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Chapter 539
ER – Chapter 539: Avian Thorn
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“Armor of Spiritual Awareness!”

Huo Tiancheng didn’t dare to receive Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack forcefully . He compressed the spiritual awareness in his mind and formed an armor .

The Thorn of Spiritual Awareness and the Armor of Spiritual Awareness was the offensive and defensive versions . They were the most fundamental 6-star spiritual awareness secret techniques .


This time, Li Fuchen’s Thorn of Spiritual Awareness wasn’t able to make direct contact with Huo Tiancheng’s true spirit . It had been blocked by the spiritual awareness armor, but half of the armor had already collapsed .

“Fierce Sun Sky Gallop!”

Making use of the opportunity, Huo Tiancheng prepared to execute the Fierce Sun Divine Fist’s finishing move to eliminate Li Fuchen .

Would Li Fuchen allow him the chance?

Three spiritual awareness thorns formed a triangle shape and were buried into Huo Tiancheng’s mind .


Huo Tiancheng yelled out loudly as the armor covering his true spirit had instantly collapsed . The three illusory spiritual awareness thorns had pierced ruthlessly on his true spirit .

The true spirit was extremely firm . Even the defense formed by a 7-star spiritual awareness defense secret technique might not be as tough as the Battle Spirit Realm master’s true spirit . But the true spirit was connected to the spirit soul and any trace of damage would be reflected on the spirit soul .

“Senior Huo, you are not a match for me . Concede . ” Li Fuchen’s voice echoed by the side of Huo Tiancheng’s ears .

“How can I lose? Don’t you dare to dream!” Huo Tiancheng strengthened his spirit and lifted his head to look at Li Fuchen .

The first image that entered his vision wasn’t Li Fuchen, it was a pair of giant eyes that were like kaleidoscopes . The eyes were emitting boundless power and just a simple glance made Huo Tiancheng felt as though he fell into the bottomless abyss, cutting off all his connection with the outside world .

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“No, this is an illusion realm, break!” 

Huo Tiancheng appeared in a world of blazing flames .

This world was an illusion realm created from Huo Tiancheng’s memories . Huo Tiancheng obviously knew that it was an illusion realm, but he wasn’t able to break out of it instantly . He could only repeatedly brandish his fists to blast out massive and scorching fist forces .

A long time had passed in the illusion realm, but it wasn’t even a blink of the eye in the outside world .

“Grand Wind Slash!”

Li Fuchen slashed his sword at Huo Tiancheng who had fallen into an illusion realm . The sword qi was like a hurricane that cleaved at Huo Tiancheng .


The sword qi slashed open Huo Tiancheng’s qi protection before slashing hard on the artifact armor .


After vomiting a mouthful of fresh blood, Huo Tiancheng was awake .

Huo Tiancheng burst out his qi to shatter Li Fuchen’s sword qi .

“Such a close call . ”

Huo Tiancheng’s forehead was covered with sweat while feeling extremely sullen .

Up until now, he had yet to execute an effective attack . Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack made him suffer and the ocular technique attack had sent a chill into his heart .

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“No, I cannot allow this to carry on . I have to execute at least one effective attack . ”

Huo Tiancheng closed his eyes and purely used his spiritual awareness to observe Li Fuchen’s movements .

As such, Li Fuchen’s ocular technique attack would be useless . Subsequently, he simply had to resist Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack .

The prerequisite was for him to be fully concentrated .

“No wonder he is a highly ranked pinnacle master . ” Li Fuchen frowned .

As compared to the Fire Feather Wolf, Huo Tiancheng was much harder to deal with . Furthermore, it was obvious that Huo Tiancheng had cultivated a spiritual awareness secret technique and Li Fuchen’s Thorn of Spiritual Awareness was only able to deal slight damage to Huo Tiancheng’s true spirit .

“It seems like I have to use that move . ”

In fact, the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness wasn’t able to exhibit Li Fuchen’s superior spiritual awareness .

If Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was a lake, then the spiritual awareness thorns were compressed by jars of water .

If a jar of water was replaced by a small pond of water, it was impossible to imagine the power of Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack .

But to condense so much spiritual awareness, the secret technique probably wasn’t 6-star but 7-star .

It was a pity that the Red Rainbow Sect didn’t have a 7-star spiritual awareness secret technique .

The 7-star spiritual awareness secret technique was even more precious than heaven class low-tier martial arts . Let alone a monarch-class faction, even an emperor-class faction might not possess any .

After Li Fuchen cultivated the Thorn of Spiritual Awareness to the perfection rank, he developed a signature move, Avian Thorn .

The Avian Thorn was five times as condense and it had a power that was superior to five spiritual awareness thorns .

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It was impossible for quantity to surpass quality .

Of course, with Li Fuchen’s current cultivation, he wasn’t able to control and shoot out five spiritual awareness thorns .

It was simple . A young man would have a hard time trying to throw five rocks together with accuracy, but he was able to throw one piece of large rock with ease .

The latter had more power, but the former had a much harder difficulty in control .

“Armor of Spiritual Awareness . ”

Huo Tiancheng burst out with a yell . Inside his mind, his spiritual awareness compressed and formed another layer of armor to protect his true spirit . At the same time, he bit his tongue to increase his spirit concentration . He was preparing to make an all-out attack to defeat Li Fuchen in a single move .

“Avian Thorn . ”

As Li Fuchen spoke silently, a bundle of extremely unstable spiritual awareness thorn was shot out from his forehead .

Due to the lack of stability, the spiritual awareness thorn constantly changed forms during the high-speed flight . It was just like a bird that was flapping its wings and flying at high speed .

The signature move that he comprehended from the spiritual awareness secret technique was ultimately incomplete, but it should be enough to deal with Huo Tiancheng .

No one was able to see the form of the Avian Thorn but everyone could vaguely feel a highly compressed spiritual awareness that had extreme burst power was flying straight at Huo Tiancheng . Just the qi presence was enough to make their heart tense up .


The Avian Thorn penetrated into Huo Tiancheng’s mind . Huo Tiancheng shivered for a moment and started to bleed from his seven apertures .


Subsequently, Huo Tiancheng screamed and his qi presence was in a disordered state . It was obvious that he wasn’t able to control his qi and this situation was exactly the same situation when Li Fuchen dealt with the Fire Feather Wolf .

If someone was able to see inside Huo Tiancheng’s mind, they would be able to see that Huo Tiancheng’s Armor of Spiritual Awareness had already shattered into dust and there was a minute crack in the true spirit .

This crack might be faint but if it appeared on the true spirit, it meant that the true spirit was severely damaged .

After this battle, Huo Tiancheng would have to spend a very long time to slowly mend the true spirit .

The time could be shortened if there were plenty of rare ingredients to recuperate the true spirit

“Meteor Fall . ”

There was a stream of light that sent Huo Tiancheng flying off the contest stage .

“Li Fuchen wins . ”

The martial contest stage elder immediately declared the results .

The audience were in utter silence .

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack was too horrifying . Some start to finish, Huo Tiancheng wasn’t able to execute even one effective attack, not even once . Putting themselves in Huo Tiancheng’s shoes, they would probably be in a greater despair .

“Truly terrifying . ” Gu Jiuye frowned .

From Li Fuchen’s body, she could sense a trace of threat .

Lei Donghai never expected for Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack to be at such a level . At the beginning, he only believed that Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack was on par with Bai Qiuming . Right now, he was certain that Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness attack wasn’t inferior to Bai Qiuming and might be superior .

The final spiritual awareness attack had even made him feel a trace of fear .

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