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Chapter 540
ER – Chapter 540: Fire Demon
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After defeating Huo Tiancheng, Li Fuchen had basically sat firmly on the title as the No . 1 Under the Great Masters .

Everyone believed that even if Wang Zongchao was to challenge Li Fuchen, he might not gain the advantage, let alone defeating Li Fuchen .

“Junior Fuchen, I am Lei Donghai . I wonder if we can have a talk?” Lei Donghai’s voice transmitted into Li Fuchen’s ears .

“Sure . ” Li Fuchen nodded . He had already noticed Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye for a long time .

At Floating Dust Peak in the monarch district .

The trio were seated at a stone table .

Lei Donghai lifted his teacup but didn’t drink it and started talking, “Junior Fuchen, my visit this time is to invite you to eliminate a great master level demon . That demon is protecting a heaven class low-tier Blaze Star Herb . If we succeed, I promise to share one piece of leaf to you . ”

“Blaze Star Herb?” Li Fuchen squinted his eyes .

Once a herb reached the heaven class, it was no longer an ordinary herb and it wasn’t exaggerating to say that it was the essence of heaven and earth .

Previously, he might have consumed a heaven class low-tier bone frame herb, Star Call Herb, but that herb was only extremely precious to people who required it . To people who didn’t need it, it was useless .

But the Blaze Star Herb was different, this herb had a great use for any martial artist .

Firstly, the Blaze Star Herb could increase the cultivation . Apart from the ice dao or the water dao qi, it could increase the qi cultivation of any other attribute .

Secondly, the Blaze Star Herb could enhance the body and the enhancement was on the innate characteristics of the qi blood . It wasn’t just the enhancement from the body refinement .

Thirdly and also most importantly, the Blaze Star Herb could strengthen the dantian of a martial artist . The stronger the dantian, the larger the capacity of the qi .

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In short, the Blaze Star Herb was something that would even tempt the Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

“Your plan is for me to use my spiritual awareness attack on the demon . ” Li Fuchen stated .

Lei Donghai nodded, “Among the Red Rainbow Sect disciples, only Bai Qiuming and you have the strongest spiritual awareness attack . Bai Qiuming is someone I cannot afford to invite nor is he that easy to invite . Therefore, I can only invite Junior Fuchen, you . ”

The price to invite Bai Qiuming was too much and Lei Donghai couldn’t allow himself to only obtain the edges of the Blaze Star Herb .

“Alright, count me in . ”

Li Fuchen nodded . Even if it was just a piece of leaf from the heaven class low-tier herb, it was extremely precious to him and he must not miss out on it .

Hearing the response, Lei Donghai grinned .

With the addition of Li Fuchen, Lei Donghai had 90% confidence to kill that great master level demon .

With no time to lose, the trio departed for the Red Copper Continent on the same day .

On the Red Copper Continent, the Fire Demon Mountains was one of the ten minor forbidden areas .

The trio were flying together above the Fire Demon Mountains . Lei Donghai spoke, “This Fire Demon is suspected to be a pure-blooded Fire Demon . Its strength isn’t just at the great master level, it can also turn into flames . It can congeal or scatter, making it truly hard to touch its true body . Even my thunder hammer divine ability will have half its power nullified . The rest of the power isn’t enough to injure him . Junior Jiuye’s brightness divine ability is much more effective than my thunder hammer divine ability, but the brightness divine ability is superior in speed while lacking in power . ”

The brightness divine ability was actually very powerful too, but when compared with the thunder hammer divine ability, it was naturally incomparable . But the brightness divine ability was sufficiently fast and contained the brightness attribute, therefore, each attack would be much more effective than the thunder hammer divine ability .

“To turn into flames, a concentrated spirit is required . If the Fire Demon isn’t able to concentrate, he will not be able to turn into flames or unable to transform flawlessly . ” Li Fuchen understood .

Lei Donghai smiled and said, “Yes, your role is to make sure he cannot concentrate . Leave the rest to me and Junior Jiuye . ”

In just a short moment, the trio arrived at a place with two burning pillars .

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“After passing through the two burning pillars, we will arrive at the Fire Demon Hidden Domain where the Fire Demon resides in . ”

Everyone in Red Copper Continent knew that there was a great master level Fire Demon in the Fire Demon Mountains . But no one knew where the Fire Demon resided . Lei Donghai had also discovered the Fire Demon Hidden Domain unintentionally .

The moment the trio entered the Fire Demon Hidden Domain, their qi protection emitted ‘tss tss’ sounds .

The Fire Demon Hidden Domain’s temperature was extremely high and even the air was distorting drastically . In the sky, there were bundles of fireballs floating around and there would also be flash fires from time to time .

“This place’s heaven and earth laws are mainly formed by the fire dao law . ” Li Fuchen raised his brows .

The hidden domain was called a hidden domain because of the powerful and concentrated heaven and earth laws .

The Fire Demon sensed that three individuals had entered the Fire Demon Hidden Domain .

“Three more individuals are here to die?”

In the center of the Fire Demon Hidden Domain, there was a Fire Demon standing there while his body was covered in flames . Underneath him, there were some white skeletal remains .

In fact, Lei Donghai wasn’t the only person to discover the Fire Demon Hidden Domain, others had also discovered this place .

But the great masters that entered the Fire Demon Hidden Domain were basically turned into food for the Fire Demon . Normal great masters didn’t even have the ability to escape from the Fire Demon .

“It is you again?”

Shortly after, Lei Donghai and his group arrived near the Fire Demon and the Fire Demon immediately recognized Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye .

The Fire Demon detested Lei Donghai and Gu Jiuye . The two of them were extremely fast and even though they couldn’t defeat the Fire Demon, they were able to leave as they pleased .

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“Fire Demon, give up this area and we can spare your life . ” Lei Donghai stated coldly .

It was naturally the best if they didn’t have to confront the Fire Demon .

After all, Lei Donghai didn’t know if Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack would be able to greatly affect the Fire Demon .

“What a joke . Since you are here, then don’t think about leaving . ”

The Fire Demon yelled while the fire dao qi gathered from all directions and formed a fiery red dome to cover the three of them .


Huge fireballs were condensed by the side of the Fire Demon before they were blasted at the trio .

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

A giant hammer appeared in Lei Donghai’s hand before he swung it and launched an invisible shockwave along with thunder power . All of the fireballs were burst apart .

“Splendid Radiance!”

Beside Lei Donghai, Gu Jiuye’s body burst out with resplendent golden light . Li Fuchen could easily see with his spiritual awareness that the golden light was actually countless golden sword lights . Each sword light was shining its extremity and was like the sun ray .

The Fire Demon didn’t dare to be careless . His body was burning with flames as he was preparing to transform into flames .

“Thorn of Spiritual Awareness . ” A spiritual awareness thorn pierced into the Fire Demon’s skull .

Immediately after, the flames on the Fire Demon’s body had flickered and he didn’t transform into flames successfully .  

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

Golden sword lights drew across the Fire Demon’s body and left behind sword marks .

Even if the Fire Demon couldn’t turn into flames, his body was also extremely tough . Gu Jiuye was only able to open wounds on the surface of the Fire Demon’s skin .

“Spiritual awareness attack?”

The Fire Demon was appalled as flames burst out on his body again . He was planning to forcefully enter the flame state .

“A single spiritual awareness thorn isn’t able to stop him . Three spiritual awareness thorns will probably affect him slightly . ”

The first spiritual awareness thorn was able to catch the Fire Demon off guard . Now that the Fire Demon’s spirit was prepared, it was hard to say if he would be affected again .

“Avian Thorn . ”

An avian-shaped thorn flew out .

“Thunder Divine Hammer . ”

It was unknown when Lei Donghai had executed his thunder hammer divine ability, Thunder Divine Hammer .

A giant thunderous hammer shadow smashed at the Fire Demon .

“Sword of Brightness . ”

Gu Jiuye had also burst out with her brightness divine ability, Sword of Brightness . The slender sword in her hand had turned into a giant and golden sword of light . The sword was then slashed at the Fire Demon .

Before the attacks landed, Li Fuchen’s Avian Thorn had pierced into the Fire Demon’s demon spirit first .

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