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Chapter 532
ER – Chapter 532: Thirty and Independent
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By the time Li Fuchen searched through the entire Flame Iron Mountains, 18 days had passed by already .

During these 18 days, Li Fuchen’s harvest was abnormally abundant .

He found 750,000 kilograms of 10,000-year flame iron and one piece of 100,000-year flame iron that was 8000 kilograms .

According to the Red Rainbow Sect’s exchange rate, 5 kilograms of 10,000-year flame iron could be exchanged for 1 contribution coins, 5 kilograms of 100,000-year flame iron could be exchanged for 100 contribution coins .

Li Fuchen’s harvest of the flame iron was worth a total of 300,000 contribution coins .

If the other inner sect disciples were to find out of Li Fuchen’s ‘accomplishment’, they would be extremely jealous .

They had been working desperately hard and couldn’t even earn a significant amount of contribution coins in a year . Li Fuchen merely used 18 days at the Flame Iron Mountains to earn 300,000 contribution coins . It was simply infuriating to compare oneself with others .

Indeed, it was truly infuriating to compare oneself with others .

Having an attribute that was exceptional might be able to bring immense benefits to the martial artist .

If the certain attribute was overly exceptional, it would bring so many benefits that it was impossible for others to catch up to this martial artist .

Having a spiritual awareness that was comparable with elite Primary Sea Realm monarchs was Li Fuchen’s advantage . Battle Spirit Realm masters wouldn’t be able to imagine that Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was superior to regular Primary Sea Realm monarchs . If Li Fuchen’s wasn’t able to earn contribution coins easily with his advantage, then Primary Sea Realm monarchs would be doing worse than Li Fuchen .

After returning to the Red Rainbow City, Li Fuchen ate a good meal .

This inn’s restaurant provided superior meat . Meat from class 5 demonic beasts were considered the ordinary dishes while meat from class 6 demonic beasts were the signature dishes . However, it was impossible to eat a class 6 feast without spending a few tens of thousands of low-grade spirit stones .

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Even though Li Fuchen had a few tens of millions of low-grade spirit stones, he wouldn’t be able to afford eating class 6 feasts on a daily basis .

It was very hard to imagine the annual revenue of the restaurant .

Of course, most of the businesses in the Red Rainbow City were basically owned by the Red Rainbow Sect . There were only some small businesses that would be owned by others . The restaurant obviously wasn’t considered a small business and all the spiritual spirit stones earned would belong to the Red Rainbow Sect . No one would be jealous and dare to open their own restaurants .

After eating halfway through a class 6 feast, Li Fuchen’s entire body was feeling warm and felt his blood and qi getting nourished .

“Look, Senior Yuan Long is there . The demonic beast he is carrying should at least be at the pinnacle master level!”

“It is a Landform Rage Bear . It is a formidable existence even among the pinnacle master level demonic beasts . It was a pity that it encountered Senior Yuan Long . ”

The street in front of the restaurant was extremely spacious, but at this moment, a giant shadow shrouded the street . Within the vicinity of a few tens of thousands of feet was now in darkness .

Li Fuchen glanced with his spiritual awareness and nodded a sturdy youth carrying a 7000 feet demonic beast that was flying over .

‘Is he Senior Yuan Long?’ Li Fuchen thought to himself .

Yuan Long was one of the top three direct monarch-class disciples of the Red Rainbow Sect . He possessed the 7-star arhat bone frame and was at the Battle Spirit Realm body refinement perfection level . His strength was at the great master level .
(TL note: For body refinement martial artists, their levels aren’t measured by 1st to 9th level . They only have sub-completion level(low-levels), completion level(mid-levels), and perfection level(high-levels))

“Innkeeper Mo, how much is this Landform Rage Bear worth?”

Yuan Long floated in the air and shouted .

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A grey-haired middle-aged man walked out from the restaurant and took a glance at the Landform Rage Bear, “This Landform Rage Bear contains the Landform Rage Dragon’s bloodline . It is worth 1 . 5 million low-grade spirit stones . ”

Regular class 6 demonic beasts were only worth less than 100,000 low-grade spirit stones .

If the demonic beast contained a demonic king’s bloodline, the value would increase drastically .

If the concentration of the demonic king’s bloodline was very high, the value would be higher .

As for the method to determine the concentration of the bloodline, it would be determined by the strength . The Landform Rage Bear’s strength was already close to a great master, meaning that the Landform Rage Dragon’s bloodline concentration was naturally high .

“Alright, I shall sell it to you . ” Yuan Long laughed heartily .

“Send it to the slaughterhouse! This place isn’t big enough to fit it . ” The grey-haired man said .

Soon enough, Yuan Long carried the corpse of the Landform Rage Bear and left .

After finding out the worth of class 6 demonic beast’s corpse, Li Fuchen felt it was a pity .

He had killed two Flame Snakes and their bodies contained the demonic king, Flame Python’s bloodline . The bloodline concentration might be very low, but they should still be worth over 200,000 low-grade spirit stones each . Two of Flame Snakes would be around 500,000 low-grade spirit stones and they were abandoned by him just like that . It was quite a waste .

But if Li Fuchen had to carry two two Flame Snakes, he wouldn’t be able to do anything else . Storage bags that could contain class 6 demonic beast’s corpses were probably so rare that only a few Primary Sea Realm monarchs would have them .

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen had extracted the Flame Snake’s demonic cores .

Class 6 high-tier demonic beasts’ demonic cores were rather high in value and were worth more than their corpses .

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“I have eaten enough . ”

Two hours later, the table of class 6 feasts had been finished by Li Fuchen .

At Li Fuchen’s current cultivation realm, he didn’t have to eat for a month . But if he wanted to eat, a single meal would be equivalent to 100 meals for regular martial artists . According to the food energy, a single meal would have energy enough for up to 100,000 regular martial artists . Furthermore, this wasn’t Li Fuchen’s limit yet .

People at his cultivation realm wouldn’t need to excrete anymore as the unnecessary substances would be refined and turned into gases . It also meant that if the consumed energy wasn’t over Li Fuchen’s limits, he could continue eating .

It was already inhuman to reach the Reincarnation Realm and it was more so at the Battle Spirit Realm . Apart from the preservation of the human form, everything else was already beyond a regular human .

After eating and drinking to his fill, Li Fuchen left the Red Rainbow City and returned to the Red Rainbow Sect .

After handing over the bone marrow metal, Li Fuchen obtained 10,000 contribution coins and still had an excess of 10 kg of bone marrow metal .

“My current strength should be around 50% superior to the illusory swordsman on the second floor of the Master Tower . If I want to pass the third floor and reach the pinnacle master level, my strength will need to be twice as strong as the second floor’s illusory swordsman . ”

The difference between elite masters and pinnacle masters was extreme and was easily two times the difference .

Li Fuchen had also found out the difference between pinnacle masters and great masters .

In short, it was even more ridiculous at the higher levels .

By then, it would be useless to rely on earth class manuals and would have to one’s innate talents . Regular 7-star special bone frames would barely make it . Only those formidable 7-star special bone frames would have higher chances to reach the great master level .

Of course, 8-star bone frames didn’t have to worry and it didn’t matter what kind of bone frame it was .

After all, the 8-star bone frame had eight segments of bone frame patterns .

The divine abilities awakened from 8-star bone frames were all extremely formidable and were considered high grade divine abilities .

“Let’s not bother about the future matters . Raising my cultivation level is the proper path . ”

The Red Rainbow Elixirs rewarded by the sect had been used up by Li Fuchen and it allowed his cultivation to stabilize at the later state of the 1st level Battle Spirit Realm .

Li Fuchen still had some Perception Dao Elixirs and he planned to break through to the 32nd rank of the Divine Flame Red Rainbow Technique .

His only method to increase his cultivation speed was to reach the highest rank of his cultivation technique as quickly as possible .

As time elapsed, his age continued to increase .

The path of the martial dao was long and lonely . Be it cultivation, battle, or the search for resources, things like family, friendship, and love were mostly neglected .

This was the price to pay to cultivate in the martial dao, but it was something that was worth pursuing .

Ordinary people had family, friends, and love, but after working for the entire life, they wouldn’t be able to leave any traces after 100 years .

Since Li Fuchen picked the martial dao, then he had to be devoted and allowed the other things to happen naturally .

In the blink of the eyes, Li Fuchen was already 30 years old .

In the mortal world, there was a saying ‘Thirty and Independent’ . But in the eyes of formidable martial artists, 30 years old was only the beginning .

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