaurant was very expensive . Even at the 1st floor, it was impossible to have a drink without a few thousand low-grade spirit stones . From the 12th floor onwards, the price would be easily at a few tens of thousands of low-grade spirit stones . For people without the wealth of a few tens of millions low-grade spirit stones, they basically wouldn’t dare to go up there .

If one drinking session cost a few tens of thousands of low-grade spirit stones, a personal wealth of a few million low-grade spirit stones would only be enough for that individual to drink at most 100 times . It was simply too expensive . If one was to spend a little extravagantly, a single drinking session might cost one hundred thousand or a few hundreds of thousands of low-grade spirit stones .

“Sir, please come this way . ”

After walking into the restaurant, a high level Earth Shatter Realm waiter came over to serve Li Fuchen .

“Are there any seats above the 12th floor?” Li Fuchen asked .

This was the first visit to an Emperor Sky Continent’s city and Li Fuchen didn’t wish to be too stingy towards himself . He wanted to see why the liquor in this place would cost so much spirit stones .

The waiter said, “Sir, the 13th and 14th floors are already full . The 15th floor still has five tables, but the cost…”

The spending cost of the 15th floor wasn’t cheap . The cheapest pot of liquor would require 50,000 low-grade spirit stones .

“The cost isn’t a problem, just bring me up . ”


The waiter had sharp eyes . He might not know of Li Fuchen’s exact cultivation realm and level, but he had encountered plenty of Battle Spirit Realm masters and he naturally knew that Li Fuchen was a proper Battle Spirit Realm master .

A Battle Spirit Realm master definitely had a personal wealth of at least one million low-grade spirit stones .

As for the renegation of the bill… Let alone a Battle Spirit Realm master, not even a Primary Sea Realm monarch would dare to do so .

This was South Mountain City and not some county town .

After arriving at the 15th floor, Li Fuchen was shocked again .

The decorations here were extremely exquisite, be it the tables, chairs, or carpet, all of them were expensive . The spirit qi was concentrated and it wouldn’t scatter . The ornaments on the walls were obviously low-class artifacts, especially those paintings or calligraphies which had deep intent and actually contained profound laws . They were probably painted or written by calligraphy grandmasters .

“As compared to the Emperor Sky Continent, the East Unicorn Continent is just like a village while the Red Soil Continent is merely a county town . ”

Li Fuchen shook his head ahead and felt his eyes were opened .

When Li Fuchen took a glance at the menu, the liquor here was indeed very expensive . The cheapest liquor was called the Bamboo Green and it cost 50,000 low-grade spirit stones . The most expensive liquor was called Rainbow Show and it actually cost 5 million low-grade spirit stones . Apart from the liquor, there were all sorts of desserts and they were relatively cheaper, but a single plate was also 5000 low-grade spirit stones .

“Give me a pot of Gorgeous Sky and a small seat of desserts . ”

The Gorgeous Sky was a middle-class liquor and it cost 200,000 low-grade spirit stones . The desserts could be ordered individually or in a set . The sets were separated into small seats and large seats . A small seat would have five plates of desserts and cost 30,000 low-grade spirit stones . A large seat would have eighteen plates of desserts and cost 250,000 low-grade spirit stones .

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