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Chapter 531
ER – Chapter 531: 100,000-Year Flame Iron
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After the Flame Snake perished, it wasn’t unable to maintain the human form and instantly turned into a giant Flame Snake’s corpse .

Following the routine, Li Fuchen extracted the metal within the Flame Snake’s bone .

This Flame Snake provided 34kg of bone marrow metal .

The bone marrow metal was much more precious than the 10,000-year flame iron . An artifact sword that was more than 500kg would only need 5kg of bone marrow metal for the performance of the artifact sword to be greatly increased .

“It is time to return . ”

After digging out the Flame Snake’s demonic core, Li Fuchen took a glance at the surroundings before preparing to leave .


At the corner of the underground space, Li Fuchen noticed a faint burning red radiance .

Li Fuchen walked over and cleaved with his palm .


As the rock was blasted open, a calf-size(lower leg) metal that was glowing with a burning red radiance had emerged .

It was a piece of flame iron and it wasn’t an ordinary 100-year flame iron or a 1000-year flame iron . It was obviously a piece of 10,000-year flame iron .

Only 10,000-year flame iron would emit a burning red radiance, 1000-year flame irons would only glow with subtle red light .

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This piece of 10,000-year flame iron might only be the size of a calf, the weight was actually at a shocking 1500kg . A regular Origin Return Realm martial artist would have a hard time lifting it .

“A piece of 10,000-year flame iron and the bone marrow metal . It can already forge a earth class high-tier weapon . It is just lacking some balance metal . ”

The balance metal was known as this world’s most universal metal .

It had a very simple function and that was to fuse two or more than two kinds of metal flawlessly without any conflicts .

At the same time, balance metal was also the most expensive metal .

The Flaming Snake Sword in Li Fuchen’s hand was a few thousand kilograms, but there was less than 50g of balance metal .

Despite the case, half of the Flaming Snake Sword’s price was due to the balance metal . The 10,000 year flame iron and the bone marrow metal would only take the other half of the price .

“Perhaps, I can search for the 10,000 flame iron . ”

Previously, Li Fuchen didn’t intentionally search for the flame irons, mainly due to the huge number of flame irons in the Flame Iron Mountains . He didn’t even bother about 100-year or 1000-year flame irons while 10,000-year flame irons were very hard to find . Now it seemed like 10,000-year flame irons were probably within a range of a few thousand meters to ten thousand meters underground . A Battle Spirit Realm master’s spiritual awareness range was generally at a few hundred miles and those formidable Battle Spirit Realm masters’ spiritual awareness would be able to reach up to 1000 miles or even a few thousand miles, but that was in the air .

Once the spiritual awareness went underground, the range would shrink by 100 times .

If one could scan a few hundred miles in the air, then the range would only be a few miles underground .

There were only a few individuals who could search for the 10,000-year flame iron by scanning the underground .

But Li Fuchen was different . Before he progressed to the Battle Spirit Realm, his spiritual awareness could already scan up to 50,000 miles and it was even superior to Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

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After progressing to the Battle Spirit Realm, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness range was doubled and could reach up to 100,000 miles and was comparable to high-level Primary Sea Realm monarchs that had exceptional spiritual awareness .

As such, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness should be able to reach a few thousand miles underground .

“Let me try . ”

Li Fuchen extended his spiritual awareness to try and test his underground scanning range .

50 miles, 100 miles, 1000 miles, 1800 miles .

Perhaps it was due to Li Fuchen’s overwhelming spiritual awareness, his underground spiritual awareness range didn’t reduce by 100 times, it was merely reduced by around 50 times .

“I wonder what will happen at the 10,000 meter depth .

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness continued to permeate down .

“It is so difficult, at 10,000 meters underground, my spiritual awareness range is 1800 miles, but at the range of 10,000 meters to 20,000 meters, my spiritual awareness range is only a few dozen miles . Beyond the 20,000 meters depth, my spiritual awareness range will probably only be a few hundred meters . ”
(TL note: This part is confusing to me at first . The 10,000 meters is where Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness is standing and the mile is the spiritual awareness range . So it means that the further Li Fuchen goes underground, his spiritual awareness range will decrease)

Li Fuchen could sense that the underground contained a dense energy and the deeper into the ground, the stronger the dense energy .

Li Fuchen reckoned that it was the law of earth .

All things were governed by laws .

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But ordinary things contained laws that were too weak and it was impossible to sense it . The earth was large and extensive, due to the density, the law power generated was extremely powerful . Let alone Li Fuchen, even a Law Phase Realm emperor would be helpless against the earth law of a low-tier continent .


In this underground space, there wasn’t just one piece of 10,000-year flame iron . When Li Fuchen released his spiritual awareness earlier, he realized there were three pieces of 10,000-year flame iron .

After blasting open the rocks, Li Fuchen pulled out the third piece of 10,000-year flame iron .

This piece of 10,000-year flame iron was only the size of a palm but it was also a few hundred kilograms .

Li Fuchen smiled with satisfaction and made his spiritual awareness go deeper beyond 10,000 meters .

Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness might only be able to sense the range of a few dozen miles, but it was enough . As the size of this underground space was only a few dozen miles .

One piece, two pieces…

The 10,000-year flame iron appeared with higher frequency at the depth of 10,000 meters to 15,000 meters . Inside this underground space, there were seven pieces of 10,000-year flame iron and the largest piece was around the size of a human and Li Fuchen reckoned it was around a few tens of thousands of kilograms .

It was just rather troublesome to extract them . Without a choice, Li Fuchen drew the Flaming Snake Sword and slashed out deep grooves . For those flame iron deeper inside, Li Fuchen had to slash up to a few dozen swords .

“There isn’t any meaning to search beyond the depth of 15,000 meters . ”

For the 10,000-year flame iron beyond the depth of 15,000 meters, Li Fuchen would need to spend a lot of effort to obtain them . Even if Li Fuchen could sense the flame irons beyond the 15,000 meters, he wouldn’t be able to extract them . The soil and rocks in this place contained the dense earth laws and it was impossible to open up deep openings like how Li Fuchen was able to do so at the surface of the ground .

Unless this underground space already had natural cracks that were connected downwards .

It was a pity that there weren’t such natural cracks .

After returning to the surface, Li Fuchen released his spiritual awareness to search for other underground spaces .

In just a moment, Li Fuchen found the second underground space .

This underground space was situated at the depth of 12,000 meters . Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness entered the opening of the underground space and discovered it . Forcefully going through the soil would be very exhausting for the spiritual awareness and it wasn’t necessary too .

In this underground space, Li Fuchen had a total of nine, 10,000-year flame irons and the largest piece was twice the size of a human and was at least 25,000kg .

Li Fuchen’s harvest continued to increase after each day .

There were plenty of underground spaces in the Flame Iron Mountains . Most of them were the dwellings that were dug by class 6 demonic beasts . There were also plenty that were formed naturally and there were some deeper underground spaces that Li Fuchen didn’t dare to enter . The demonic beasts and demons living in those deeper spaces were extremely powerful and they were obviously at the pinnacle master level . He might not fear them but he wasn’t able to kill them either .

Day 15 .

In an underground space that was 7000 meters deep, Li Fuchen found a 100,000-year flame iron .

The flame iron was only the size of a washbowl but the weight was twice as heavy as the 10,000-year flame iron and it was almost 7000 kg . The surface of the flame iron was emitting a scorching scarlet radiance and the heat from it was very tyrannical . Li Fuchen reckoned that a Heaven Dipper Realm martial artist would be burned to death for touching it recklessly .

“The value of the 100,000-year flame iron is 100 times more than the 10,000-year flame iron . Just this piece is already more than 100,000 contribution coins . ”

Of course, Li Fuchen didn’t plan to exchange them for contribution coins as he didn’t lack contribution coins .

With the 100,000-year flame iron, Li Fuchen would be able to spend a little contribution coins to ask the Red Rainbow Sect’s elite smithing master or a smithing monarch to help forge an earth class peak-tier artifact sword .

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